Elon Musk says she is considering retiring from her job

The richest man in the world tweeted on Thursday that he was “thinking” of quitting his job and becoming an influencer.

“I’m thinking about quitting my job and becoming a full-time influencer,” Elon Musk tweeted without elaborating.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

In addition to managing Tesla Automotive, he is the founder and CEO of SpaceX Missile Company, and at the same time leads startups for the Neuralink brain chip and Boring Infrastructure.

Mr Musk told a conference call in January that he expected to be Tesla’s CEO for “a few years”.

Last month, Elon Musk tweeted to his audience about the sale of a 10 percent stake in the company, worth $ 21 billion.

In addition to managing Tesla Automotive, he is the founder and CEO of SpaceX Missile Company, and at the same time leads the startup of the Neuralink brain chip and the Boring infrastructure company.

Nearly 63 million people follow him on Twitter, and the deadline for the poll was announced on Sunday, November 7th. Mr Musk has said he will stick to the results of the poll.

The CEO of Tesla, one of the richest people in the world, could face “huge taxes” in the event of a sale. He owns about $ 200 billion in Tesla shares.

“Note, I’re not getting a salary or a bonus from anywhere. I only have shares and the only way to pay taxes is to sell shares,” Mr Musk wrote in another Twitter message.

Twitter users then voted for Elon Mask to sell a 10 percent stake in Tesla Automotive for $ 21 billion.

Tesla shares fell 9 percent in the Frankfurt market after the poll expired.

3.5 million people took part in the poll, 58% of whom voted to sell Tesla shares.

What is the secret of Elon Musk

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Automotive and the SpaceX space program, was recently named the richest man in the world by Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos.

Following the growth of Tesla shares, the value of the assets of this American entrepreneur exceeded $ 185 billion.

But what is the secret of his success? I talked about this with Elon Musk for about an hour a few years ago, and now that he has just had some success, I decided to wrap up my interview and share it with you. So here are you and Elon Mask’s tips for business success:

1- It is not a question of money

This is a key point in Elon Mask’s approach to business. When I interviewed him in 2014, he said he did not know how rich he was: “It’s not like there’s a lot of cash out there. “Those votes are valuable.”

Mr Musk does not oppose hoarding “in the right and moral way”, but says the main motivation is not money. An approach that seems to have worked.

Mr. Musk’s fortunes, inspired by Tony Stark, the main character in the Iron Man movie series starring Robert Downey Jr., reached perhaps $ 10 billion in 2014 at the time of this interview.

His electric car maker, Tesla, has done particularly well. The company’s stock has grown significantly in recent years, reaching a current value of more than $ 700 billion. With that money, you can buy Ford, General Motors, Biamo, Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler, and still have enough money to buy a Ferrari.

But Mr. Musk, who turns 50 this year, does not expect the rich to die. He said he thought he would spend most of his money building a base on Mars, and he would not be surprised if all his wealth was spent on the project.

Like Bill Gates, he probably sees the billions of dollars in his bank account at the time of his death as a sign of failure because it means he has not used his wealth well.

  1. Pursue your interests
    Building a base on Mars is the key to understanding what Elon Mask sees as key to success.

“You want everything to get better in the future,” he told me. “You want these exciting new things to make life better.”

Take SpaceX, for example. He told me he started the company because he expected the US space program to be more ambitious.

“I was expecting to go beyond Earth, take humans to Mars and build a base on the moon,” he said.

When that did not happen, the idea for the Mars Oasis mission came to him; The project aimed to send a miniature greenhouse to the Red Planet. By doing so, Elon Musk wanted to get people interested in space again, forcing the US government to increase NASA’s budget.

But as he worked to launch the project, he realized that “lack of will is not will” and that space technology was costing more than it should.

And so the world’s least expensive missile launch company came into being.

But the important thing is that his goal was not to make money, but to take humans to Mars.

Musk told me that he considered himself more of an engineer than an investor, and that his interest in finding solutions to tactical problems motivated him to wake up every morning. And that’s his criterion for measuring progress, not filling his bank account. He knows full well that every obstacle he leaves behind in his business will help all those who are looking for a solution to a similar problem, and the effect will be lasting.

That’s why a few years ago, shortly before this interview, he announced that he was universalizing Tesla’s patent patents to speed up the process of building electric vehicles around the world.

3- Do not be afraid of having big thoughts

One of the highlights of Elon Mask is his boldness and recklessness in business.

He wants to revolutionize the automotive industry. It seeks to make Mars a habitat for humans and plans to launch high-speed trains that run through empty air tunnels. Linking artificial intelligence to the human brain and revolutionizing the solar and battery industries are among his other goals.

But his projects have one thing in common: they are all reminiscent of the futuristic fantasies that appeared in many children’s magazines in the early 1980s.

Mask himself has always openly said that he was inspired by his childhood books and films in South Africa.

And that brings us to Elon third recommendation for business success, that we never give up.

He believes that most companies’ incentive policies focus on small ambitions: “Many companies are looking for small gradual changes. If you, as the CEO of a large company, are looking for small-scale improvement and this process will take longer than expected. “And no matter how bad the result, no one will blame you.” You can say it is not your fault and put it on the companies that supply the goods and raw materials.

Elon Musk believes that if you are a bold CEO and your goal is to make really significant progress, you will definitely be fired if you do not succeed. He says that is why most companies do not even dare to imagine new products and focus on small improvements in their current products.

Therefore, Mr. Musk’s advice is to make sure you focus on the goals that he describes as “important.”

Among his goals are two very influential ones.

First, he seeks to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels. “We’re exploiting oil and gas from very deep fields that have not been illuminated since the Cambrian period (542 million years ago). “We really have to doubt the wisdom of our action.”

His second major step is to ensure the long-term survival of humanity by turning Mars into a human habitat and “creating multi-planet life.”

So as I said, have big thoughts.

4- Be prepared to take risks

This is quite obvious.

To reach the goal, you must be prepared to face financial risk, and as it turns out, Elon Mask has taken more risks than many.

In 2002, he sold his first two companies (Zip2, which provides online city guidance services to newspapers, and People, which is active in e-commerce), and in his 30s, he made $ 200 million in his bank account. Had.

He says his plan was to spend half of his fortune on his businesses and keep the rest. But things did not go according to plan. When I met him, he was just going through the darkest part of his career.

His new companies faced all sorts of initial problems. SpaceX failed in its first three missile launches, and Tesla faced various problems with production, supply chain, and design.

Then came the financial crisis.

The mask was at a difficult juncture: “Either I had to save my money, in which case the companies would be destroyed, or I would leave everything to chance and invest what was left of me.”

He spent all his money on investing and, according to him, got to the point where he owed so much that he borrowed money from his friends to pay for living expenses.

But did the thought of bankruptcy scare him?

As he himself told me, he was not afraid of this byte: “I may have to send my children to public school. What does it matter, I myself have attended public school.”

  1. Do not pay attention to critics
    What shocked him greatly was the joy of some experts and commentators on his problems. The effects of this annoyance were felt even in 2014 and at the time of this interview.

“All the joy over the misery of others was truly astonishing,” Mr Musk said. “Some blogs were counting down the hours to Tesla’s death.”

I told Elon I think people like to see him break because there is a kind of arrogance in his ambition.

But he himself did not agree: ‌ “I think it is arrogant to say that you will definitely do something, but it is different if you say that you dream of something and you do your best for it.”

This is the point that leads us to Elon Mask’s next lesson in business success: Do not listen to those who criticize.

Elon told me that when he started SpaceX or Tesla, he did not even think he could make money from them. The fact is that many others had the same idea.

But Elon ignored the pessimists and continued to work under any circumstances.

but why? Remember, we are talking about a man whose measure of success is not income but success in solving problems.

And you can imagine how liberating this approach feels. He does not worry about looking stupid because his great economic risk is ineffective, and all he cares about is pursuing important ideas.

Such an approach will also make decision-making much easier because you can only focus on what you believe is important.

The market also seems to like what he does.

In October, US investment bank Morgan Stanley owed $ 100 billion to SpaceX.

SpaceX has revolutionized the space flight economy, but what Musk is most proud of is his role in strengthening America’s space program.

His company, the Cru Dragon spacecraft, took six astronauts to the International Space Station last year. This is the first time such a space shuttle has been deployed on US soil since retiring the space shuttle in 2011.

6- Enjoy your life

If you follow these tips and get a little lucky, you will achieve incredible wealth and fame. After that, you can get out of your nail polish little by little.

Elon Musk is known for his addiction to work and says that he works 120 hours a week to produce the Tesla Model 3 all-electric car as planned, but he seems to be enjoying his life as well.

Complaints of Elon Musk’s moral insults against him, as well as his use of drugs in a live interview and his controversial reactions on social media, made him a hot topic of discussion.

In 2018, when he announced his plan to turn Tesla into a private company, he got into trouble with the US economic regulator. Last year, when Tesla’s Covid-19 outbreak forced it to close its San Francisco plant, he became one of the opponents of restrictions on curbing the Corona virus.

He wrote on Twitter that the fear of the virus was “stupid”. He called the order to stay at home “fascist” and a violation of fundamental rights, and compared it to “forcibly imprisoning people”.

Elon Musk announced in the summer that he intended to sell all of his material assets because “they are putting a heavy burden on his shoulders.”

A few days later, he wrote on Twitter that he wanted to name his newborn son “X Æ A-12”.

But these unpredictable behaviors do not seem to have affected Elon Mask’s business, and the American entrepreneur is still as ambitious as ever.

In September, he announced the launch of his $ 25,000 “mesmerizing” car within three years, saying that in the near future, the cars of all car companies will be completely self-driving.

But last year ended for him with a real explosion in December. The prototype spacecraft rocket, which is expected to carry the first humans to Mars, was forced to return six minutes after its test launch and exploded as it landed. The experiment, which Elon Mast himself described as an “amazing” success.

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