5 guiding books for believing in the power of habit and strengthening the will

Willpower is the motivation to resist short-term temptations to achieve long-term goals; Some describe it as a battle between logic and emotion. In fact, the “will” helps us stay focused, deal with distracting factors adaptively, and do what we want to do. It is the power of the will that makes all the difference in the world and plays a key role in the background of most success stories.

Are we doomed to live by some kind of behavior pattern? Can we really increase our willpower and have better self-control and make positive and lasting changes in our lives? Is there a way to increase our willpower and make powerful changes in our lives?

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In fact, the will is like a muscle; Excessive use may make you tired, but some researchers believe that we can strengthen our willpower, just like our body muscles, by exercising daily, and the more we use it wisely, the stronger it will be.

Understanding the science behind the will and self-control leads to a better life and more happiness, and we are not going to live with the amount of will with which we were born. In fact, there are strategies and methods that can help each of us meet our biggest goals and challenges. In this article, we have introduced 5 wonderful books to strengthen the will, which will bring you amazing results if you incorporate the points mentioned in these books into your life.

These books have practical strategies that can help you reach new levels of personal development. By reading these books, you will learn techniques that are easy to implement and follow in your daily life.

1. Willpower

The book “The Power of Will” with the original title “Le pouvoir de la volonté” by Paul Jago was first published in 1973 and has been translated into Persian by Iraj Mehraban. By reading this book, we finally come to the conclusion that one of the differences between successful people and failed people is in their willpower and perseverance in achieving their goal. Willpower helps us to develop new habits, to resist distractions, and to lead a productive lifestyle. The author has tried to avoid clichéd and useless solutions when writing this book.

The chapters of the book Power of Will, which are divided into ten sections, are: readiness to nurture, how to govern ourselves, how to achieve complete confidence, how to take control of destiny, huge sources of energy, direct power of will over the body, respectively. , The direct power of the will over others, the influence of the will on destiny, how to act, how to react to weaknesses, weaknesses and negligence.

This book first gives us very important information about the power of will and finally provides a set of experiences and methods that are very practical and effective that people have experienced and motivate and will to achieve goals and aspirations. In fact, by studying and applying the new strategies in this book, which are based on new findings in psychology and the mental sciences, you can let go of your bad habits and put your energy into achieving your true desires and goals.

In fact, studying this work will help you move towards your goals and enjoy more happiness and success in all stages of life, despite the challenges that inevitably happen to you along the way.

In a part of the book The Power of Will we read:” Before the meeting, after you have thought carefully about the subject to be discussed, cultivate the desire to succeed in making the best possible impact on the other side to achieve the goal, and to have a deep influence on your audience, and try to anticipate. Imagine that you are in his presence right now and face a clearly anticipated problem. “Speak loudly and resolutely and imagine that you are hearing your audience’s responses.

2. Power and willpower

“Willpower”, originally titled “Willpower,” is one of the most popular and influential psychologists in the world today, Roy Bamister, and New York Times science writer John Tierney, first published in 2011. Willpower enables us to change ourselves and our society in small and large ways.

Contrary to popular belief, willpower is not an innate trait that you were born with or without. Rather, it is a complex reaction of the mind and body that can be compromised by stress, insomnia, and nutrition, and reinforced by certain actions.

As repetitive behaviors eventually become a habit, improving willpower in the long run requires a unique strategy. In this book, the authors have tried to teach the secrets of strengthening the willpower and how to control themselves, which affect almost all aspects of our lives.

In fact, the book Power and Willpower, combining the best of modern social sciences with the wisdom of real experts, shares lessons on how to focus, resist temptation, and the willpower to change the direction of life.

This work shows readers how to be realistic when setting goals and not losing hope when they fail. As Charles Darwin wrote in The Descent of Man: “The highest stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we must control our thoughts.”

The book Power and Willpower is also a very useful book, full of innovative research, wise advice and enlightening reflections on the human condition. Reading this masterpiece is essential for all those who want to exercise, diet, manage their time, resist temptation, and work more efficiently and intelligently.

In a part of the book Power and Willpower, we read:”My personal beliefs about the will of the years have been the same. In fact, most of the time I have written or spoken about the willpower, I have defined it as mentioned. Of course, it has been more than a quarter of a century since I felt a change in my imagination that changed my definitions of willpower as a purely psychological subject to personality development, and I think of it as a spiritual orientation in which liberation from grief and “Sorrow, the creation of extraordinary works, the emergence of capabilities and the connection with the power of divine perception are real and real possibilities.

3. Instinct willpower

The Willpower Instinct is the first book to be published in 2011 by Stanford professor of psychology McGonigal. Based on the latest research and combining advanced insights from psychology, economics, neuroscience and medicine, this book explains exactly what the will is, how it works and why it matters.

The will is the mind’s response to the body, not a virtue. This is a biological function that you can improve through mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, and sleep. People who control their emotions and actions well are healthier, happier, and happier in relationships, as well as earning more money.

Dr. Kelly McGonigal, after years of watching his students struggle with their choices, realized that much of what people believe about willpower actually undermines their success.

Many of the techniques presented in this book are very simple and practical. For example, just 5 minutes of exercise can boost your willpower, or just slowing your breathing for a minute can help control your breathing. In fact, by reading this beautiful work, you will learn how to strengthen your will and how to deal with traps that weaken your willpower, such as distraction, stress, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, and being surrounded by stimuli (food, etc.).

In an excerpt from The Instinct for Willpower, we read:”New powers of self-control are the product of long-standing pressures to become better neighbors, parents, and spouses. But how exactly did the human brain get to this point? The answer seems to be the growth of the prefrontal cortex, which is a piece of the nervous system just behind the forehead and eyes. For most of evolutionary history, the prefrontal cortex has been primarily responsible for controlling physical movements – a form of primary self-control – such as walking, running, grasping, and pushing. “As humans evolved, the prefrontal cortex became larger and communicated better with other areas of the brain. This cortex now comprises a much larger part of the human brain than the brains of other species.

4. The power of habit

The Power of Habit is the title of the New York Times Award-winning business reporter Charles Dahig, first published in 2012. In this book, Dahig argues that “habits” are the basis of human behavior. Dahig believes that people can learn to master these habits with a real understanding of them. He actually examines how people ‘s habits shape their automatic behavioral patterns, their lives, their achievements, and their identities. “Dozens of studies show that the will is the most important key to personal success.”

Every day, people make hundreds of normal decisions about common issues such as what to eat, how to get to work, what to do in their spare time, and how to manage stress. While some people grow up developing positive habits such as meditation, exercise, and strengthening the willpower, others become addicted to more destructive habits such as smoking, gambling, and overeating.

In his introduction, Dahig introduces this principle with the story of Lisa Allen, a woman who changed her whole life after her divorce and a fateful trip to Egypt. For 20 years, Allen smoked excessively, drank alcohol, and never exercised, but after a moment of inspiration, he developed a strong will to change all of these habits in just a few months.

Scientists scanned his brain and found that he had created new neural pathways for new, healthy and regular habits. In other words, he reprogrammed his brain by changing his habits. In fact, Dahig reminds readers in this book that habits do not take shape quickly and will not change quickly, and that only by practicing and strengthening the will, patience, and diligence can one expect a conscious change.

In a part of the book The Power of Habit, we read:”The brain tries to make almost any routine routine a habit, because habits allow our minds to often reduce analysis. This saving instinct is a great advantage. An efficient brain requires less space, which makes the brain smaller, making it easier for the baby to be born and ultimately reducing maternal and infant mortality. A more efficient brain also allows us to stop constantly thinking about basic behaviors such as walking and choosing what to eat, so that we can spend our mental energy inventing spears, irrigation systems, and eventually airplanes and video games. do.

5. Awakening of the giant inside

Awaken the Giant Within is one of the world’s most enduring writers, speakers and educators, Anthony Robbins, first published in 1991. By reading this book, as it is written on the cover of the book, you will immediately take control of your mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny. Reading this book will take you on a journey to discover yourself, because your main success is within you.

When Anthony Robbins lived in a small apartment in the heart of a large American city in his twenties, he weighed 10 kilos and had no money. He made a will one day and decided to change everything. From the moment he made this decision, he took many effective steps to achieve his dreams. Today, Anthony Robbins is a world-renowned coach as well as the CEO of various companies. With his books, tapes, tutorials, and seminars, he has changed the lives of millions of people, including the homeless, employees, entrepreneurs, and even presidents like Bill Clinton.

Robbins argues that there are three main decisions we make every day and continuously throughout our lives that determine our destiny; Raise your standards, change your beliefs, or change your strategy. The first of these decisions revolves around what we decide to focus on. This affects the career goals and ambitions of our relationship and can allow us to focus our efforts on what really matters.

Robbins attributes people’s struggle for change to a lack of awareness of the behaviors and reasons behind bad habits. He discusses several proven strategies for informing his behaviors instead of unconscious habits. Eliminating restrictive thought patterns that keep one in one’s current position allows one to create seemingly endless opportunities for success.

Robbins uses his experience as a public speaker and advises the reader to use his words to change his daily experience. Learn new words and say them to yourself to change your state of mind. You can reinforce your good feelings with strong and positive words.

It is relatively easy to understand the desires we want to change our lives. In addition, we can often identify decisions that help meet these demands. The difference between these approaches is in the degree of our willpower and commitment to the right decision.

In a part of the book Awakening of the Inner Giant, we read:”To use your subconscious mind effectively, you need to learn to enter and stay in the alpha state whenever you want. Getting into alpha mode is easy. You normally enter several times a day, but usually only for a few seconds. Getting into alpha or theta mode at any time and staying in it takes a bit of practice. Exercises that teach you to enter these situations are given after each lesson. “Theta mode is probably more effective, but instead of referring to both alpha and theta modes, I’m simply referring to alpha mode from now on.”