Hamster care training + practical information about hamsters

Hi, I am a mischievous and playful hamster and I heard from my friend that you read my previous letter, but many people told me that they did not receive my letter, so I am writing this letter to all my friends, especially my new friends.

I’m a playful little one, like you people, I have 5 toes and 5 hands, so I can take the food in my little one’s hands and eat it. I do not make noise, but when I learn a game, I am so happy that I play it over and over again. You know that I am also called a miniature bear, because when I stand on my feet I look like a bear, but I am a kind child with a personality.

I heard a lot of definitions from my friends, now let me tell you about my morals so that we can get to know each other better. I have a very good taste in food and I do not like myself, but sour foods and salt are not good for me at all. I can concentrate up to half of my body weight in my lap.

Rosa, I sleep well, I wake up a little from the sunset, lady, so when you are not home, do not worry about me, then I also fell asleep and I am waiting for you to come back from work, university, school, and play with me.
We are very personal children, but the two of us do not have fun in a small cage, and most of the time we fight over simple things, unless our house is separate and we can live independently.

Put my cage in a moderate place in the house (20 to 24 degrees), do not expose me to direct sunlight, cold, wind, corridors and baths, I am a child with a bloody personality, 20 days after I come, you are one of my own blood. I know your family members.

A cage with play equipment is enough for me, I try to entertain myself there, but if you see that I am a good kid, take a ball for me and let me play at home, only if I am too much in my ball, I will feel dizzy (20 minutes of your time, man Okay) When you are cute, call out my name so that I can learn my own name. I can learn new things sooner with encouragement.

I’m a regular kid, I’m licking and cleaning myself every day, I’m learning to work in my own bathroom, and I’ll have a lot better days if you play with me regularly. Indeed, some people think that I like to bite them, but believe me, this is not the case at all, because your soap gives people a taste of our delicious food, I sometimes confuse your hand with food, but well, those who bother me, I am one of them. I defend myself.

It is better for me to have parasite therapy and check every three months to make sure I am healthy, so that I can live longer in front of you. It is interesting to know that I have an average life expectancy of about 18 to 24 months and I can live up to 60 months ago, and every 12 months you humans, we are hamsters for about 35 years. I am your family, I have a lot of fun and I learn a lot of good things from you.

Only I, who love you completely, expect you to keep me with you until the last moment of my life, so that I feel that I am with my family, and after I went to my own nut world, I always have a good memory of you, my good friend. To have.

If you would like me to come to your blood, prepare me from a reputable place who loves us and can guide you in general and not look at us in terms of goods, because we have John and he is very dear to us. My friends tell me to tell you: My friends and I (hamsters and rabbits and some blood relatives) are not suitable for people with allergies. But if you dream that I am full of food every night, go and consult your doctor and if he allows, bring me your blood. I am very happy that you met me and send my letter to your friends so that they will know me too.

Practical information about hamsters

The name hamster is derived from the German word hamstern, meaning storage, which is a method used for storage in its lips. It is interesting to know that hamsters have large lips that are used as a bag for temporary storage of food.

There are different types of Syrian hamsters, one of which is long hair and the other is short and medium, and in a variety of colors, the most common colors are:

1- Orange 2- Brown 3- Black 4- White and their combinations

These hamsters do not have a single social life with any other hamster and should be kept alone except when they are in front of their mother until they can eat on their own and mate.

Everything about Chinese hamsters

The Chinese hamster is genetically close to mice and is related to rats. goes.

For this reason, they should be kept indoors or in an aquarium. Males of this breed have large testicles that are located outside the body in the scrotum.

These breeds are mostly used in laboratories. The hair color of Chinese hamsters is light gray, a dark band can be seen on the waist, white under the body and white ears are white.

The body of the Chinese hamster is 7 to 9 cm long. It is native to northern China and Mongolia and eventually lives for 3 years.

All about the roborovski hamster

It is one of the smallest hamster breeds and its body length eventually reaches 5 cm, and unlike the Syrian breed, it is interested in group life, it has a very high speed and does not allow you to hold it.

For this reason, it is not very popular as a pet. This breed consumes less water than other breeds. For this reason, it consumes less water.

In recent years, due to a genetic mutation, a race has emerged that has a white face and is called husky.

This breed lives in nature in tunnels 60 to 200 cm deep. Roborowski’s hair color is orange-gold and under the body and at the eyebrows is white.

As mentioned, her body length is 5 cm and her gestation period is 20 to 22 days, but it can reach 30 days.

Babies reach puberty 5 weeks after birth but are not physically ready to reproduce.

This breed was born in western and eastern Mongolia and northern China. It lives for about 3 and a half years.

And finally, there are 8 types of hamsters that I have shown you the ones that are more common.

Hamsters’ vision is poor in high light, and due to the animal’s nocturnal activity, the eyes are adapted to low light activity. Hamsters have large pouch pockets on either side of the body that extend from the mouth to the shoulders. will find.

It uses its lips as a means of collecting and transporting food or to collect the materials needed to build a nest, and it should be noted that the hamsters’ tails are short and insignificant.

Is it a mouse hamster or a hamster mouse?

The more important issue is whether the hamster is the same as the mouse? Does it have anything to do with the mouse or not?

If you look at the appearance of mice and hamsters, you will see many similarities that fall into the same genus in zoology.

But they are not a species because they can not mate with each other, so a hamster is not a mouse at all! (Let’s get into zoology first. Be and create children who can live and reproduce, and they are all the same.

And in our own species, we have a breed, for example, in the dog breed, we have different breeds, such as Doberman breed in Sega, or, for example, our own hamster has a Syrian breed or a Chinese breed.

And this inter-racial difference is sometimes so great that they can no longer mate with each other and separate and become two separate species that this separation can occur for various reasons, such as spatial separation.

For example, 20 mice live in one place. Yahoo 10 die in the Arctic and another 10 die in Africa. After a million years, we see that the children of these 10 are not like the children of those 10 and became two new species. Because they can no longer reproduce together.

Hamsters belong to the myomorph group, which includes animals such as mice, rats and gerbils.

Now several species such as hamster species and different mouse species that have many similarities with each other

They form a genus and at the top the total genus is produced by the family, for example, the rodent family, and at the top is the order and at the top, and at the top and above the branch.

The topic of zoology is one of the most beautiful topics in veterinary medicine, which I will not explain further here. In my next post, I will leave it for you to read and learn.)

This is from explaining the relationship between mice and hamsters. We conclude that hamsters and mice are related to each other, better to say they are cousins.

This breed has four fingers in the anterior limb and five fingers in the posterior limb that shrink at the end.

The female hamster has 6 pairs of teats, which in other breeds may reach 11 pairs, and in males, unlike other mammals, there is no visible nipple.

In the male of this animal, there are glands on the pylons that determine their territory by their secretions. These glands are marked as small brown dots under the cover of the hamster’s body.

Animals are not our enemies that some people mistreat them. Some of us only carry the name of a human being. Have mercy on that animal. Whatever you like, name it.

There are many of us who see them untying their knots on the head of this tongueless and painless animal that has nothing to do with us.

God, if you do not keep animals, have one of them. God, give it to me with each hand.

Of course, there are people whose tails are really hot and they do whatever they can for them. I have to thank all the lovers of pets or big animals. Your mouth is warm.

  1. And the second reason! Having a cat or a bird, do you know how much it affects the morale of family members?

A cat is a best friend to children, and children learn to be responsible and kind in this way. In addition, it can be a good option!

Especially for the elderly, he is the best friend and companion. Because they are alone, he is very much in their spirit and because he gives them a lot of hope, he is their companion and companion. Be it a dog or a cat.

Hamster house (traditional and modern):

The hamster should be kept in a clean and relatively secluded place so that the animal is not stressed.

For the hamster’s house, if you can and it is possible for you to make an aquarium like the aquariums whose picture I put for you above, it is great.

Tip: You can use the lovebird nest as a home.

Note: Whether it is an aquarium or a cage, it must have a place for water.

Whether in the aquarium or in the cage, you should put coarse sawdust (not fine soil into the eyes and challenges) to absorb the urine or feces it buys and not smell its habitat. Hamsters also clean themselves by rubbing themselves with sawdust. I love the smell of sawdust. Here is a picture of a suitable sawdust

To make sawdust, you go very stylish and courier. A carpenter with a big sawmill in his hand asks the carpenter, “Sir, can I get sawdust?”

If he has already collected a sack, he says, “Get out of the sack. Of course, some people do not.”

Just be careful that if you want to collect the soil from the ground, be aware of the waste on the ground.

Be sure to clean the floor of the cage or aquarium before spilling sawdust (sift if you are bored, if not nothing)

I will tell you how to change hamster sawdust later.

The next item is the hamster’s house. If you want to make an aquarium, you can make a love hen’s nest or a box, like a box of napkins of the right size that can easily come and go. Pour a paper towel too. It creates a warm and soft sleeping place for itself.

Her sleeping place is very important! Especially when she is pregnant and wants to give birth, she must be clean!

Again, for his place of residence, be sure to use a special cage for hamsters, which are of different prices. Okay?

Confidential Tip: If you love your hamster very much and he is a good friend to you, be sure to value his place of residence, where he is going to live well and quietly for a few years, and try to have as large an aquarium as possible with plenty of recreational facilities. It must have a carousel.

Important Note: Do not keep a large number of hamsters together in one place at all!

If there are many, there will be more quarrels and fights, which is very dangerous!

All about hamster digestive tract and nutrition:

Hamsters have a total of 16 teeth, of which 12 are milling teeth and four are front teeth. Hamsters are omnivorous and therefore their digestive system is able to digest a variety of substances.

Because the four front teeth have open roots, the teeth grow continuously throughout their life. Unlike these molars, they are unable to regrow.

Note: The space between the front teeth and the molars is called the diastema, which is filled with cheek tissue.

The hamster’s stomach is simple and digestion follows the pattern of a single stomach. The epithelium (epithelium) in hamsters, rats, mice and rats is non-glandular. If necessary, allow food to return to the mouth.

The intestines in hamsters are long and long, which gives the animal the time it takes to digest plant material.

Of course, the hamster is a specific ruminant-like protozoan that helps break down and break down food cellulose and has a high pH (alkaline) and many microorganisms.

Of course, in addition to these, you should also give them nuts, cooked corn and wheat. Boiled eggs are also good in small quantities, and in general, the main food of hamsters is dry alfalfa, which you should always provide in appropriate amounts.

As I said, you must prepare a suitable place for hamsters and use it both in the cage and in the aquarium.

There is a special water place in the hamster cage, which is excellent and suitable.

Here the blue ones are a bullet that when the hamster touches it, drops of water come and satisfy its needs. Do not forget that nothing can replace water.

Using lettuce and vegetables as a source of hydration is a big mistake because of the possibility of contracting parasitic diseases that are transmitted through vegetables and in addition to causing diarrhea, which is very dangerous for hamsters!

Note: Diarrhea is not a disease in either humans or animals. Diarrhea is not a disease that occurs through increased bowel movements and dehydration of the body and contents of the large intestine.

For example, a sign of an acute illness, such as cholera or … So take diarrhea seriously and treat it quickly.

Tip: Lettuce and vegetables should not be given at all! There is a high risk of diarrhea, which is very dangerous!

The emphasis I had on the cage was because it has everything, especially water.

Veterinary tip (be careful what I say): The gastrointestinal tract of rodents (like hamsters) and carnivores and humans is not a simple yin.

Very important point: happy hamsters like it very much, but it should not be given in any way, because there is a high risk of poisoning. It should be used only when fleeing, which I will explain in the future.

And you can see other things like puffs and chips, especially raw seeds! After all, they have hearts too!

The next point is that whatever food you put in front of you, your hamster will quickly grab you and cut you in the groin, emptying it at every opportunity and slaughtering you.

Cucumber did not see: Do not see cucumber to the hamster in any way. Why?

How to handle hamsters:

In general, in social life and at work, in the family environment, you will be treated the way you treat them.

Let’s start from the beginning:

hamster training

Befriending and training hamsters is one of the most exciting parts of keeping your hamster professional.

For the first acquaintance and meeting, put an egg in your palm and gently hold it in front of you.

This is the first time you want to put a flower branch with someone! For hamsters, eating a seed instead of a flower is a good choice, isn’t it?

Let him come forward himself! Slowly put your hand in front and let it smell the smell of yeast and smell your hands and gently remember your hands. Do not be afraid to kill your hand for a moment!

Of course, the training and training of the hamster also depends on the age of the hamster. If the hamster bites, it is much easier to maintain and train it.

I tamed a lot of hamsters myself. You just have to love them and go the right way (with love the thorns bloom)

If he bites your hand, you will become kinder and next time you will put something in your hand that he likes.

Hamsters remember the smell of your hand, and since they can not see well, only the smell of your hand is on the side, so treat them in such a way that every time they feel the smell of your hand, it will start coming towards you.

For those who are very unhappy because of the mistreatment of the previous owner or in the environment he was in.

The important thing is not to despair and know that you can. Love thorns!

But if he comes, you want to be unkind, know that no matter how bad you are, he will get worse.

God, do you want to bother these little ones?

Really, for the first time you hold a baby hamster or a big hamster in your hand, be careful and calm. Why? And the animal’s foot is one hundred percent! So do not move them with your hands until they are completely manual.

Now, if it is very important to catch your hamster. You should quickly grab their backs and turn them over, just be careful that they do not catch your gas.

Again, I emphasize not to stress to the animal and treat it calmly!

So this is about training and getting a hamster.

Really, to determine the sex of a hamster, take it from the waist and cut it. If it has two prominent things under its belly, which are its testicles, it is the same as the male. It turns out he licks and cleans himself.

See also the photo below

Give them plants such as clover and alfalfa to boost their reproduction.

Note: Selenium is an essential element for reproductive ability that should be in your diet. Selenium is found in vegetables.

Note: In veterinary medicine and medicine, we have a series of supplements that are multivitamins and along with trace elements, if the diet of humans or animals is not correct, it will be deficient in these vitamins or trace elements.

For example, in humans, during pregnancy, a supplement called multinatal is prescribed, which contains multivitamins and elements needed by a pregnant woman to meet the needs of the body.

Or they give iron drops to infants. If you said why?

Because milk (both human and animal) is iron deficient and children are deficient in iron, they are given iron drops.

Of course, overuse of multivitamins can cause poisoning

In the case of hamsters, these multivitamins or trace elements should be prescribed and used by a veterinarian if appropriate.

Beware of escaping hamsters:

Hamsters are very playful and very curious and very, very smart! Do not underestimate their intelligence.

If you keep it in an aquarium, it should be designed so that there is no escape

In the cage that is safe!

Of course, in order for them to have a happy life, it is good to leave them in your room at night or in a big place that you can control and eat them. They are guilty!

Now, oh, our hamster hit Chuck. What should we do now?

First of all, keep calm and block the exit or the way to the outside of the house.

The second is to put a bucket in the places where you were likely to go and a stick that goes up and you are happy (exception) and your favorite food.

Shadonro should be used only in these situations!

Usually, hamsters go to places that are dark, secluded, and reachable. For example, under the refrigerator or in a closet, and … Screaming)

Sweep all well and find it quickly if you like your hamster.

The first time I got a hamster, it was the first night that I hit Chuck. Now look no further. So please be very careful.

Hamster is in the cage of play equipment and his desire to escape decreases. Playing with him is also very effective.

This is a general explanation about training hamsters. Of course, do not expect too much from your hamster. At the same time, they are smart, but they are not trained like dogs or cats to do whatever you want to them.

Aren’t you tired? I am not. I am writing this with great love and interest. I hope he can help you. This is the job of a good veterinarian.

What is the main reason for children to be eaten by a mother hamster:

One of the problems you face is eating newborn babies. During these years of research, I have come to some important conclusions that can play an important role in prevention.

  1. Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition: Have you ever heard that children get bitten? Or if you have pigeons, sometimes pigeons eat dirt or cows sometimes eat their own urine or dirt.

This condition is called pica, which is caused by a lack of phosphorus in the body. Maternal hamsters usually give birth to 3 to 8 babies in each abdomen. A deficiency in the mother’s body causes several of her babies to eat up to Provide energy and materials needed to produce milk.

So the lack of diet that you provide for your hamster can be one of the main causes. To prevent this, you can eat small amounts of boiled eggs, raw nuts, dry and clean alfalfa in the amount needed by the hamster and multi drops. Put a drop of vitamin in hamster water every week and change the water the next day until the next week and in the case of multivitamins only in the last week of pregnancy.

After giving birth to a fish, you can give it a multivitamin once.

  1. Pure relaxation during childbirth: From the time of mating until the next two weeks, which is the time of childbirth, the female hamster should have pure peace of mind. Give dry food so that you do not want to clean your hamster’s house.

Leave enough tissue paper for your hamster to prepare the place of birth. Be sure to check the ambient temperature and the aquarium should be in the place that has the least noise and the hamster is not afraid at all.

The last days of pregnancy so that you can not be noisy in the environment and your feeding should be very calm and slow.

I remember my hamster beautifully when she wanted to give birth, it was winter and it was snowing.

When I came from high school, I went home quickly and when I arrived, I saw … Yes, my young hamster, whose name was Khapal, was born and two ugly children were born. (Hamster children are very ugly)

  1. Stop touching children !!! You are not allowed to touch your hamster babies at all! Until the bad weeks when the hamsters are pregnant. If you touch the children, they will smell your hands and most likely their mother will eat them …
  2. Infection can be another factor!

It is possible that due to illness or problems in the children or that the children were stillborn, the mother will start eating her children. This factor is not in your hands.

Hamsters are tough creatures and you have to be very careful about food and nutrition and hygiene.

  1. Hamsters must live alone!

Hamsters are creatures that live alone! If other hamsters are with the hamster at birth, both he and the others will eat the babies.

This is what I saw! So hamsters have to be alone! Except when they want to breed.

These were the factors that have a great impact on the eating of their children … so do not worry and do the points that I presented.

Social life and growing hamsters:

If you are going to breed, choose a pair of beautiful males and females from your beautiful hamster, and be sure to keep them apart until they reach puberty. After puberty, put them together first to see if they do not fight. Let stand an hour or two before the mating is complete.

Then the work is finished and separated forever.

So remember, male (golden) hamsters are only one for mating and one until the baby hamsters grow up together, then they have to separate.

This separation of hamsters is very important, do not say for a moment that they are together now, they have nothing to do with each other!

My family kept a few hamsters in the aquarium together. One bad day at noon, they had a fight. The stomach of one of the hamsters was torn. The others started eating it.

After the babies are born, the average gestation period is 14 days. After they grow up well and can walk and eat, they must be separated from the mother!

So hamsters should be alone and live alone! Of course, this is about the golden hamster. I do not know about the dwarf (Chinese) hamster.

Clinical tips on hamster disease:

I do not talk about hamster disease because the diagnosis and treatment by a veterinarian must be examined and treated.

Hamster personality:

Hamsters have personalities!

They are unique in terms of behavior, temperament and intelligence, so our environment and behavior are very, very influential.

As much as you can love yourself and then your family and then people and be kind.

Now I love you that I prepared this article for you, you also try to be kind to your hamster.

No matter how kind you are to your hamster, your hamster has been calm since he was a child and he plays with you and rises above your head and colt, but if you treat him badly and hurt him, God forbid, my hamster will be abused and violent, and you will be taken aback somewhere else!

Hamsters that are stressed and in a crowded environment have a higher rate of unsuccessful deliveries and feeding their babies.

Everything about hamster reproduction:

In dogs or cats, those who are in the breed of purebred dogs are paired with only the same breed to get a purer and better breed.

In hamsters, you try to breed hamsters that are more beautiful and more mobile or have a bigger body to get a stronger and more beautiful generation.

Try not to pair black colors because it is a predominant adjective and for example a male who is completely black has a high probability that all his children are black in expression.

Avoid consanguineous marriages!

Do not mate with hamsters that are zal. Zal is a genetic disease in which the entire body hair is colorless, white or white due to lack of pigment and the eyes are red. )

The next thing I want to talk to you about is the health and hygiene of hamsters:

It is better not to wash the hamster. There is a risk of catching a cold, and then when you want to wash your hamster, Yahoo came and jumped, broke his limbs or went to the well.

Hamsters are not toys that you can gently wash.

If you put clean sawdust on the floor of your cage or aquarium, the most suitable choice.

Or a better solution is to wipe the body with a clean damp cloth. I sat them down myself, but for more reassurance, consult your veterinarian about this.

And to change the sawdust, cut a container of cheese in half and take it away with the part that the hamster chose to scream and throw it away. In this work, observe complete hygiene.

11-Choosing a hamster to buy:

In order to buy a good and beautiful hamster, you must be careful

The first thing you need to do is buy something that is clean.

Choose hamsters that are strong, naughty and playful, and not at all careless when you swallow this hamster, but cool.

To choose a hamster, it is better to have a baby hamster, but it is your own desire.

And to identify gender, I told him the method above, go and read it above.

This is it. I wrote the information I had for you, more or less, forgive me well. If you see something wrong, be sure to tell me to correct it. You also had a question, I am at your service.

  • What to do with the stench of hamsters?

Hamsters do not normally have a specific odor. If you put a suitable sawdust under your hamster, your hamster will smell good sawdust and clean itself and does not need to bathe or wash. If your hamster has diarrhea for any reason, it is a sign. It is dangerous that it can lead to the death of the hamster. Take the hamster with diarrhea and the hamster whose anus is swollen immediately to the veterinary hospital for treatment.

If you put food such as cucumber or things that spoil quickly in your hamster, the hamster will smell and expose it to disease. As a result, the hamster does not normally smell bad, except in cases of illness.

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