What are the top 5 best-selling books right now?

In this tumultuous year, books were a source of comfort, allowing us to travel even when the borders were closed. You know that there are many good books and your time is limited and we have to make the right choice for our reading. One way to rely on the popularity of a book is to read it. It may not be a compelling reason to choose a book, but one of the less risky ways to choose and read a book is to browse through books that have become popular and generally cover a variety of genres, from historical fiction to fiction and psychology.

In the continuation of this article, we have briefly introduced some popular and best-selling books both in the world and in our country. These beautiful works in the very first step, remind you of the taste and attitude of the society and, in addition to showing the path of growth, entertain you.

1. Atomic habits

The book “Atomic Habits” is the English title “Atomic Habits” by James Claire, which was first published in 2018. This work is about simple rules that help you make good habits and break bad ones. The book has sold over 5 million copies worldwide and has become one of the New York Times, Amazon, and Fidebo bestsellers.

What are some of your habits? You may need a minute to think about the answer to this question, because habits are, by definition, behaviors that we do automatically and often without thinking. Our habits, from making coffee when we wake up to brushing our teeth before going to bed at night, skillfully guide our daily lives.

You may not realize how powerful these habits are. Even the smallest actions, if repeated every day, from saving a thousand tomans to smoking a cigarette, can have a great impact. So understanding and accepting habits is a great way to control life and achieve more. In fact, the changes that seem small and insignificant at first, if you stick to them for years, will bring significant results. In this unique work, James examines how habits work and how they shape the environment and behavior.

Each time you do something out of habit, you run a four-step pattern: sign, craving, responding, rewarding. If you want to develop new habits, you have to make them obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying. Habits control most of our actions, so understanding how to create and break habits is an extraordinary skill that is very useful for your life.

Your results are a measure of your habits, your net worth is a measure of your financial habits, your weight is a measure of your delayed eating habits, and your knowledge is a measure of your learning habits. In general, you get what you repeat.

Real change results from the combined effects of hundreds of small decisions or habits that accumulate over time and produce remarkable results. In fact, the Atomic Habits book is a definitive guide to eliminating bad behaviors and adopting good behaviors, showing you how small, gradual, and everyday routines turn into huge, positive changes over time.

This book, which is all about scientific research and true stories, will help you understand the difference between systems and goals and why the former is more important, and you can turn small habits into part of your identity over time to your goals. Come on, it doesn’t matter how big or small they are.

This book is very easy and enjoyable to read, because there are no specialized and difficult terms in it and it is divided into small sections that make it easy to understand and it seems that it can be read quickly. In general, if you are interested in leading your life in a positive direction, read this book.

In an excerpt from Atomic Habits, we read:”If you struggle to build a good habit by breaking a habit, it does not mean that you have lost the ability to improve. Often it’s because you’ve not yet reached the pinnacle of ‘hidden potential’. Groaning about not succeeding, regardless of hard work, is like saying that the light does not melt when the temperature is between minus 4 and zero degrees. Your efforts will not be wasted; Because it is being saved. All events took place at a temperature of 1 degree. But what defines our endurance as a habit to conquer the peak of hidden potential and reach beyond the peak? “What makes people fall into the trap of unwanted habits and another group enjoying the accumulated effects of good habits over time?

2. Midnight Library

The Midnight Library, by English novelist and journalist Matt Hague, was first published in 2020. This beautiful book immediately received the Goodreads Award for Best Fiction and became a bestseller.

The main character in the Midnight Library book is a 35-year-old woman named Hig Nora Syed. She is a woman with high talents and low achievements who feels useless. He is far from his only brother and only close friend, both emotionally and geographically. Her brother does not seem to care about her and soon loses her favorite job and cat, Voltaire. Late one night, he tries to kill himself, but instead of dying, he finds himself in a place called the Midnight Library, which is full of books in which there are endless parallel lives that he may have lived.

Nora’s feelings are beautifully portrayed and the reader will be fascinated by the depth of Haig’s storytelling. Nora has become a rock star in one book, won an Olympic medal in another, and lives on an Arctic research ship in another. All he has to do to step into any of his lives is open the book, and if he has a good life, he can survive. The difficulty lies in deciding “whether one can really judge a life just minutes after midnight on Tuesday.”

The basis of this idea is the theory of multiple worlds in which a new world flourishes from every choice and decision; However, Matt Hague does not mention this theory at all. Nora explores herself because she tries to figure out what really matters in life.

The simple yet extraordinary introduction to the Midnight Library book turns Nora’s story into a modern allegory that explores regret, pain, and needlessness in life. Although Nora learns valuable lessons about life, she still has much to discover. He must continue to explore the life and experience of heartbreak until he realizes that the best life for him is his real life.

In part of the Midnight Library book we read: “It was exactly midnight, according to the clock. Nora waited for the next second to arrive, but did not. Even as she got closer to the building, opened the wooden door, and stepped inside, the numbers on the clock face did not change. Or his watch was broken even though disaster struck. Under these circumstances, both possibilities were possible. Nora thought, what happened? what’s up here? As he entered, he thought that he might be able to find answers to his questions here. A color between light yellow and Jupiter’s brown, like the color of old book paper, but you could not see the windows he saw outside the building. In fact, even though he had only walked a few steps inside the building, he could no longer see the walls. “Instead, there were bookshelves everywhere.

3. The last thing he told me

The Last Thing He Told Me is Lara Dave, first published in 2021. The book immediately became the New York Times bestseller No. 1 and remained on the New York Times bestseller list for 36 weeks. The book also became one of the bestsellers in Canada, staying at number one for four weeks, and in 2021 was selected by Goodreads as the best puzzle and thriller book.

The last thing the book tells me is a suspenseful and nail-biting story about family relationships, love, self-sacrifice, personal sacrifice, and opportunities that parents sometimes have to use to save their children from evil. The story of the book is followed by the main character of the story “Hannah”. She is a woman who is in love with her husband Owen Michaels and tries to have a relationship with her adopted daughter Bailey, but Bailey can hardly stand her.

Hannah’s lovely husband disappears the day her company is attacked by AFBI for widespread fraud. He leaves a large suspicious bag full of cash for his 16-year-old daughter, Bailey, and a mysterious note for his wife, in which he writes, “Protect her.” Hannah Hall, despite her confusion and fear, knows exactly what this note refers to Bailey. In fact, Bailey loses his mother tragically as a child and has absolutely no connection with his new stepmother.

The last thing the book tells me is in two timelines; One is while Hannah and Bailey are trying to figure out what’s going on, and the other includes flashbacks to Hannah and Owen’s love life. Each of the flashbacks provides a background and even clues to his disappearance.

Hannah denies that her husband was involved in the scam, and an American marshal assigned to the case claims that Owen is not a suspect. Hannah does not know who to trust, so she and Bailey decide to root out the clues that might lead to Owen. They must also learn to trust each other. As they seek to discover the truth and begin to put the pieces of their past together, they soon realize that they are building a new future; A future that none of them could have predicted.

In a part of the book, we read the last thing he told me: “Watching my grandfather work taught me that not everything is always easy. Sometimes, you have to approach the issue from different angles, but you should not play yourself, you should do what is necessary, no matter how difficult it may be. Honestly, I did not expect to become a good carpenter or eventually make wooden home appliances. I did not even think I could make enough money to cover my expenses. Most of the time, my grandfather would do the construction work to pay for some of our expenses. “But it was early in my career that a photo of one of my dining tables, which came out of the water beautifully, was published in Architect Digest magazine, and a small group of New York City residents became my clients.

4. Clara and the Sun.

“Klara and the Sun” is the first English-language novel by the successful and popular Japanese novelist, songwriter and screenwriter, Kazuo Ishiguro, and was first published in 1986. This book is one of the most influential and profound novels that examines this fundamental question: What does it mean to fall in love?

This thrilling work has won numerous awards, including the White Bird Prize, the Man Booker Prize for Literature, as well as the Order of the British Empire, the Knight of French Literature and Art, and the Order of the Rising Sun.

The world of the novel is a little more futuristic than our current world, but its characters are as prone to isolation and loneliness as the people of our world. In fact, Ishiguro, in his book Clara and the Sun, like most of his other works, uses a mythical science-fiction lens to look at the existential questions that man has been thinking about for thousands of years.

Clara is the narrator and main character of Clara and the Sun novel. He is a humanoid robot with unique characteristics that is designed as a companion to prevent the loneliness of children who are privately educated at home. One day, a pale, skinny teenager named Josie goes to the store with her mother when Clara notices the tiredness in her eyes. Josie, who is immediately drawn to Clara, chooses her as her best friend. Clara is then packaged and sent to Josie’s house.

Clara seems capable of falling in love. In one part of the novel, Josie becomes weaker, and Clara, who uses solar energy herself, begs the sun for Josie to heal and heal her. Clara’s misunderstanding of the sun as a compassionate god calls into question our limited human understanding of everything.

Like Clara, who sees the world through networks that sometimes break down, we humans see the world only through a dark glass. Clara records the details that most people miss and interprets them with astonishing accuracy.

Clara and the Sun examines faith versus rationality through Clara’s eyes, as she learns what love means.

In an excerpt from Clara and the Sun, we read:”I was still very new at the time and did not know how to answer it, even though the question was on my mind. Finally it was our turn and Rosa and I stepped into the shop window in the morning and, unlike the Effie’s who were here last week, we tried not to throw any decorative items in the shop window. The store was not open yet, and I thought the shutters were quite low, but when we sat down on the corrugated sofa, I saw that the bottom was open as narrow as a slit – the manager must have raised it a little when he was checking that everything was ready for us – and the light The sun formed a bright rectangle that rose to the top of the platform and ended just in front of us in a straight line. “It was enough to just stretch our legs a little to feel the warmth.

5. Four Covenants

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom Based on Native American Lives, entitled The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, was first published by Don Miguel Ruiz in 1997. To date, more than 9 million copies of this self-help book have been sold in the United States and translated into 46 living languages ​​worldwide. This beautiful work has also been on the New York Times bestseller list for over a decade.

Based on the ancient wisdom of Toltec, the four covenants provide a powerful code of conduct that can quickly transform our lives into a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love. As we grow older, we subconsciously make a series of agreements with friends, partners, parents, children, our God, with ourselves, and more broadly with society. These beliefs guide our behavior and personality and act as an internal compass by which we decide what to do and what not to do.

In fact, this best-selling book offers us four covenants that we must make to have a good life. It will not be easy to replace our old beliefs with these four new ones, but it may be an important personal change you can make.

The four covenants that Don Miguel mentions are:

Do not sin with your words!

Do not take anything!

Do not distort the imagination!

Always do your best!

The Toltecs were an ancient Mexican civilization known as “men and women conscious of human nature and perception.” They were scientists and artists who formed a community to explore and preserve the spiritual knowledge and practices of their predecessors. This is not a religion, but rather a spiritual way of life. Don Miguel Ruiz searched for civilization to extract the basic wisdom and guiding principles from their way of life.

In most cases, however, not all of these agreements have ever been deliberately chosen. “Like farm animals, we are domesticated from childhood,” says Ruiz. We are punished or rewarded for what we have done or not done, and that has made us what we are today. This book shows us that we can break some of the old “agreements” that are no longer in our service, and instead create completely new agreements that we consciously choose and then support day by day. Whatever your agreement, Ruiz suggests that (according to Toltec) we all have to make the following four agreements.

The author also states in The Four Covenants that our Word is the most powerful tool we have to create things. But this is a double-edged sword: with your word you can make the most beautiful dream, or your word can destroy everything around you. Therefore, you must be careful how you use the power of your words.

The human mind is like a fertile land where the seeds are constantly being sown. Seeds (ideas, opinions, concepts) are sown with words; If we sow the seeds with bad words, rotten fruits will be produced. It is important to know that our “word” is not just what we say out loud to others, but what we say to ourselves in our minds.

In part of the book of the four covenants we read:”The way the human mind works is very interesting. We need to justify everything, explain everything and understand everything to feel safe. We have millions of questions that need to be answered, because there are many things that the rational mind cannot explain. It does not matter if the answer is correct or not; Just getting an answer makes you feel safe. That’s why we get ideas. If others tell us something, we make ideas based on it, and if they do not say something, we make a series of ideas to satisfy our need to know and substitute those ideas for our need to communicate. “Even when we hear something but do not understand it, we have ideas about what it means, and we believe those ideas

6. Suicide Shop

“Have you failed in life?” “At least have a successful death.” This is the slogan of the suicide shop, a shop that sells all kinds of suicide tools and equipment. This book is written by Jean Toli.

In the modern life of the 21st century, there is a lot of chaos and despair, many people have lost the will to live. Because of this, the business spirit of a suicide shop is on the way. The shop has been run by the Touach family for generations and offers a variety of fun ways to end your life, depending on the budget of the buyer. The Twach family is proud of the pathological services they provide, until the youngest member of the family is a major threat to their family business. The youngest child in the family, Allen, has a weapon that worries them; The weapon of love for life.

In the Suicide Shop book, the names of all the characters are based on celebrities who have committed suicide. This book is an example of a black satire that jokes about death and scrutinizes it.

In part of the Suicide Shop book, we read: “We guarantee suicide. If you do not die, we will return your chicken. Now, you will not regret this purchase. Athletes like you! Just take a deep breath and move towards your goal. By the way, as I always say; “You only die once, so make that moment unforgettable.”

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