Meet the most popular cat breeds in the world

In addition to being lovable, cats are sometimes scary. In fact, they are known to be blindfolded. These creatures, despite their flexibility, have interesting characteristics that, if you know them, will help you a lot to communicate with these animals.

Among mammals, the grouse is considered a small carnivorous domesticated species. The only domesticated species in the Ian cat family is the cat, and is often referred to as the domestic cat in order to distinguish it from wild members of the family. Cats usually have characteristics such as selfish, selfish, comfortable, voyeuristic, arrogant, quick-witted and salty. The cat is known as a beautiful and touching pet because of its pleasant movements and postures.

One of the wonders of the cat is that it is always busy resting and, like a leopard, it becomes agile and agile whenever it wants. According to scientists, the cat, because of its softness and flexibility, resembles a snake that walks on all fours and is one of the most balanced animals on earth. Due to its extraordinary balance, this animal lands on all fours and legs due to its extraordinary balance. The cat, because of its calculating nature, does not go further than to be sure of anything.

Longevity of cats

The average lifespan of cats in the wild is between 5 and 7 years. But if kept in a safe place, the average lifespan of a cat is 12 to 15 years.

Breed of street cats

The best cat breeds in the world are cats that have had specific parents for at least several generations and have not been bred through different matings. DHS cats are the name of street cats. You can always see stray cats everywhere. The breed of these cats is difficult to find, as it is possible to mate with any other breed. In many cases, a domestic cat even mates with street cats while roaming the streets, creating an almost unknown and new breed as a result of this mating.

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The most popular cat breed in the world

The best cat breed is considered by many people to be the smartest. In choosing the best cat breed, its social and kindness should be considered. In general, if you do a simple search among domestic cat breeds, you will find which breeds are known as the most popular cat breeds in the world. Cats have different breeds that you can choose a cat according to your taste. Here are some of these breeds:

  • Persian cat or Persian coat:
    Among the characteristics of Persian Kat, we can mention their respectability, politeness, calmness and sweetness. They are considered as a decoration for any house that can make the most of sitting on the edge of the sofa. These kind cats have good intelligence. Persians turn their attention to people who are trusted by family members or a small number of guests. Iranian cats are not interested in crowded environments and prefer quiet houses to crowded environments.

  • Oriental cat:
    The appearance of the Oriental cat is very different and it is considered as one of the most popular cats in the world. This cat breed has characteristics such as social, warm-blooded, playful and busy.

  • Manchkin cat:
    The Manchkin cat is very small and has short legs, as if the animal’s growth is never complete. Manchkin’s cat is very popular because of its short legs, round head and big eyes. One of the characteristics of this cat is its sweetness, calmness and kindness. This active and intelligent cat has a great interest in playfulness and fun and lives between 12 and 15 years. You should comb this cat’s hair every day and bathe it once a month. You can brush the teeth of this cat. Manchkins are known by families as one of the best and best pets. In fact, these cats get along well with children.

  • American Shorthair Cat:
    One of the compatible breeds of cat is known as the American Shorthair, which has a good relationship with children. But today his role is more as a family companion, which he is able to do. This cat has a calm mood. This clever cat enjoys playing with puzzles and interactive games. The nature of this animal is social and friendly. American shorthair cat is not shy.
  • Abyssinian cat:
    One of the oldest cat breeds is the Abyssinian cat, which has features such as slender limbs, large pointed ears and pen legs, similar to the ancient Egyptian cats. The Abyssinian cat is one of the smallest breeds of cats, weighing only 2.5 to 4.5 kilograms on average. This stubborn, intelligent and extroverted cat is very interested in playing, especially playing water and exploring. Keep in mind that when you are in the bathtub, he is likely to throw himself into the bathtub. The Abyssinian cat, due to its curious nature, is usually shy and afraid of strangers. The Abyssinian cat can be considered a good pet. This animal gets along well with cat-loving dogs. If you are planning to choose a cat that will show off, it is better to know that the Abyssinian cat is not suitable.

  • Siamese cat:
    Thailand is the birthplace of the Siamese cat, but it is now one of the most popular cats in Britain. Siamese cat because it is kind and sociable, but keep in mind that it easily gets angry.
  • Exotic cats:
    In 1960, the Exotic Cat breed consisted of a combination of short English and American breeds with Persian cats. The characteristics of an exotic cat include being sweet, beautiful, obedient and calm, but it is good to know that it is a misconception that he is just a decoration for the house. He likes to sit on the edge and play. Exotics are very similar to Iranian cats in appearance, but they have short hair and the only difference between the two breeds is in their behavior and personality. Exotics are more curious, playful and active than Persians and are suitable for a family that is active. Exotic cats need regular food, play and lots of love.
  • Min Koon Cat:
    The Min Koon cat is native to the state of Maine in North America. This cat weighs more than 8 kg, so it is one of the largest domestic cats. Of course, some of these cats weigh more than 9 kg. These cats need 3 to 4 years to reach maturity. She has very thick hair and a waterproof layer. Min Koon cat paws, like snow shoes, are very wide and can easily walk on snow. The cat’s tail is so long that in cold weather, it wraps around his face and protects his face from the cold. Min Koon, due to his temperament, has a good ability to hunt mice. This animal is well adapted to children and other pets such as dogs.

  • Scottish Fold Cat:
    The Scottish Fold cat has curved ears that make its face innocent. Of course, this cat inherently has characteristics such as kindness and warm blood. This cat has the ability to communicate with children and other animals easily.

  • Exotic short hair cat:
    The strange short-haired cat is actually the same type of short-haired Persian cat. The face of the cat is strangely short-haired, resembling a pumpkin, and has round ears. They are more curious and lovable. Of course, this animal likes to sit in a corner. This short hair cat is very suitable for people who like Persian cats but do not have the time or patience to arrange their hair. This breed of cat is well adapted to children and pets, but it is not highly recommended for such work.
  • Ragdal cat:
    It is very calm when you touch a ragged cat, and it is loose when raised. The name of this cat is Ragdal because it is similar to soft dolls that are made with fabric. One of the characteristics of this cat is that it is gentle and kind, and in fact, most of the time, it goes from one room to another like a small dog looking for its owner. Ragdal cat needs constant care and grooming because of its fur and fur. Ragdal cat takes the ultimate pleasure from a quiet and hassle-free lifestyle. In general, these cats weigh between 4, 5 and 7 kg, but it is better to know that male cats weigh 9 kg. Therefore, if you are planning to choose a smaller pet, you must pay attention to this issue.

Tips for keeping cats
Cat life in the wild is usually solitary and does not necessarily require another cat as a companion. But if you want to keep more than one cat in your home, it is better to keep them at the same time from the time of birth so that they can get used to each other easily. If you have a cat and want to accept another cat, it is better to choose a kitten of the opposite sex.

  • You should clean cat hair at least once a day, but note that long-haired cat hair should be cleaned twice a day.
  • You need to make sure the cat you take home is safe. In this way, you should see a veterinarian to confirm the cat’s health by performing a thorough examination and talk to you about vaccines and conditions for keeping the cat, and if your cat is an adult, provide enough information about spaying the cat. . So keep in mind that you should not forget to see a veterinarian when keeping a cat. The veterinarian will determine the cat’s vaccination period according to the condition and prescribe the parasite medicine from time to time.
  • It is not necessary to have a room to keep a cat, but you can keep it in an empty closet or part of your bedroom. In fact, this space should be in such a way that your cat has a sense of ownership of that space and looks at it as his home.
  • If your cat spends most of his time at home, it is best to provide him with a litter box where he can urinate or defecate so that you can clean it daily.

In the first months of a cat’s life, feeding it ensures its health throughout its life. If you know the quality of cat food, you will provide the best nutrition for him. It is best to feed your cat according to a specific schedule so that in addition to getting used to it, you also know what food your cat has eaten. Always place a container of water next to a cat food container so that it can consume it whenever it needs water.

  • Due to the cat’s carnivore and its nutritional needs, this animal can not be fed a plant-based diet. Some nutrients, such as vitamin A, niacin and taurine, are found only in animal meat. Therefore, cats need a significant amount of protein to grow and provide energy and ultimately animal fat in milk, fish and meat. In general, commercial foods, including wet (canned) and dry (croquette) foods, are suitable for cats because they provide the balance of nutrients and daily needs of this animal. Cats eat frequently as usual and consume small amounts of food at each meal. Uncooked meat is not suitable for feeding cats.

  • Pet dentists recommend that you clean your cat’s teeth with a special toothbrush and toothpaste. Of course, if you give your cat dry food; It actually helps keep your teeth clean.
  • To keep your cat, you should provide a comfortable and warm place to sleep, and preferably cover it with newspaper and change it daily.

If you do not want to have a baby from your cat, we recommend that you sterilize it. A female cat that has not been spayed screams from spring to autumn because it is the mating season. Ever since the male cat matures, he has been looking for a mate and trying to get out of the house, which sometimes leads to intense fights with other male cats and injuries. When you do not spay a male cat, it will mark the territory through its urine.