Browse the final season of the Attack on Titan anime and scrutinize the new trailer

The manga Attack on Titan ended a few months ago, and yet there are still a large number of fans who have no exact knowledge of the ending of the story. After all, it should not be denied that millions of people around the world really know Attack on Titan only with the anime released in 2013; The series will end in 2022.

Viewers have already seen 75 episodes of the Attack on Titan anime, and are now counting down the days to 76 as Judgment. Undoubtedly, when dealing with such a vast story, different people prepare different models to welcome the ending.

Some viewers reviewed each of the previous episodes, and some just watched the synopsis videos. Some people want to carefully review the official posters, pictures and trailers, and on the other hand, we encounter many viewers who do not even want to hear a word about the series until they see the final episodes. Of course, all these decisions must be respected. Finally, everyone wants to get the best possible experience from the second half of the final season by doing the things they want to do.

So before giving a summary of what happened in episodes 60 to 75 of the Attack on Titan anime, I have to emphasize that this article includes spoilers; From the story of the broadcast episodes to the information obtained from the second half of the last season. I have not gone for the manga and I do not intend to spoil the direct ending based on the source of the adaptation. But the official and new trailer released by the creators itself is full of key story details about the latest episodes of Attack on Titan. So when it comes to scrutiny of the new trailer for the final season of Attack on Titan, we have a few spoilers from episodes 76 onwards. Before that, we will remind you of the first half of the last season.

(This article spoils different parts of the Attack on Titan anime story)

The first part of the fourth and last chapter of Titan Attack is narrated about four years after the end of the third chapter; To take the audience to Marley and introduce us to different characters. Among these characters, Gabi can be considered the most important character; One of Aldia’s children who wants to inherit the power of one of the 9 Titans. Falco and the courier (the owner of the Titan Chariot) are also introduced with him.

The audience calmly gets to know Marley better and becomes aware of the situation of the people of Aldia there. Some world powers have risen up against Marley, and it is clear that the Titans are no longer as invincible as before, thanks to advances in military technology. Of course, Marley will eventually win the war with difficulty. But in light of recent events, Marley’s powerful people realize that they need the Founding Titan power even more than ever. As a result, it is clear that we will not see a lasting peace between Marley and Paradise Island.

While Rainer wants Falco to become the armored Titan, everyone is paying attention to Gabi, who was able to lead Marley to victory. Meanwhile, Zick wants to work with an old aristocratic family to announce that he will go to war with Marley. Because a member of the Tybur family is actually a War Hammer, people will probably believe that the zig-zag monster Titan, along with War Hammer, can kill Paradis; To Marley seize the power of the Founding Titan. Zick has lied to many.

The first half of the final chapter works to make the audience see the story from different angles. For example, when we finally see the story of Rainer, Annie, Bertolt, and Galliard arriving on the island in a different way than in episode 62, the value of reviewing several old episodes increases. Even now, we realize that kids like Falco and Gabby should be the only reason Rainer survives. Because he has lost his life, and this important point is reminded again in one of the episodes of the first half of the last season. In fact, in this episode, 62 Falco meets Ern; Ern has changed from before, forgetting himself as a religious soldier and even playing the boy.

Ern manages to send a letter by deceiving Falco. He wants to become a Titan at the big festival where Marley announces his plan to invade the island. Falco, who has played, takes Rainer to Ern. This is how Rainer realizes what a horrible thing will happen soon. Rainer even asks Ern to kill him. Because he remembers what crimes he committed on the island.

Then, as information from the audience and the people of Marley about King Fritz’s pacifism and the Rumbling power of the islanders (the Titans within the walls of Paradis) increases, Ern Yeager becomes the attacking Titan. At the same festival, to encourage the people of Marley to fight Paradis, Ern was hailed as the founder of the Founding Titan and a major threat to world peace. Do not forget that one person trapped the courier and Galliard in a special place before the attack of Ern, so that they could not become Titan. Arne creates a critical situation in Marley’s soil, leading to the death of many people.

Titan War Hammer becomes Arne’s first notable rival in this great war and even goes so far as to destroy him. But thanks to a letter sent by Falco, the island’s titans are on their way to join Erne. Meanwhile, Pike and Porco Galliard have also been released. Mikasa blocks Ern from being killed by Titan War Hammer, Titan stops Galliard’s attack on Ern, and Ern himself, thanks to the power of Titan Galliard’s jaw, manages to swallow Titan War Hammer’s owner to gain his power. In a crowded battle, both sides are killed. But due to the destruction of Marley’s navy by the giant Armin Titan, Marley has undoubtedly suffered more damage.

On the other hand, Gabi, who had a heartfelt belief in the beliefs imposed on him, sees this amount of blood and crime, hates the island to the fullest, and has no hesitation in slaughtering every single person in Paradis. The courier is severely damaged and the zig-zag monster Titan is destroyed by Levy. But as Ern approaches the swallowing of Titan Galliard and his rise to power, Rainer’s armored Titan stands up to Ern (Titan Attack and Warmer Hammer) again with the painful screams and moans of Gabby and Falco. Maybe these kids are the only reason Rainer is going to continue living. The viewer knows that due to Rainer’s armored Titan power, there is not much time left in his life.

As Hanji arrives, the island’s fighters board an airship to escape Marley. Ern, who no longer has the energy to fight, escapes death with Mikasa; To get inside the airship and be arrested by Levi Ackerman. Why? Because he arbitrarily attacked Marley and dragged the soldiers of Paradis Island to this bloody battlefield.

Gabi reaches the air ship by killing Marley’s enemy without listening to Falco’s logical words. Falco is not separated from him either. Then that key event occurs and the bullet from Sophie’s rifle hits Sasha’s body. The food-loving girl, who played a significant role in the success of this attack with a precise shot, is going to die step by step because of Gabi.

Marley’s military team, given the familiarity of the person who had trapped the courier and Galliard for some time before Ern’s attack, gradually realizes that the ships sent to the island have not just been destroyed. Rather, some of the Marley people who were on those ships are now serving Paradise Island. In the airship we see that Zick has also joined the people of the island. In the following episodes, we found out that Ern and Zick are brothers and they have drawn the main plan together.

Ern’s loud laughter after Sasha’s death shows more and more that he is no longer the same. He does not seem to care that Sasha would not have died if he had not attacked Marley and brought everyone here. He only laughs at the fact that the last word Sasha uttered before he died was “meat.” Gabi is surprised to see Zick in the current situation, and the people of the island are surprised to see the different behavior that Ern exhibits.

Paradis Island has been strengthened in recent years by the initial use of some of Marley’s military technology. Some of the people on the Marley are now forced to work, and some are working for the island as they wish. The Attack on Titan anime shows well that the mental state of many of the characters is not good, by showing things like Armin trying to fight the torment of his conscience against Ani trapped in the crystal.

Meanwhile, we see one of the people who entered the island by ship, who is saddened by Sasha’s death; To clear the audience of the one-sided thinking of Marley’s war with Paradis. He even invites Sasha’s family to his restaurant. Ern is imprisoned, Gabi and Falco are imprisoned elsewhere, and Levy is torturing Zick as much as possible. Episode 68 of the Attack on Titan anime ends in such circumstances.

To gain a deeper understanding of Ern Yeager’s collaboration with Zick Yeger, you must remember that the greatest power of the Titans lies in the power of the Founding Titan. Ern now has the power of Attack Titan, the power of War Hammer Titan and the power of Founding Titan. But the full use of the Founding Titan power is possible only when the royal blood flows in the veins of its owner.

The blood of the kingdom flows in the veins of people who are descendants of the original King Fritz or the Reiss family. We now know of only two live characters in the Attack on Titan anime world who have such power; Historia Reiss, Queen of Paradise, and Zick Yeager, possessor of the Beast Titan. Arn Yeager and Zick Yeger’s father was none other than Grisha Yeger, with no royal blood flowing in his veins. But the two had different mothers. In fact, Zick passes from mother to generation, and for this reason, royal blood flows in his veins.

As a result, Arn’s way of using the Founding Titan power is to be able to physically communicate with Zick. In any case, during the episodes of the last season, we have seen that he constantly treats people like Hanji and Mikasa more violently. After members of Marley’s military team realize that Zick has claimed to have died to join the enemy, they prepare for a sudden attack on Paradise by offering Rainer. Indeed, Historia, who Ern repeatedly did not want to get involved in the Titans’ adventures, is now pregnant and waiting for the birth of her child away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Paradise’s alliance with some nations made the island’s struggles much stronger over the years and gave them more access. But now Marley is preparing to attack Paradise with all its might and other forces from around the world. In the middle, Gabi, who escaped from prison with another murder, was severely emotionally challenged by Falco. Because he was confronted by a girl who years ago was suddenly swallowed by a Titan mother because of Marley’s attack. The main implication of the controversial confrontation for the story is that Gabi and Falco have to go to a party; The same party was organized by a Marley chef who now lives in Paradise and cried with all his might for Sasha’s death.

The chef, after realizing that Gabi is Sasha’s killer, naturally does not help him and intends to attack the girl. He uses a bottle of wine to do this; The same wine that everyone who eats becomes Titan with the cry of the monster Zick. That’s why you probably guessed that a few drops of that drink in Falco’s mouth could be expensive for him in the coming episodes.

In episode 71, Armin and Mikasa were still hoping to talk to Ern to improve his condition. But after Zachary does not allow them to meet with Ern, they suddenly witness his death. In fact, Arne’s ardent supporters wanted to give him absolute power, and in the process killed Zachary himself. Ern and his followers are looking for the beginning of the new kingdom of Aldia.

Even so, Mikasa refuses to go to Hizuru and join his real family. Meanwhile, the courier has secretly entered Paradise, and Ern wants to forcefully find out which part of the island Zick is on. Step by step, all the characters realize the seriousness of Arn’s inner change and the completeness of his collaboration with Zick.

Ern tells Armin and Mikasa that he acts according to his wishes. Ern explains to Armin that his mind has been manipulated to constantly visit Eni Crystal. Because memories are passed between the Titans and now some of Bertolt’s feelings affect Armin. But this is not Ern’s most terrifying claim. He tells Mikasa that because Ackermann’s blood is flowing in his veins, the girl is practically always in charge of protecting Ern, and there has never been a real friendship between them. Ern Yeager looked into Mikasa Ackerman’s eyes and said without compliment that he always hated him. So Mikasa is a protective slave for Ern.

But Zick in the forest can not get ahead of the plan. Because turning all of Levy’s companions into Titan with a zigzag scream is not enough to stop him. Levy makes every effort to torment her; To move him completely powerless and on the verge of death, with a cart. Ern and Zick devised a powerful plan, and the chances of victory can not be underestimated. But Levy is not a competitor who can be underestimated even for a moment. He wants to stop Ern from using the power of the Founding Titan, and it remains to be seen how successful he will be in implementing his plans. Zick, who has a bitter past, is now fleeing thanks to another Titan.

The courier becomes a supporter of Ern for a short time in the way of protecting Gabi, and we realize that Zick’s main goal is to destroy the individual aliens over time for the permanent destruction of the Titans. The courier falsely joined Ern, suddenly Titan Galliard arrives with that powerful jaw, and in the end Ern has no choice but to become Titan Attack. Episode 75 of Titan Attack ends when there are still a lot of internal fights and Marley has come to Paradise for revenge.

(From now on, the article, by scrutinizing the new official trailer for the second half of the final season of Attack on Titan, reveals important points about the final and unreleased episodes)

The trailer for the second half of the last season of Attack on Titan, which you can watch on Funimation’s official YouTube channel, has a lot of spoilers even before scrutiny. In other words, there is no denying that some viewers objected to the explicit disclosure of story details in the scenes and dialogues of this preview. When it comes to explaining some of its highlights, the spoilers get bigger or worse.

This trailer confirms that Zick the Beast Titan will play a significant role in the final battles. We see that with a loud shout he really leads a large number of people to turn into Titan to carry out part of his grand plan to defeat the enemies. Zick fires an airship, causing the ship to fall and further destroying the city, setting many people’s homes on fire. At the same time, he is not shockproof. Titan Peak carries a powerful anti-Titan weapon on his back, and then when we see the skeletal appearance of Titan Peak, it looks like a final shot is fired at the monster Titan so that Zick is waiting for Ern with his last breath on the ground.

While apparently the Titan courier and the weapon on him along with Titan Galliard can be considered the main rivals of the monster Zick in the battle of Paradise Island, according to this trailer, Ern is wrestling with two other rivals; Rainer armored Titan, who inflicts a lot of damage on Titan Attack Arn, and an angry Gabi, who with his Titan weapon, apparently intends to destroy Arn and prevent physical contact between him and Zick.

Moments from the trailer showed Falco and Gabi running together. Then it seems that Zick’s scream turns Falco into a Titan, and the two characters are set to share a painful final moment. As a result, Gobi’s anger at Zick and Ern is as serious as possible, and we know that he can do a lot of things.

Interestingly, based on the dialogues heard in the trailer, Rainer should now be considered a war-weary character; Ern, on the other hand, has not the slightest hesitation in brutally killing his enemies. In the meantime, it seems that some characters in the story, such as Mikasa, have to make their final decision; To determine who they want to fight for in this bloody war. On the other hand, we see Armin in human form and fighting the courier chariot Titan. So it seems that at least from the beginning we will not see characters like Paradis, Zick and Arne turn their backs on him.

Things like the image of a character’s bloody body in the arms of another character have also been spread on the Internet thanks to this trailer; An image that really refers to the characters in it is of no use except as a direct spoiler of one of the events in the story. In fact, given the presence of Crystal Annie Leonhart in this trailer, it must be admitted that we will most likely finally see the return of Female Titan.

The trailer in question showed that, as we expected, in the second half of the final season we are going to see the many influences of the various manifestations of the Founding Titan power on the story. It seems that Ern and Zick not only put their foreheads together to see a part of each other’s past and even the memories of their father, Grisha, but also enter a special place outside the ordinary world to meet Ymir Fritz. He is none other than the slave of King Aldia, who became the first Titan in the world. We will have at least one flashback in the upcoming episodes related to Ern’s conversation with Zick in Marley; When Ern Yeager himself was planning a major attack with a fake identity.

Why Attack on Titan is banned?

It’s simply because AoT is too bloody. AoT was blacklisted before anime indicates anything about war or ideas like that. AoT was blacklisted before season 2 released and as we all know there’s nothing could be concerned in Season 1 on idea/theme perspective. Season 1 is just the plots and foreshadowing.

Is Eren from Attack on Titan a girl?

Human form. Eren’s appearance Eren is a young man of average height and muscular build.

Is Attack on Titan available on Netflix?

The first 25 episodes of Attack on Titan are available on Netflix in the US. The are more episodes available on Crunchyroll & Funimation’s site (second & third seasons).

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