The best serial anime in history – Part I

Browsing the list of the best serial anime in history, with the pioneering of Schنnen’s works, romantic charm, fantasy ambition, school fuss and hard work of heroes in an effort to achieve great dreams, becomes an alien flight over one of the most extensive indirect life experiences.

Among the various sections of the seventh art, the anime works have succeeded in bringing a lot of attention to their wonderful world due to their boundless style of illustration, passionate storytelling and endless creativity in various genres. Now, advocacy of anime is not just a matter of prejudice and has become an obvious interest among cinema and television audiences. Many serial animes are made and broadcast every year, but the animes that have been able to accommodate more different tastes and, of course, over time, the quality of their storytelling format has not diminished and are considered the flagship of their genres, are the same unique and pure experiences that become wings. Our flight is full of surprises.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best serial animes in history, in the order of the year of their first season, from old to new:

List of the best serial anime in history

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z anime

Dragon Ball Anime (Dragon Ball)

  • Based on the Dragon Ball manga by Akira Toriyama
  • Director: Daisky Nishio, Osaka Minor
  • Broadcast year: 1986 to 1996 | Number of episodes: 153 + 291 | Tui Animation Studio
  • Average Dragon Ball anime scores on IMDB: 8.5
  • Average Dragon Ball anime scores in MAL: 7.97 ~ 8.15

In a different version of the earth, San Goko is an unusual boy who lives alone in the forest. Until a girl named Bolma comes to him in search of dragon balls. Because one of these magic balls is in Goko’s possession. Since a wish can be fulfilled by adding all the available items, other people are looking for it. Bolma and Goko travel to find the Seven Dragon Balls and make other friends. But this is just the beginning of a thrilling adventure in the world of Dragon Ball.

The Dragon Ball series is what it should be as one of Schnen’s classic fighting anime; A big goal that in a fictional world, brings together many aspiring characters, and the main heroes must continue on their way after each difficult, stronger and more motivated experience. The addition of comedic flavor and variety in the elements of the repetitive flow of the narrative are also among the inseparable principles of their superhero works. After going back to the roots, the main strength of the Dragon Ball series should be its spectacular and breathtaking action struggles. The series has other sequels, but the climax of Dragon Ball is formed in its second season, Dragon Ball Z, which is a continuation of the story of the first season and has been broadcast since 1989.

Slam Dunk anime

  • Based on the slam dunk manga by Takihiko Inoue
  • Director: Nobutaka Nishizawa
  • Broadcast year: 1993 to 1996 | Number of episodes: 101 | Tui Animation Studio
  • Average Slam Dunk anime scores on IMDB: 8.7
  • Average Slam Dunk anime scores in MAL: 8.53

Hanamichi Sakuragi, with his temperament, misbehavior, red hair, and tall stature, has never been a popular figure, at least among girls, because his friendship requests have been rejected by various girls, a record 50 times in a row. Early in high school, Hanamichi, who is still struggling with the problem, encounters a girl named Haruko, who becomes a motivator for him to join the basketball team. Although Hanamichi initially aims to impress Haruku Chan, he gradually realizes that his natural ability must be spent in the same way.

Aslam Dunk anime is still a fascinating and dynamic work among the old classic sports animes, which can be found in tangible characterization, lively comedy, inspiring moral emphases, and valuable lessons such as communication links while competing and, of course, not giving up. In addition, Hanamichi is one of those dumb, violent, reckless and hard-working characters who walks towards his dream and big goal with a big heart and a spark of love. These features make Slam Dunk an uplifting and fun experience with the help of a homogeneous and functional atmosphere that is best structured due to the animation limitations of the year the anime was made.

Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion

Japanese name: Shinseiki Evangelion anime

  • Director: Hidayaki Ano
  • Broadcast year: 1995 to 1996 | Number of episodes: 26 | Gainax Studio, Tatsonoko
  • Average rating of Neon Genesis Evangelion on IMDB: 8.5
  • Average score of Neon Genesis Evangelion in MAL: 8.33

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Shinji Ikari is a 14-year-old boy who, 15 years after a global catastrophe and the destruction of the earth, was summoned to the underground city of Tokyo-3 to join the Nerv organization to counter the attacks of unknown creatures called angels. By building giant semi-mechanical robots controlled by teenagers like Shinji, Nero is trying to counter this epic invasion and keep the earth afloat.

In addition to depicting exciting mecca-style battles between giant robots and extraterrestrial invading forces, the neon Genesis Evangelion anime explores the emotional and emotional strength of Nero members, stemming from the psychological strain on their immature controllers. Due to its ancient, psychological, religious and mystical origins, the work has always been accompanied by many ambiguities and questions about why it happened. The depth of the story and the mysterious aspects of Hideaki Anu’s original anime increased even more after the controversial end of the series with The End of Evangelion. Until a series of four films called Rebuild of Evangelion re-entered other aspects of the story and reached the final conclusion.

Rurouni Kenshin anime

Japanese name: Rurouni Kenshin anime: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan

  • Based on the Rooney’s manga Kanshin by Nobuhiro Vatsuki
  • Broadcast year: 1996 to 1998 | Number of episodes: 94 | Dean Studio, Gallup
  • Rurouni Kenshin’s average rating on IMDB: 8.5
  • Rurouni Kenshin average score in MAL: 8.3

Himura is a young swordsman who travels with a sword with the opposite blade to help ordinary and innocent people to atone for the guilt of killing people in the past. In this way, Kanshin meets other friends and finds common goals with them.

This background of Roroni Kanshin’s story leads us to a work that, beyond its fascinating action and comedy, longs for human concepts and expresses values ​​beyond egoism and materialism from the heart of a historical period. Roroni Kanshin anime is still a spectacular work with its classic narrative, and of course, it has recorded one of the best OVAs in the history of anime called Trust and Betrayal, a 1999 product, which should not be missed in any way.

Berserk anime

Japanese name: Kenpuu Denki Berserk anime

Based on the manga Berserk by Contaro Miura

  • Director: Naohito Takahashi
  • Broadcast year: 1997 to 1998 | Number of episodes: 25 | OLM Studio
  • Average Berserk anime scores on IMDB: 8.7
  • Average Berserk anime scores in MAL: 8.5

In a medieval European fantasy world, Barzark tells the story of a mercenary named Gats and his encounter with a group of mercenaries called the Falcon, led by Griffith. A group whose rumors of victories are spreading rapidly everywhere, but the interaction of Gates and Griffith, who have different spirits and goals, is tied to a strange and dark destiny.

Just as Berserk’s masterpiece manga was eventually stunned by the death of Contaro Miura, the making of a full-length anime of this fiery and insane story remains one of the anime world’s grievances. However, the first season of Berserk, with its classic art, can reasonably portray its ruined and chaotic world; A ruthless world in which the mob of evil forces, along with the faint streams of hope, presents a biting philosophy to the audience. After this series, three anime films have been made from Barzark: Berserk: The Golden Age Arc and another season in 24 episodes of 2016 (which did not shine because of its dry and soulless computer graphic style), but it is still the old version. It is the best anime adaptation of this collection

Anime Serial Experiments Lain

Based on the original screenplay written by Chiaki J. Konaka

Director: Riotaro Nakamura
Year of broadcast: 1998 | Number of episodes: 13 | Triangle Staff Studio
Average Serial Experiments Lain anime scores on IMDB: 8.1
Average Serial Experiments Lain anime scores in MAL: 8.05

The story is about an introverted girl named Lin Yakura who, like other schoolgirls, receives an email from Chisa Yokomuda, who has recently committed suicide. A message in which Chisa says that he did not actually die, but only left his body and as a result was able to discover God in the wire, which is similar to the virtual world of the Internet. After gaining more knowledge of the world of networking and computers, Lane engages in mysterious adventures that lead to a deeper understanding of his mind as he discovers new meanings.

The greatest achievement of the Serial Experiments Lain anime is the display of a psychological fear, whose futuristic ideas have become closer to reality over the years and even the subject of scientific research. The blurring of the gap between real and virtual life in Lane’s serial anime experiences serious philosophical debates and daunting challenges that, combined with its abstract and surreal style, turn into a fantasy tied to complex realities that count the soul of its own audience.

Cowboy Bebop anime

  • Japanese name: Kaubôi bibappu anime
  • Based on the original screenplay by Hajime Yatate
  • Director: Shinichiro Watanabe
  • Year of broadcast: 1998 | Number of episodes: 26 | Sunrise Studio
  • Average Cowboy Bebop anime scores on IMDB: 8.9
  • Average Cowboy Bebop anime scores in MAL: 8.77

In 2071, the entire solar system was accessible through the gates of hyperspace. Years after the Earth became uninhabitable by meteorite bombardment, Mars is now the new pole of human civilization. While the Intercontinental Crime Union seems to have gained more influence, a Western-style program to catch criminals and terrorists sets a ransom for the so-called cowboy kidnappers to take action. The story is about several prize-winners who encounter more complex than usual adventures on their voyages with a spaceship called Bebop.

Bebop cowboy anime is an engaging and engaging experience combining Western, noir, science-fiction and space genres with a forward-looking approach. As we gradually become acquainted with the bebop members and their vague past, each episode of the anime goes into deeper layers in its narrative and reaches an impressive ending like a mass film. Finally, the biblical cowboy space Western with deep and captivating concepts, mixed with a jolly jazz and blues music, will remain in the memory of one of the best animes in history.

Great Teacher Onizuka anime

  • Japanese name: Gurēto Tīchā Onizuka anime
  • Based on the GTO manga by Toro Fujisawa
  • Director: Nouri Yuki Abe
  • Broadcast year: 1999 to 2000 | Number of episodes: 43 | Pierrot Studio
  • Average GTO anime scores on IMDB: 8.5
  • Average GTO anime scores in MAL: 8.7

Ekichi Onizuka, the former leader of a motorcycle bullying group, decides to achieve a new and honorable goal; Becoming the greatest history teacher does not seem like an easy task for such a person, especially since one of Onizuka’s motivations is to hang out with high school girls and, of course, turn school into a fun environment.

Onizuka’s particular ideology, along with the use of different behavioral techniques from his former gangster lifestyle, creates hilarious comedy situations that, of course, continue in a valuable intellectual context and sometimes lead to effective drama. In addition, Onizuka is one of the most memorable characters in the anime world, and all the strengths of anime are formed around his characterization. For this reason, the classic GTO anime theme should be considered an integral part of its structure, which keeps it among the best serial animes in history for a long time.

Anime One Piece

  • Based on the manga One Piece by Ichiro Oda
  • Year of broadcast: since 1999 | Number of episodes: +999 | Tui Animation Studio
  • Average rating of One Piece anime on IMDB: 8.8
  • Average rating of One Piece in MAL: 8.58

At the execution by the Navy, Goldie Roger, King of the Pirates, speaks of a great treasure called One Piece, which marks the great age of the pirates with the goal of gaining wealth and fame. Meanwhile, a teenager named Monkey de Luffy, who wants to become the king of pirates, gathers a unique group on the Grand Line, the most dangerous sea in the world, and goes through great adventures.

One Piece, the great treasure of the anime world, is full of exemplary characters, amazing places, amazing events, exciting encounters and a glorious era of various fantasies at the highest level. Anime that you laugh at its comedy, you are saddened by its tragedy and you are immersed in the adventures of its lovely characters. Luffy, Zorro, Ovsup, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Rubin, Frankie and Brooke. The tear-jerking scenes are each the culmination of this amazing story, where the story and destiny of the people are intertwined and the concept of failing with Van Peace becomes an important principle such as the treasure of Van Peace. Ichiro Oda, a masterpiece of manga, holds the record for manga sales, and even in the form of anime, it has not lost its excitement over the years and is still one of the best serial animes in history and, of course, the king of Shannon anime.

Hajime no Ippo

  • Based on the Hajime No Epo manga by George Morikawa
  • Broadcast year: 2000 to 2002 – 2009 – 2013 | Number of episodes: 76 + 26 + 25 | Medhaus Studio
  • Average Hajime no Ippo anime scores on IMDB: 8.7
  • Average Hajime no Ippo anime scores in MAL: 8.7

The story of this sports anime is about a high school boy named Makonuchi Ipo who does not become young like his other peers because of helping his mother manage family careers. Epo becomes interested in boxing after accidentally meeting a boxer and gradually grows in a difficult direction.

Hajime No Ipo is at first glance a sports anime that has a trend similar to other clichés in the genre, but as time goes on, it traps the audience in a corner of the ring so that it will have no escape. In fact, watching the boxing fights in this anime and the challenges that occur in the boxing ring with different Epo rivals is so breathtaking and spectacular that following the continuation of the story and the matches in front of the protagonist without going astray does not give the viewer a chance to stop. Hajime No Ipo is definitely one of the most exciting and best sports anime in history.

FLCL anime

Japanese name: Furi Kuri anime

  • Based on the original screenplay by Yuji Inokido
  • Director: Kazuya Soromaki
  • Broadcast year: 2000 to 2001 | Number of episodes: 6 | Gainax Studio, IG Production
  • Average FLCL anime scores on IMDB: 8.2
  • Average FLCL anime scores in MAL: 8.03

Naota Nandaba’s boring life changes with the arrival of a strange girl named Haruku Harohara. A girl with pink hair rides a bass guitar and a Vespa. The first encounter between Naota and Haruko comes by accident, after which a strange horn grows on Naota’s head, and this is just the beginning of a series of strange events that occur in an uncontrollable way. Haruko’s special mission opens Naota’s foot to a decisive battle for the entire universe.

The events that took place during the FLCL anime are astonishingly fast and exciting. The genius and creativity shown in this anime by expanding the rich shapes and colors, cries out for a mad originality that is full of unique artistic beauties and boundless illustrations. At the same time, the subtlety in the complexities of Foley Gypsy becomes as unforgettable for the general public as it is for the fans of the anime and animation world.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime

Japanese name: Koukaku Kidoutai anime: Stand Alone Complex

  • Based on the ghost manga in the shell by Masamone Shiro
  • Director: Kenji Kamyama
  • Broadcast year: 2002 to 2005 | Number of episodes: 52 | IG Production Studio
  • Average Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex on IMDB: 8.5
  • Average Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex in MAL: 8.43

In the not-too-distant future, scientific advances have reached the point where the link between the human body and the robot has reached its peak, which has increased physical strength and reduced cybernetic limits. On the other hand, with the access of criminals to such technologies, new crimes have been formed. Due to the sensitivity of the issue, the government has created Section 9 to deal with these new methods. A unit led by Daisuke Aramaki and Motoko Kushanagi has achieved great success in its goal, but with the arrival of a hacker named the smiling man, the story enters a game of dangerous mouse and cat.

The 1995 animated feature film Ghost in the Shell, directed by Mamuro Oshi, was so brilliant that it made the adaptation of Masamone Shiro’s immortal manga the only viewers’ impression of the series. But thanks to the impressive success of that film, the stand-alone anime series Stand Alone Complex also has a lot to say. Following the compact story of the 1995 film, the SAC now exposes a wider range of characters and the challenges of its universal philosophical philosophy. In addition to the futuristic ideas, this cyberpunk series addresses reflective warnings about the concepts of identity and the definition of humanity, which unravel the shell of the soul beyond a sci-fi storytelling.

Anime Naruto and Naruto: Shippuuden

  • Based on the Naruto manga by Masashi Kishimoto
  • Broadcast year: 2002 to 2017 | Number of episodes: 220 + 500 | Pierrot Studio
  • Naruto anime average on IMDB: 8.6
  • Average Naruto: Shippuuden anime scores in MAL: 8.2

Twelve years have passed since the legendary creature Kyuubi invaded the village of Konoha, when the Konoha Hokka seal seals the Kyuubi inside the body of a baby named Naruto with the help of a spell and his sacrifice. For this reason, the orphan Naruto leaves his childhood unaware of this issue with a negative view of the villagers. Naruto, trying to take his place from that imposed loneliness to the respectable level of a Hokage, finally finds friends in a group of novice ninja villagers and embarks on great and risky adventures related to past events.

Narto’s story is full of powerful, lovable, and influential characters, sometimes even more than the main character, by introducing various ninja tribes that have the inner and supernatural powers emanating from the chakra to control the elements of nature. Naruto anime, especially with the arrival of the Shippuden series as one of the best long animes, uses extraordinary story arcs that if we go beyond its fillers, we will finally enjoy the epic story and the engaging personal and social confrontations of its world.

Anime Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World

Japanese name: Anime Kino no Tabi – The Beautiful World

  • Based on Light Novell Kino Journey by Kichi Sigsawa and illustrated by Kohako Kurobushi
  • Director: Tomohisa Taguchi
  • Year of broadcast: 2003 | Number of episodes: 13 | Studio A.C.G.T
  • Average Kino’s Journey scores on IMDB: 8.4
  • Average Kino’s Journey scores in MAL: 8.31

Kino is a teenager who goes on a long journey with his spokesman Hermes. Kino stays in each new realm for only three days, and in addition to getting acquainted with the culture of the people of that land, by discovering special and often disturbing conditions that originate from human nature, he reaches a new understanding of unwritten principles and endless dangers of ignorance. Because “the world is not beautiful and that is why it is beautiful.”

Kino’s Journey is one of those unique animes that, after watching it, in search of a leveling experience, you only have to regret why it did not continue with the same stability in more parts (the remake of this series in 2017 was relatively slippery). Kino’s separate narratives along the way to his travels to different climates with their own conditions and culture, different perception of a wonderful worldview and fascinating and thought-provoking philosophy in one of the best anime with the theme of travel.

Bleach anime

Based on the manga Bleach by Tite Kobo

  • Director: Noriyuki Abe
  • Broadcast year: 2004 to 2012 | Number of episodes: 366 | Pierrot Studio
  • Average Bleach anime scores on IMDB: 8.1
  • Average Bleach anime scores in MAL: 7.81

Ichigo Kurosaki is a high school boy who has the ability to see ghosts. One day the Ichigo family is attacked by an evil spirit. A Shinigami named Little Rokia, who was severely wounded during the battle, tries to give some of his soul power to Ichigo, but in a strange coincidence, Ichigo turns into a Shinigami by taking a large part of Rokia’s force and easily wins the battle. It comes and this is the beginning of a different life and special events related to the world of ghosts and shinigami.

Maybe if Piero Studios had given up the habit of filmmaking for anime and focused more on the main story of the anime, Bleach would have found a much better position among anime viewers. Nevertheless, Bleach is still a unique anime about the tumultuous connection between humans, evil spirits and Shinigami. Anime that, by raising the standards of its genre while addressing established and common human values ​​such as friendship, trying to protect the precious people of life and evoking a sense of empathy in the face of the protagonist’s suffering, becomes an inspiring and respected work.

Planetes anime

Based on the manga Planetes by Makoto Yukimura

  • Director: Guru Taniguchi
  • Broadcast year: 2003 to 2004 | Number of episodes: 26 | Sunrise Studio
  • Average score of Planetes anime on IMDB: 8.2
  • Average Planetes anime scores in MAL: 8.29

By 2075, humans have reached a point where travel between Earth, the Moon, and space stations has become commonplace in everyday life. This advancement in technology leads to problems such as the presence of stray space debris, which causes great damage to spacecraft and vital space equipment. The story is about a garbage collection unit whose employees are not very satisfied with the seemingly low status of their job. With the arrival of a young and motivated girl named Ay Tanabe to this group, we are witnessing an increase in the motivations and efforts of this group to prove the value of their work to others.

Planetes anime is an unusual space science-fiction drama in the style of Sinen, in which there are no strange events and superhuman beings, and the vastness of space is the background for ordinary people’s lives with hopes and dreams that extend to the stars. A story that, with not-so-complex subtlety, deals with thought-provoking issues about the place of human aspirations in infinite space and the effect that seeing the earth from this distance has on his worldview. In fact, issues such as the low position of collecting and disposing of space debris sometimes become a directional allegory in more specific contexts throughout the story that should not be overlooked.

Samurai Champloo anime

Japanese name: Samurai chanpurû anime

  • Based on the original screenplay written by Shinji Obara
  • Director: Shinichiro Watanabe
  • Broadcast year: 2004 to 2005 | Number of episodes: 26 | Manglob Studio
  • Average Samurai Champloo anime scores on IMDB: 8.5
  • Samurai Champloo average score in MAL: 8.5

The story of Champlo’s samurai anime takes place in the historical period of Edo, in which references and signs of the modern era are combined; Where three strangers named Mogan, Jin and Foo come together in different spirits and embark on a journey to find a samurai who smells of sunflowers.

Shinichiro Watanabe, after directing the cowboy Bebop, which takes place in the distant future, this time with Samurai Champlo, has turned to making an anime whose story takes place during the Edo period in Japan. Throughout the anime, the political, social, religious, and artistic events of the time are historically referred to, but in the narrative of modern references, popular culture is also confronted with temporal contradictions such as graffiti and hip hop. Fast-paced action, flawless dialogue and subtle anime comedy combined with the episodic brilliance of the story and of course its lovable characters make it one of the best serial anime in history.

Monster Anime

Based on the monster manga by Naoki Orasawa

  • Director: Masayuki Kojima
  • Broadcast year: 2004 to 2005 | Number of episodes: 74 | Medhaus Studio
  • Average Monster anime scores on IMDB: 8.6
  • Average Monster anime scores in MAL: 8.8

Dr. Tanma is a talented neurosurgeon from Düsseldorf, Germany, who is respected and admired by the hospital authorities for his skill in his work. . The consequences of this decision are more than a demotion, because with the escape of the boy and several suspected murders in the hospital, there is now a big charge against Tanma. An issue that becomes a major crisis in the journey into the dark depths of the human psyche.

Monster is one of those animes that deals with complex and thought-provoking aspects of individual and social decisions in the occurrence of great tragedies with complex atmosphere and calm and patient storytelling. Monster Anime is a bitter concoction of human bewilderment, madness and despair in the face of the horrible psychological pollution of life, which opens the vulnerable layers of the brain like a bullet and wakes up the sleeping monster.

Anime Ergo Proxy

Based on the original screenplay written by Dai Sato

  • Director: Shoko Morase
  • Year of broadcast: 2006 | Number of episodes: 23 | Manglob Studio
  • Average Ergo Proxy anime scores on IMDB: 8
  • Average Ergo Proxy anime scores in MAL: 7.91

In the post-apocalyptic future, Earth’s habitat will be destroyed by atomic explosions, and the remains of humans will live in bubble-roofed cities alongside humanoid robots. A viral disorder leads to violent killings by creating self-awareness in artificial intelligence. A detective named Riel Meyer, along with a robot as her assistant, begins an investigation into the causes of the killings. The story is further complicated by the addition of Vincent La, an immigrant from Musk City who is involved in a proxy project and has a troubled past.

Ergo Proxy anime written by Dai Sato is not one of those works that stimulates the audience with a fast rhythm and a lot of fights, but by referring to philosophical principles and resorting to ancient mythology, it goes to the introverted and psychological aspects of the concept of identity. Needs contextual knowledge and research outside the story for the patient viewer. We are on the side of an unhealthy dark cyberpunk anime with mysterious and questionable dimensions, which even the kind of soundtrack and its special visual technique, which is a combination of three-dimensional design with two-dimensional cell animation, has added more richness to its complex atmosphere.

Welcom anime to N.H.K.

Japanese name: anime! NHK ni Youkoso

  • According to the novel, Welcome to Tatsuhiko Takimoto
  • Director: Yosuke Yamamoto
  • Year of broadcast: 2006 | Number of episodes: 24 | Gonzo Studio
  • Average Welcom to N.H.K anime scores on IMDB: 8.3
  • Average Welcom to N.H.K anime scores in MAL: 8.32

Twenty-two-year-old Tatsuhiro Sato is an acute case of Hikikomori who has been out of work for four years after graduating from university and now feels that the world around him is a conspiracy controlled by Anachki. One day he meets a girl named Misaki Nakahara who wants to change Sato’s status from an isolated and antisocial person to a more self-confident person.

Welcom to N.H.K. is an instructive psychological drama full of valuable insights into personal and social life that uses current black comedy to address important issues such as isolation and inaction, conspiracy theories, and suicide. Welcome to Anime is one of the less appreciated works that if we look more patiently and delicately in its descriptions of the special situations of the younger generation, we will realize that this uncut diamond is more different in the world of anime.

Death Note anime

Based on the death notebook manga by Tsugomi Oba (author) and Takeshi Obata (designer)

  • Director: Tetsuro Araki
  • Broadcast year: 2006 to 2007 | Number of episodes: 37 | Medhaus Studio
  • Average Death Note anime scores on IMDB: 9
  • Average Death Note anime scores in MAL: 8.63

An intelligent high school teenager named Yagami Light finds a notebook that explains at the beginning that if any person’s name is written in it, that person will die. The owner of the booklet is initially a Shinigami named Ryuk, who throws it on the ground for fun, and now Light is a young man who decides to build a crime-free world with the help of a booklet, but the police, with the help of an unknown detective named L, try to counter this process.

The idea of ​​Death Note is still fascinating, having a notebook with which we want to eliminate anyone who has committed a crime is definitely one of the most controversial fantasies in the world of anime. The consequences of gaining this power and creating an intellectual battle between the two geniuses create a breathtaking confrontation in the story so that everything goes out of the way that seems easy and obvious at first. Light wants to be the god of a new world he creates, but everything can be changed as easily as a gamble.