Everything you need to know about Trump’s social network

As much as Trump had a stormy beginning and end in the world of politics, he quickly launched a violent wave on social media, but it did not take long for it to sink to the water. The former US president now intends to compete with Twitter and Facebook with new projects, but the question is, what is his chance of success?

In many ways, Donald Trump is a special president in American and even world history. From the time he campaigned until after taking office, he did not shy away from breaking with old traditions and taking new approaches.

While most diplomats and presidents try to communicate well with the media, Trump openly calls the mainstream American media, including the New York Times, a ficus. Instead of expressing his views and decisions through the channels of journalists and news networks, he announced them through his personal pages on Twitter and Facebook. In some cases, he informed users of his decisions even before informing his presidents.

In this sense, Trump can be considered the founder of a new style of communication between high-ranking politicians and the people, which has flourished in recent years. However, Trump’s honeymoon and social media did not last long, and after a while, Twitter and Facebook keyed in restricting and deleting Trump posts under various pretexts.

This trend culminated after the 2020 US presidential election and Trump’s allegations of election fraud. Now that his followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have grown to about 150 million, he not only repeated his claims, but also directly accused Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, CEOs of Twitter and Facebook, of bias and bias. .

Finally, after his supporters attacked the Congress building in January last year, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube blocked Trump’s accounts on the pretext of fear of escalating violence. He responded by suing them, but to no avail, as platforms under the Freedom of Expression Act can control what is published on their networks. Disappointed with his return to the networks, Trump announced that he would launch a new social network to fight the tyranny of the technology giants.

Earlier this year, news broke that the network had been launched, but it was nothing more than a blog called “Donald J. Trump’s desk” in which he posted his views and his fans were notified by email or text message. This blog was shut down very soon but the main project was not abandoned.

Trump has taken a much bigger step this time. The former US president has started a new company called the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), which will launch a trial version of a social network called Truth Social these days.

The site was launched with the help of one of the largest video service companies called Rumble, which is a kind of competitor to YouTube. Rumble is set to provide extensive technical infrastructure and cloud services for video and podcast publishing on the Truth social network.

In the images released from the test version of Trump’s social network, its design is very similar to Twitter. The platform mentioned the platform as a network in which everyone has the right to comment, but some of its clauses also raised concerns. For example, the statement emphasizes that users should not tarnish or demean the views of officials or the site. Some media outlets, including Time magazine, have interpreted the clause as saying that users may be expelled from the platform if they criticize Trump.

“We live in a world where the Taliban are widely used on Twitter, but your beloved president has silenced you,” Trump said of the network’s launch, which drew a backlash. This is not acceptable.”

While many experts at the end of Trump’s presidency claimed that he had lost widespread financial support, contrary to these predictions, the Haqiqat social network had attracted $ 1 billion in capital from various institutions before launching and offering shares on the stock exchange.

This huge investment will greatly help advance social networking programs. Trump says the increase in turnover puts them in a stronger position to fight the tyranny of tech giants and sends messages to corporations that the era of censorship and discrimination is over.

The news of TMTG launching the network and its plans to merge with Digital Word, or DWAC, once again put Trump at the forefront of social media. DMAC is a SPAC company or so-called “white check company” that has no special assets and no economic operations, but allows other private companies to enter the stock market without going through the time-consuming and difficult traditional initial public offering process.

The launch of Trump’s social network is so important to investors that since the announcement of its merger with the company, the value of DWAC shares has risen more than 1,000 percent from $ 9 to $ 100, while the value of Twitter and Facebook shares has fallen. have been. Although the value of DWAC shares fell as news of the merger was reviewed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, it is still six times higher than before.

Trump’s main goal may seem to be to counter the tyranny of Twitter and Facebook, but we must not forget that Trump is more of an expert entrepreneur than a politician, and his focus is primarily on making money. Even before he took office, there were many rumors that Trump was eyeing online campaigns and social capital to generate revenue.

In the fall of 2016, Trump campaign adviser Steve Benn told Bloomberg that Trump had spent 14 million of his personal funds collecting e-mail lists, and that if he lost the election, he might use it to launch media outlets called Use Trump or other targets.

Trump eventually defeated Clinton and did not need to run the TV, but after leaving the White House last year, two of his advisers once again claimed that Trump was considering using his credit to invest in Parler and Gettr. .

The staggering growth of the DWAC stock value on the verge of merging with the Haqq social network is in line with this. According to experts, the value of this social network has already reached 10 billion dollars, which according to the documents of the Stock Exchange and Securities Commission will be almost 50% of the final company of Trump’s share, which makes him richer than ever.

Of course, apart from this huge revenue generation, Trump also intends to spread his voice to others, but it is unlikely that he will be able to repeat or even approach his previous influence on social networks. In fact, even if the Securities and Exchange Commission does not block the deal, Trump will not return to previous platforms with 150 million followers and the app will appear technically brilliant, the former president will still be in the spotlight on social media. Will not take and will not attract the attention of politicians and ordinary users around the world by sending any post. Why? Because the right-wing apps Parler and Gettr have never been successful.

What made Trump the number one star on social media was his position as president on the one hand, and the presence of billions of users on these social networks on the other, ranging from ordinary people to influential journalists and celebrities in small and large media. .

Since the vast majority of Trump supporters are conservatives and right-wingers, most of his social media users are likely to be like-minded. A poll found that only 15 percent of voters told Biden they would be willing to visit the site. Previous experience has shown that forming such a bubble of like-minded users can not attract media attention like the massive news waves on Twitter or Instagram.

So launching the Truth Social Network will not bring Donald Trump even closer to his previous position on Facebook or Twitter. This is not something the former president is unaware of, but appearances show that the main goal of this brilliant entrepreneur is to raise huge sums of money that will pay for his campaigns for the 2024 elections; An election in which even veteran Democrats like Clinton have made no secret of their fear of Trump’s victory.

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