The best singers in the world; From Michael Jackson to David Bowie

Talent and popularity do not always go hand in hand, but if they do, it is the result of the emergence of a star whose memory will remain in people’s minds even after his death. In this article, we will get to know the best singers in the world, whose works have had an amazing impact on the world of music . Of course, we should not forget that in choosing the best singers in the world, there is always a taste and there is no specific criterion for this purpose.

1. Michael Jackson

The name Michael Jackson is familiar to all of us. We are talking about someone who started his career without formal training or reading and writing music, and later was named “King of Pop” as one of the most prominent figures in culture and entertainment in the history of music and one of the best pop singers. If Michael is not the best singer of all time, he is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular.

2. Stevie Wonder

Steve was a successful songwriter and pioneer in the R&B, funk, rock, pop and soul genres. Not surprisingly, the blind musician’s albums have sold over $ 100 million and won 25 Grammy Awards. Steve can be seen in every Hall of Fame today, and even stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

3. Marvin Gaye

Marvin was the great artist who first introduced “Motown” or black American pop music . He was inducted into the R&B Hall of Fame, Songwriters, Rock and Roll, and won the Lifetime Achievement Award. The brilliant artist was assassinated in 1984 during a family dispute.

4. Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury is a rock music legend and undoubtedly one of the best singers in the world. The star died at a young age, but in a short time he was able to enter the Hall of Fame and win several awards. Freddy was such a talented and influential singer that many shows, biographies, and television shows based on his life and that of his band, Quinn.

5. Frank Sinatra

Another of the best pop singers, Frank Sinatra is considered by many to be the most popular and influential musician of the 1900s; His awards in the field of music also confirm this. His voice is one of the most recognizable in the world and can still be heard at various events.

6. Aretha Franklin

Arta Franklin became famous in 1967 with the popular song “Respect” and showed her talent to the whole world. It was not long before her peers called her the “Queen of Soul Music” and she was the first female singer to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Franklin has 112 singles, won 18 Grammy Awards, and is one of the best-selling music artists and one of the best singers of all time, selling over 75 million pieces worldwide.

7. Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has a wonderful voice. He rose to fame with The Beatles, and later rose to fame as a soloist, Wings and collaborator with Michael Jackson, topping the Billboard Hot 100. McCartney’s “Yesterday” is the best-selling song in music history, recreated by more than 2,200 artists and other bands.

8. Steve Perry

Steve Perry is one of the best rock singers in the world. The singer’s loud and powerful voice with a three-octave vocal range was a force that made him an extraordinary leader for the band “Journey” and an extraordinary artist. Steve is the golden voice of Arena Rock in the 80’s and his influence on rock music is still felt today. Perry made her way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the best singers in the world.

9. James Brown

The genres of soul, funk and rap owe their fame and popularity to James Brown, the godfather of black American soul music. This energetic singer reached out to modern music and led it to disco, hip-hop and funk. His energy is even evident in his songs and his honors and awards are innumerable.

10. Mariah Carey

One of the best pop singers among women is Mariah Carey. The influence of Kerry’s five-octave vocal range is evident in many of his modern-day counterparts, from Ariana Grande and Beyoncé to Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera. Several of his albums have been certified diamonds and several of his albums have been certified Plantium. The world star faded a bit in the 2010s, but the awards he has won show that he was once the center of attention for music lovers.

11. Janis Joplin

Janice was a key member of Club 27 (a group of pop and rock stars). In his short life, the artist influenced countless artists such as Melissa Atridge, Stevie Knicks, Joan Jet and Feth Hill. Joplin songs are still heard at various events. His sad end came soon, but his powerful, violent, and inspiring voice remains, and will inspire many artists in the future.

12. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is one of the best pop singers in the world who, despite her young age, was able to achieve great popularity and fame and was influenced by people like Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga. He has released 8 albums so far and his most popular songs are “Genie In A Bottle”, “Dirty” and “Beautiful”. Of course, this good-natured lady is still young, and perhaps the best years of her career are on the way.

13. Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter is without a doubt one of the best singers in the world who loves her dynamic and changeable voice. Part of his popularity and fame is for playing drama, and in his short life he influenced great singers like Madonna. Karen died at a young age, but her legacy is still alive.

14. Tina Turner is one of the best singers in the world

This American-Swiss singer and actor is one of the best-selling artists of all time. She has even been nicknamed the Queen of Rock and Roll. Turner’s powerful voice is a mezzo-soprano (medium soprano) with a four-octave vocal range that targets the hearts and souls of R&B, pop, soul, rock’n’roll and rock enthusiasts. Turner has 24 albums with Ike and 9 solo albums.

15. Ray Charles

Ray Charles became blind at the age of seven and in the following years introduced himself to the world as a music legend. This influential singer has had great success in country, R&B and pop genres, but will forever be remembered as the pioneer of soul music. Charles listens to the notes played one by one and seals approval or rejection on the musicians. One of Ray Charles’s unique songs is “Hit The Road Jack”.

16. Elvis Presley

With 24 albums released between 1956 and 1977, Elvis Aaron Presley is considered the king of rock and roll and one of the best-selling singers in the world. He may not be considered one of the best singers in the world in terms of skill and talent by music greats, but his attractive voice made him a great celebrity. Great artists like the Beatles, Cliff Richard, Billy Fury and many more have inspired Elvis.

17. Elton John

When you hear the name of this singer, songs like “Bennie And The Jets”, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” or “Candle In The Wind” may come to mind, but Elton was not just a singer. Much of his fame is due to songwriting, piano playing and composing. After him, few were able to continue playing the piano rock style.

18. Robert Plant

After working with Led Zeppelin, Plant became a role model for rock singers, and countless people imitated him. Led Zeppelin may have made him a legend, but he alone left brilliant works in the world of music. If it weren’t for Robert Plant, there might never have been such great artists as Chris Cornell, Gary Cheron, Gaddy Lee, Sami Hagar, Freddie Mercury or Axel Rose.

19. David Bowie

It may seem strange to you to see David Bowie among the influential singers, but we have to say that artists like “Nine Inch Nails” and “Radiohead” would not have had a place in rock music without the support of this king of avant-garde and experimental music. This point alone indicates the significant impact of this singer on the world of music . Bowie even collaborated with Quinn, Mick Jagger and Bing Crosby, and has been very popular all these years.

20. Prince

Prince was not only one of the best singers in the world, but his skill in playing the guitar embarrassed many modern musicians. He was a highly perfectionist with a five-octave vocal range that made him a full-fledged singer. Prince was not afraid to speak out and expected the same from those around him. You may have heard of his favorite songs, such as “Purple Rain”, “1999” and “When Doves Cry”.

last word

As we said in the introduction, there is no set criteria for determining the best singers in the world. Technique and originality affect the singer’s reputation, but ultimately it is the taste of each individual that determines his or her favorite singer. So if your favorite reader is missed in this article, we’d love to hear about it. what is his name? Why do you think it should be on this list?