Introducing the Pit Bull dog breed, the strongest dog in the world! (Characteristics, training, maintenance of Pit Bull)

How many of us want a strong, brave and stubborn dog like our bloodthirsty pit bull dog ?? If you are also looking for a dog, I suggest you join me in this article. Because I want to introduce you to the American Pit Bull Terrier dog breed and all the interesting and necessary things you should know.
In the past, people in the Americas used pitbulls as bait for bullfighting. But this is the first adventure and it is very interesting to know, Pit bull dogs have been turned into blood dogs by farmers.
Farmers used this dog to protect their farm and property. Since this dog has a good relationship with children, it gradually found its way home and became a blood dog.

The Pit Bull Terrier is a popular dog of politicians and celebrities such as Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, Helen Keller, John Stewart, Rachel Ray and many others.

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Pit bulls are used in drug detection, policing, search and rescue, treatment and services for the greater comfort of the people.

Pit Bull Dog Tips

Dogs are very smart and shrewd

They have high physical strength.

They can be good guard dogs

They have a very good relationship with children

Do not show violence against strangers.

Their body cover is short and very easy to care for.

Pit Bull Dog Challenging Tips

Pit bulls are ugly dogs and many people think they are violent!

They have a lot of hair loss.

The need for their activity is high.

They are violent with other dogs and you should be careful how they deal with strange dogs.

They do not have a good relationship with apartment life and they are not good apartment dogs.

They can not stand being alone and the owner wants to spend time with them.

History and Story of the American Pit Bull Terrier

In the 19th century, two English breeds of dogs, the English Bulldog and the English Terrier, mated in England and Ireland to form the Pit Bull Terrier. Pit bull terriers have had the ability to fight and tear the necks of other dogs throughout history.

Pit bulls are known as invincible warriors. The Pit Bull Terrier is registered in England.

British immigrants went to the United States during the Civil War and brought pit bulls with them to the United States.

Thus, the Pit Bull Terrier became known as the American Pit Bull Terrier.

In the United States, Pit Bull Terriers are known for their courage, hard work, and loyalty.

The race had introduced the race to humans in such a way that they were afraid of pit bull terriers, so that most people began to destroy pit bull terriers.

In 2007, 51 pit bulls took part in a nursing care test.

48 Pit Bulls passed the test. In that year, Pit Bulls were introduced to the world as companions and friends of humans.

In the early twentieth century, a specialized organization was established. Breeders and experts of this breed have set the appearance and behavioral standards of the Pit Bull breed in such a way that today, the main criterion for determining the racial identity of a Pit Bull dog is the seal of approval of this organization.

Appearance and characteristics of a pit bull dog

average weight:

13 to 38 kg

Female dogs weigh between 14 and 36 kg

And the average weight in male dogs is between 14 and 38 kg.

Although the bigger the dogs, the stronger their bodies, but the Pit Bull dog’s thick muscles and strong jaws make it the strongest dog in the world in terms of weight and size.

Males are about 40 to 70 cm tall and females are 26 to 48 cm tall.

The American Pit Bull Terrier looks majestic and powerful. If you are interested in strong and large dogs, Pet Press in the article of the largest dogs in the world, in addition to introducing large dogs in the world, also states the conditions of keeping them.

Strong and strong jaws that are rectangular or square in shape. They also have some wrinkles on the forehead.

The eye color of pit bulls is any color except blue. They have drooping corners and short tails. He has a thick neck and muscles that fit his head.

Pit bull terriers are fast, light and athletic dogs. They can jump well and that is why they are used in various sports.

Pit bull body hair is thick, shiny and short. There is a variety of colors in pit bull. You can also see them in solid colors or with brown or red spots.

A variety of colors of pit bull dogs
Pit bulls are available in a variety of colors, with black pit bulls and white pit bulls gaining popularity in recent years.

Black and white, pure white with spots of copper, red or gray on their body and face, are examples of pit bull colors.

Pit bull dogs’ nose color usually matches their hair.

How old is a pit bull dog?

Nutrition and maintenance conditions have a huge impact on the life and health of a pit bull dog. But pit bulls are generally large dogs, large, muscular dogs that live about 12-16 years.

American Pit Bull Terrier dog character

Pit bull terriers are lovable, brave, stubborn and loyal dogs. They are a good companion and friend to human beings. Pit bulls like to be involved in all family activities, from riding a car to walking.

You need an open space and yard to keep an American Pit Bull dog.

I must say that the apartment is not a good option for pit bulls at all. Because they are very active, busy and strong.

Pit bulls are well adapted to children. But you should not take strangers near this dog. On the contrary, it does not have a good relationship with children, cats or dogs.

It is interesting to know that the pit bull dog has earned the title of guard dog or nurse due to his warm and kind behavior towards children.

Pit bulls are highly intelligent, playful, and fully aware of their surroundings.

Pit bulls warn of the presence of strangers around their owner.

Pit bulls have no desire to bite humans at all. This breed is known as a strong guard dog.

Does not communicate with strangers very soon. But he loves people and welcomes guests.

At the same time, a stubborn and courageous dog, the same courage, dragged them to the field.

Pit bulls are a tough competitor to other breeds in speed and weightlifting.

Their courage is unparalleled. The pit bull dog defends you and your family to the core.

Conditions for keeping and training Pit Bull dogs

If you do not have the patience and interest to train animals and enough time to pay attention and quarrel with dogs, the pit bull dog is not a good choice for you at all.
The purebred pit bull dog must be trained and socialized at a young age. Pit bulls become aggressive towards other dogs if they are not trained and socialized at a young age.
If you are planning to travel with a pit bull. Be sure to read the laws for that area and surrounding areas.
American Pit Bull Terriers have strong jaws and need to be chewed a lot, so we need to buy durable and sturdy toys for these dogs. Toys that do not break down too quickly and are not such that the dog can swallow them.
When taking them to a park or street, take care of them and use a collar. Because if they get involved with other dogs, it can be dangerous. Of course, if you bring up pit bulls from a social age, you will not have these problems.
The first thing you need to know to keep a Pit Bull dog is to train it properly and in a timely manner.

These trainings start with leaving the dog alone at home and continue with trainings such as learning the toilet, teaching the dog house rules, setting a specific schedule, teaching basic and supplementary commands, and so on. They continue.

Training a pit bull dog is not a difficult task, and by doing a series of simple and step-by-step tasks, you can train your dog to your liking.

It is almost impossible to train a dog without sufficient information. That is why I say that knowing the correct method of dog training is even more important for anyone who has a dog or wants to get a dog, than at night.

Pit Bull dog health and racial diseases

Pit bulls, independent dogs and hardy dogs do not have much health problems. Of course, like all breeds, there are several breeds of disease that threaten the health of this powerful dog.

The first is pelvic dislocation or hip dysplasia in a pit bull dog
If you are going to breed a dog, the female dog should be examined before the age of two. In fact, the pelvis should be x-rayed to make sure the dog is healthy and not dysplasia.

Allergies in Pit Bulls
Skin allergies are usually caused by environmental allergens such as fleas, grass, pollen, and dust. Of course, it can also be from their food that this model is less common. They can also have food allergies to beef, rice, wheat and corn.

Allergies cause severe itching and sores on the skin.

So if you notice this in them, be sure to go to a veterinary clinic for treatment.

Obesity in Pit Bull

Pit bulls start overeating if they are hungry.

If this overeating is not stopped, your dog will become obese.

The first thing we need to do to prevent our dogs from becoming obese is to choose healthy and appropriate food.

Now why do I always say that you did not allow your dog to get fat ???

Because obesity causes heart disease, liver disease, tumors and even death.

So be careful and prevent this obesity, which is very common in dogs.

Obesity is diagnosed by a veterinarian.

If your pit bull is ten to fifteen percent more than the normal weight of the breed, you have an obese dog.

Infection in pit bull dogs

The skin, eyes, teeth and corners of your dog’s body become infected.

Ear infections are more common due to bacteria inside the ear.

Hygiene and care can prevent any infection in your dog.

Take a good look at the pit bull’s eyes and ears. Swelling, redness or discoloration are signs of infection.

Brush the skin and hair of the pit bull with a brush to get rid of freckles.

Do not bathe them more than 2 months. Brush and trim their nails regularly. There is no need to pay for treatment if these health tips are done regularly.

Diabetes in Pit Bulls

In addition to a healthy diet, diet should be appropriate for your dog’s age and weight.

One in every 400 dogs has diabetes.

See your veterinarian if you have symptoms such as excessive urination, urination at home, and drinking too much water.

training and care

On average, walk with a pit bull for at least an hour a day.
Playing or any other sport can be a substitute for walking.
Pit bulls are strong and stubborn dogs. As a result, start learning obedience and obedience from the beginning. Continue this training throughout your dog’s life.

Pit bulls can not stand the cold. They can not tolerate colds well.

So in the cold seasons, they should be kept indoors. Because in addition to not being able to withstand the cold, being alone for a long time also makes them sad.

It is very good to learn this breed at a young age. But when he grows up, we have to put more time and energy into training him.

To socialize, it is better to face different people, landscapes and sounds than when they were born. The best time to start training for pit bull terriers is at eight to twelve weeks of age.

Pit Bull Terrier dog health

Pit bulls need to be bathed once or twice. Her teeth should be brushed every week.

Pit bull ears should be cleaned regularly to prevent ear infections. Clean the ears with a cleanser recommended by your veterinarian.

Pit bull nails should be trimmed regularly.

The body of a pit bull terrier can be cleaned from time to time with a damp cloth. This will make your dog’s skin shiny and healthy.

In general, observing the health of pit bulls is easy and includes the same things that we have explained to you.

Just follow these tips.

Proper food for pit bulls

It is very important that the pit bull dog’s food is balanced and has all the vitamins and minerals his body needs, and at the same time has a proper ratio of protein, fat, calcium and carbohydrates. Because it is difficult to observe all these things in the food that we prepare for the pit bull dog, it is better to use the dry dog ​​food that is ready to feed the pit bull dog.

Advantages of using dry dog ​​food:

It has all the necessary vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals for your dog’s growth and health
Has a good ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats
Ready to eat and all you have to do is open the food and pour it into the dish.
You can keep dry food out of the refrigerator for a long time (it does not spoil)

Important points in keeping and training Pit Bull puppies

Pit bull puppies should be with their mothers and breastfed until they are 2 months old. After this age, you can bring him to his new home. From the moment a pit bull puppy enters your home, there are some things to consider:

First of all, take him to the veterinarian and get the necessary vaccinations for the dog. In this regard, read “Everything about dog vaccinations and vaccination schedules.”

Start training from the beginning and do not delay; Do not forget that the age of 2-4 months is the golden age for dog training.

Show him that you are the boss of the house and he should always listen to you.

The first thing you need to learn is to learn to wash in the right place.

Never fight or punish a Pit Bull puppy and train him by encouraging and acknowledging his good deeds. Fighting only makes you afraid and causes behavioral problems and stress.

Socialize your dog from an early age and get to know other people, environments and dogs. Familiarity with other dogs is very important; Because pit bulls usually behave violently in dealing with other dogs, and this behavior should be corrected.

A pit bull puppy needs a nutritious and special diet in order to become a healthy adult dog. We talked more about this in the article Puppy Food.

What do you think?
What do you think about this special and powerful dog? Have you ever had the experience of maintaining a pit bull? Do you find it difficult or easy to maintain? Please leave us a comment and share your thoughts, experiences and questions about the Pit Bull dog breed with us and other readers.