What is the meaning of my cat behavior? A complete explanation of cats’ behavior in simple language

Cats are introverted animals and most of us humans do not know what the concept of cats’ behavior is and how they talk to us.

Although knowledge of behavior is very important for coexistence between us and animals, little research has been done in this area. .

In this article, we have tried to gather everything you need to take care of cats so that you can easily understand most of your cat’s behaviors and movements.


We take care of cats and bring them home, but a very important and challenging issue in keeping cats is their behaviors that we are not able to understand and we think that the cat has just entered the house. We must behave as our heart desires.

We need to know that all animals talk to us with their movements and behaviors, but we do not understand what they are saying, so by learning the meaning of cats’ movements and postures, we can better understand them and better understand them. What do they want?

This understanding helps to improve our relationship with our cat and makes it easier for us to live together.
Cats are introverted animals, and most of us humans do not know what the concept of cat behavior is and how they talk to us, although it is very important for coexistence between us and animals and behavioral knowledge, but little research has been done in this area.

Is. In this article, we have tried to gather everything you need to take care of cats so that you can easily understand most of your cat’s behaviors and movements.

Cat behavior

Cats like their own style of expression, such as sniffing or licking and rubbing themselves on their owners. They also express their wishes in a way that they like to be noticed, otherwise expect behaviors such as grabbing and biting your cat, because cats believe in mutual attention and interest on your part.

They have what they want.
One of the strange behaviors of cats is the consistent clapping that can be seen both in the game and when they are protesting.

Cats are very fond of chasing worm-like objects, which is the basis of their hunting instinct. Also, if your cat sees a fly, its jaw and teeth will move instinctively due to its instinctual behavior, and inherently a cat that was very careful in moving and not disturbing objects will now become a creature that will see nothing in the way of catching flies.

Cats’ interest in sniffing and gnawing on plants such as greens, cacti, or those with sharp leaves also stems from scratching the side of their gums and sometimes eating plants to get rid of the hair follicles in their stomachs.

Limit and cleanliness, once a week, a hair ball forms in their stomach, which they raise by eating the leaves of plants. Of course, eating malt paste can prevent the cat from vomiting and defecating with the feces, which we will discuss in more detail in the following article.

Cat tongue

Smelling is the first way cats communicate, and this movement is one of their main behaviors. Cats also like to have all their hair on one side. Cats’ tongues also have hard, fluffy teeth.

If you have experienced being licked by a dog before and now a cat wants to lick you, the difference between the softness and harshness of the tongue of these two animals will surely surprise you.

If you have owned a cat for many years and have lived with it, you must have noticed that the tongue of this animal is like a rough sandpaper.

Facts About Cat Language

The tongue of a cat is small and has rough back feathers. These villi actually help the cat to chew and swallow meat and bones more easily, and these coarse villi also act as a comb to help keep the cat clean and tidy.

Tongues can sometimes be dangerous for them, as they may sometimes lick and swallow objects such as yarn, string, and glitter with their tongues, and may no longer be able to spit and expel them.

A very important issue with cats is that when they start licking and cleaning themselves through these villi, the hair and dust are pushed back and eventually some hairball (or the same hairball) enters the animal’s mouth and stomach. . Of course, these hairballs are usually excreted in the feces or vomit, but sometimes they may not be excreted.

To ensure the excretion of herbal, it is recommended to give malt paste to your cat every other day or every day, because if the herbal is not excreted. It accumulates in the intestines and causes intestinal obstruction, and if you notice it too late and do not seek treatment, it will lead to the rapid death of your cat.

Tongues can sometimes be dangerous for them, as they may sometimes lick and swallow objects such as threads, strings with glittering objects with their tongues, and may not be able to spit them out.

Another use of the tongue for cats is to clean themselves after eating. Cats begin to groom and clean themselves immediately after eating to remove any traces of that food from their body. , In fact, this is a living strategy because eliminating and clearing the effect of a new hunt plays an important role in securing their lives, and another reason for this action is their habit of dressing up for comfort and behavior.

When cats use their tongues to clean themselves, they are actually trying to keep their bodies cool by evaporating, or sometimes licking and grooming just one part of their body can be a sign of stress or anger (if you are careful).

In this case, they lick a part of their body very quickly), and repeating this many times is probably due to the presence of a hairless part on their body.

It is interesting to know that cats generally do not feel the sweet taste, in fact, the taste buds of a cat are less than humans, the cat’s tongue is effective in preferring food texture.

This means that the texture, size and shape of a cat’s food in rejecting or Acceptance of that food is very important, because according to this, they feel the food in their tongue and decide whether to eat it or not.

For example, as a cat owner, you need to be close enough to your cat to understand what foods your cat’s tongue likes and does not reject. The cat’s tongue is even effective in drinking water.

Researchers believe that cats’ tongues store a lot of water when they take a spoon-shaped shape when drinking, which is done by cats at a high rate.

In this method, when the cat raises the water with a spoon-like tongue, it closes its mouth immediately and does not allow the water to return to the container.

Is each cat’s different personality and behavior unique?

Yes, it is true that each cat has its own personality and temperament. For example, some cats are afraid of narrow and dark places, and for others, narrow and dark places are considered safe places, or for some cats, high places. They are considered safe and some are not, and in general many of their behaviors are specific to the special personality of cats. Cats dig holes in the soil with their hands when they urinate in the soil, and when they urinate, they stick to their pelvis, and when they defecate, they raise their pelvis and keep their backs straight, and cover it with soil until they inhale the smell of feces. They cover. They also sometimes search the soil for no reason, which may be due to the low soil height to increase the height and pile it up, or the soil being dirty or tidy. In general, some cats may come to us immediately when we approach their soil to remind them of the original owner of the soil, they may even prevent you from changing their soil because they think you are trying to steal their soil. ! However, many of these behaviors depend on the cat’s personality, and the absence of these behaviors is not uncommon in your cat, especially in Iranian cats. In the meantime, cats have a series of general behaviors in themselves, which usually each type of personality type of these behaviors, which we will discuss in detail below.

Types of general behaviors in cats

Cats, despite having their own personality and behaviors, also have a series of general behaviors, for example:

  • Cats bite their food less and eat more by slicing and swallowing their food and moving their head back and forth when swallowing.
  • A newly-fed cat cleans its mouth with its tongue and starts licking its hands and face. This behavior is actually an instinctive habit, so it is always repeated every time it eats.
  • Cats are generally restless when they are hungry, and if they continue to be hungry, they tend to run away, or if you see your cat licking cool ceramic tiles, know that it is thirsty and wants water.
  • Sometimes cats dip their hands in a bowl of water before drinking to see how high the water is.
  • If your cat occasionally goes out and comes back to hunt a mouse or any other animal, it intends to give you something valuable, and if you do not want to repeat this, take it slowly from him and do not let him go out.
  • Cats love warm sunlight and clean soil for lying down.
  • Cats get into a lot of trouble in the face of other cats (because they live mostly alone) early on, and the first behavior is to smell different areas, including the outlet areas of the other animal.
  • Your cat, who was at home for the first time, may not let the new cat use his food or his special resting place in his soil, which gradually gets better and is completely normal.
  • Cats’ tails become thicker when they are scared, such as the moment you bring a new object home, or when using a loud hair dryer or vacuum cleaner, or when bathing or playing with other cats. It is a sign of their excitement or fear. In many cases, when arguing with other cats or playing games that are slightly violent, all of your cat’s hair, including the tail, becomes spiky, making them look bigger and stronger than they really are.
  • If your cat is not interested in staying in your arms at that moment, his tail will shake a lot nervously and then after that he may bite you or jump out, although it is better not to force him to do something when he does not like. Cats generally talk to us with their tails.
  • Cats are afraid of moving, taking nails and taking pills and bathing, and it is better to do these things with calmness and understanding of the animal’s fear and showing the normal conditions and quietness of the environment. It is better to do this while the cat is in the best condition of its moral trust in you.

Are cats animals of indifference and indifference?

We usually compare cats to dogs and think that dogs are more social and kind, while cats are as dependent on their owners as any other animal and are only slightly introverted, and that love and affection.

They just show their language, and when they show that they are not interested in hugging and caressing them, we should respect them. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, cats are not animals that can be ideally adapted to life outside the home, but rather become anxious outside and in a noisy environment.

It is interesting to know that the best environment for cats to live in is inside the apartment. In a quiet environment, such as an apartment, they make good friends with their owners.

It has been observed that some people take care of a cat with their own consent and leave it after a while due to lack of awareness of the cat’s feelings and psyche and lack of animal care conditions in the city.

One of the most wrong things to do is to take care of a cat. And then he is released in the city, because the apartment and house cat is very inexperienced, and because he did not learn to live outside the house as a child (by his mother or seeing the situation), he will surely be killed or starve to death.
During estrus, the male cat urinates and the female cat makes a noise and raises her pelvis, sometimes her abdomen is swollen, which is called a false pregnancy, and both sexes have a strong desire to go out in all cats.

They need to drain their emotions and energy, and generally should not stop every animal from making a sound or mischief and pursuing their play with other animals because the animal’s natural temperament demands it, otherwise the animal will be suppressed.

Of course, the behavior of any animal, especially dogs and cats, is a reflection of the behavior of the owner of that animal, and when there is a tense and nervous atmosphere in the house, cats become nervous and upset everything.

If this behavior becomes their habit, you can calm the atmosphere. Keep them alone in their box for several minutes to calm them down.

Cats are trained and can be trained, especially in the first 6 months, and taught where to go or not to go. This can be done with a water spray, but it is not possible to force the cats to so-called hug the cats, and the cat itself must come to you over time and with confidence in you, and with the good behavior you encountered at the time, this interest To you and repeat this behavior over time.
Although some cats have been seen to be frightened and run away from their owners and the people around them in general, and this may be due to their bitter childhood memories, they should be loved and rewarded by showing them different parts of the house for the first time each time. And gaining his trust to reduce this sense of inhumanity for them.

Cats usually feel insecure in the new environment and have to walk around to feel safe, which is best to show them in your arms.

It can also be a bit difficult to catch your cats after they are exposed to the new environment because of their escapist behaviors due to their curiosity, excitement and mischief.
Do not forget to compare your introverted cat with other animals and find out his behavior, because most of the time we expect from animals what we want, not what they were created to be. Cats are very easy to take care of and the pets are very clean.

How does a pregnant cat and mother behave?

The pregnant cat is very cautious and takes great care of its fetuses. During and after delivery, the mother cat takes great care of her children due to the secretion of maternal hormones and tries to provide the cleanest and warmest environment for them.

If a stranger tries to get close to his or her children, he or she will become very aggressive and lick his or her own babies when they defecate, so newborn cats will not be as contaminated with feces as the home environment.

The mother cat eats her placenta immediately after birth, which causes the release of many maternal hormones.

If a baby is born defective, due to the survival instinct of the superior generation, the mother kills and eats the baby.

Contrary to popular belief. Healthy cat hair has no effect on human fertility.
These lovely animals soon get used to kind people and indulge themselves by playing and being cute and welcoming to them.

They have themselves and show less emotion, but this is due to their genetics and not their unkindness.

Why does my cat keep its ears forward?

If your cat is trying to turn its ears or hold its ears forward, this means that your cat is alert and fully alert and is focused on something nearby, any However, this awareness is not threatening and the cat is completely calm.

Why is my cat licking me?

The first thing a kitten experiences before anything else is being licked and cleaned by its mother. In fact, the kitten’s mother does this as a sign of caring for her cat, so if your cat sometimes licks you Be happy because this action of your cat shows that he loves you like his own child and thinks that he will take care of you by doing this. So licking a cat is a sign of his love and affection for his owner.

Why does my cat look lazy?

When kittens are fed by their mother, after feeding on milk, as a sign of satisfaction and gratitude, they rub their claws on the mother’s body. It allows us to be with you, which in our opinion, human beings are playful.

Why does my cat go to someone who does not like cats?

The nature of cats is such that if they want to threaten or warn another cat or a person, they stare at him boldly and sometimes make a fuss and move towards his opponent frequently. . Usually someone who does not like cats refuses to look at them and stays calm in the hope that the cat will ignore him. The same behavior attracts the cat more attention and the cat feels that the other person is inviting him to make friends.

Why does my cat rub itself on me?

Cats have fragrant glands along the tail, around the head, around the lips, at the end of the tail, on the chin, and between the paws, which they use to mark their range. So when your cat rubs itself on you, it actually marks you with its own odor and makes you its own, and also tries to remember your odor. Of course, cats do the same thing with home furnishings and front doors to take ownership of them.

Why does my cat clean itself by licking after being petted?

In this regard, there are two theories about this cat movement, which says that either your cat tries to get rid of the human smell by doing this, and the other theory is that your cat enjoys the smell of your body more than his relationship with you. Takes.

Why does my cat lick wool or clothes?

The answer to this behavior is given by two theories, the first of which is related to the fact that your cat may be weaned prematurely and the smell of lanolin emanating from wool is reminiscent of his mother’s smell and the second theory suggests that your cat is diet There is no proper food and you have to find and solve the problem.

Why does my cat snore?

Cat snoring usually means that he is satisfied, but sometimes there are different reasons, for example, a mother cat snores so that her children know that she is with them and the kittens snore in response to their mother’s treatment or the kittens They snore to encourage their friends to play with them. Larger kittens snore in front of intruders. Note that sometimes cats snore out of pain or fear.

Why does my cat take a small bite out of my arm or cheek and hold it for a few seconds?

The good news is that this cat gesture shows that you have gained your cat’s love and affection. In fact, cats gently pat a piece of skin when they are very happy and feel infinite love for their owner. They hold them to their teeth and hold them for a few seconds. If your cat does this move with you, congratulations, you have managed to get a “cat kiss”!

Why does my cat roll on its back?

There are several reasons for cats to roll over on their backs: If your cat falls flat on your back and eats wrong on its back or back, this move is due to its complete confidence in you and is aware that you will not harm it, and maybe if If your cat is a female, she is showing off and making fun of herself. Of course, sometimes she is just playing.

Why does my cat lick photos or plastic bags?

They probably like the small amount of essential oil that is emitted from these products. Or maybe they enjoy the texture that these materials have left on their tongues.

Why does my cat land on its feet after falling from a height?

When falling, the cat uses its tail to keep its body straight and spin in the air. So to reduce the shock, he lands on the ground with his back arched. Cats have very flexible bodies and it is very easy for them to twist and turn.

Why do cats like hiss?

The hissing sounds are similar to the regular, loud sounds of mice, birds, and crickets. So the hissing sound of a crumpled piece of paper or walking on paper stimulates the cat’s sense of prey.

Why does my cat constantly shake its tail?

Cats use their tails to communicate with each other.

Why does my cat make plants?

Herbs help cats get rid of hair that they have swallowed during their makeup and also provide nutrients such as vitamins, fiber and minerals that are not found in their food. Some plants are good for chewing if they are not poisonous.

Why are some people allergic to cats?

Cat hair is not the cause of allergies, but a protein called Fel D1 in its saliva causes allergies in some humans. When a cat treats itself, the protein spreads through its hair and is then transferred to furniture. Some cats have low (or high) levels of this protein.
Although there is no way to predict which cat is secreting this substance, bathing a cat can reduce the amount of protein in its hair, thus reducing the human natural response to it.
Female cats seem to naturally have less of this protein. Pouring a few drops of vinegar in a glass of warm water and putting it at home can significantly reduce the effect of this protein.

Why does a cat turn its back on you for a moment after being reprimanded or crushed?

Human behavior when blaming a pet is often offensive and overtly aggressive, and the cat usually responds modestly, telling you that it has surrendered to you. If you do a positive behavior instead of any other reprehensible behavior, you will definitely get better results than a cat.

Why does your cat bring you its prey?

There are at least four different theories about this behavior: Your cat will give you a gift to express your appreciation and interest.
Your cat knows you are not a good hunter and wants to teach you. The cat brings its prey home where it is safe and eats. The cat simply tries to reassure you that you have fresh food.

Why does a cat play with its prey?

Cats are fascinated by movement, so if the prey stays in motion, the cat will be more inclined to attack. If the cat gets more excited than ambushing and killing, it will play with it before it kills its prey.

Why does a cat put its toys in water or food?

The cat looks at the place where it is intended to eat as part of its territory, and that area always remains unchanged. So cats are more likely to put their favorite toy in a safe place.
Cats often leave their toys in a place you do not like after playing, and you may try to put them in a small basket in one of your favorite places and expect him to put them in after Move the game to where it is almost impossible.


Finally, we must say that these lovely animals get used to kind people very quickly and make fun of themselves by playing and being cute and welcoming to them, just a few simple behaviors show that your cat is very interested in you.
Although some cats have their own behavior and show less emotion, or the way they express their emotions is different, which is due to their genetics and not their unkindness, although some of the behaviors of these lovely angels remain undiscovered, but What is clear is that there are many kind animals that are a great companion for any human lover and animal lover.

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