Forbes Magazine has introduced a new list of the richest Americans in 2021

Forbes Magazine has unveiled a new list of the richest Americans in 2021, with founders, activists and investors in the tech industry making up the bulk of the top 20 richest people. Eight people on the list have exceeded $ 100 billion, according to the report. Last year, the assets of the top 20 richest people did not exceed $ 500 billion.

No one benefits from a thriving market more than the rich. The pandemic era has boosted the fortunes of America’s top 20 richest people, most of them in technology, and the fortunes of eight of them have exceeded $ 100 billion. None of these eight were among the rich in 2017. The rise of technology businesses has put the founders and owners of technology at the top of the rich table. Last year, the total wealth of the wealthy Americans did not reach $ 500 billion, but now it has exceeded $ 1.8 trillion. It is not without reason that this increase in wealth has brought new tax debates about the rich in the United States and other countries to the table. Some people on the list have also recorded remarkable philanthropic performance. In its latest issue, Forbes magazine lists the top 20 richest Americans, a significant portion of which are well-known tech personalities.

Elon Musk says she is considering retiring from her job

Elon Musk

Wealth: $ 296 billion

Source of wealth: Tesla, SpaceX

Age: 50 years

Accommodation: Austin, Texas

Tesla once went bankrupt, but now for the eighth consecutive fiscal year, the company is doing very well financially. Good sales and positive stock market forecasts for the company’s future eventually led to a $ 120 billion increase in Mask’s fortune. This year, Tesla also unveiled a robot called “Teslabat”. Another mask company, SpaceX, carried out its first human mission this year, although the space company has not yet entered the stock market. In the field of taxes and charitable debates, Mask also made a lot of noise this year. He tweeted in September 2021 that he planned to donate $ 50 million to a pediatric medical research center, following a $ 200 million increase in SpaceX funds. He also donated $ 25 million to a nonprofit Mask Foundation. He recently announced that he was selling $ 100 million worth of Tesla stock to pay taxes.

Jeff Bezos

Wealth: $ 210 billion

Source of wealth: Amazon

Age: 57 years

Accommodation: Seattle

Jeff Bezos stepped down as Amazon CEO this year to focus most of his work on space ambitions. His BlueBerry space company was able to make its first human journey into space. Bezos became $ 22 billion richer than last year. Of course, he is the first person on the list of 400 rich Forbes who managed to reach a fortune of $ 200 billion. However, a significant portion of Jeff Bezos’s fortune was inherited by his ex-wife due to divorce. Bezos has various charitable activities. Just a few weeks ago at the Glasgow Climate Summit, he pledged substantial financial assistance to reduce fossil fuels. In July 2021, Amazon co-founder pledged $ 200 million to the Smithsonian Institution to promote space education. This was the largest donation the institute had received since its founding in 1846. The Smithsonian Aerospace Museum has allocated $ 70 million to renovate the building and equip it with advanced technology. Another $ 130 million will be donated to build a museum called Bezos.

This year, after a successful flight, the spacecraft donated another $ 200 million to philanthropy.

Mark Zuckerberg

Wealth: $ 134 billion

Source of wealth: Facebook

Age: 37 years

Accommodation: Palo Alto

Now the names of Facebook and Zuckerberg are tied to controversy. It was not without reason that he decided to change the Facebook brand to “Meta” this year. In August, the Federal Trade Commission launched a new lawsuit against the company, which, if successful, would separate the business divisions of WhatsApp and Instagram. Despite all the criticism and revelations and regulatory pressures against the company, Zuckerberg’s fortune does not appear to be under threat at the moment. In June, Facebook’s market value reached $ 1 trillion for the first time, bringing Zuckerberg $ 49.5 billion more.

Bill Gates

Wealth: $ 134 billion

Source of wealth: Microsoft

Age: 65 years

Residence: Medina, Washington

The end of Bill and Melinda Gates’ life together had a significant impact on her fortune after 27 years, lowering her from the top two richest people in the world for the first time in three decades. In March, Bill Gates transferred $ 5.7 billion of his stake in companies such as National Rail Canada and Deere & Co to Melinda. Gates has made significant investments in the corona vaccine over the past year or two. He also invested $ 2.2 billion in Four Seasons Hotels, raising his stake from 48% to 71%.

Larry Page

Wealth: $ 123 billion

Source of wealth: Google

Age: 48 years

Accommodation: Palo Alto

Sergey Brin

Wealth: $ 118 billion

Source of wealth: Google

Age: 48 years

Residence: Los Angeles

The two founding brothers of Google have not left the company after taking over at Alphabet and are still on the board. Google has come under a lot of pressure this year over its monopoly, both inside and outside the United States, but the two quiet brothers are not too worried about that.

Larry Ellison

Wealth: $ 117 billion

Source of wealth: Software industry

Age: 77 years

Accommodation: Lanai

The founder, technology director and chairman of Oracle announced in December 2020 that it had relocated to Lanai Island in Hawaii. He bought the island for $ 300 million in 2012. In addition, Ellison has been buying and selling property elsewhere; Including $ 80 million to buy a villa in Palm Beach.

Warren Buffett

Wealth: $ 102 billion

Source of Wealth: Berkshire Hathaway

Age: 91 years

Accommodation: Omaha

Warren Buffett owns billions of dollars in shares of companies such as Apple and Amazon through his company Berkshire. He invested $ 500 million in June in the Brazilian startup Finetek Nubank.

In June 2021, Warren Buffett donated $ 4.1 billion to charity. Fifteen years ago, he pledged to donate 99% of his fortune to charity, and he did so when he owned more than 4,744,000 shares of Berkshire’s company. He currently owns 238,000 shares of the company, valued at nearly $ 100 billion. He has also donated $ 41 billion of his fortune to five charities, including Bill and Melinda Gates.

Steve Ballmer

Wealth: $ 96.5 billion

Wealth Location: Microsoft

Age: 65 years

Residence: Hunt Point, Washington

The former Microsoft CEO is still playing basketball. The construction of the 18,000-seat stadium for his Los Angeles Clippers team cost him $ 1 billion.

Michael Bloomberg

Wealth: $ 70 billion

Place of Wealth: Bloomberg LP

Age: 79 years

Accommodation: New York

The former New York mayor, who spent $ 1.2 billion of his fortune last year on his failed presidential or other presidential bid, is the first non-tech rich on the list. Through the Bloomberg Charitable Foundation, he has donated $ 1.6 billion to the fight against corona and climate change.

Jim Walton

Wealth: $ 68.8 billion

Place of wealth: Walmart

Age: 73 years

Accommodation: Bentonville

Ellis Walton

Wealth: $ 67.9 billion

Place of wealth: Walmart

Age: 71 years

Accommodation: Fort Worth

Rob Walton

Wealth: $ 67.6 billion

Place of wealth: Walmart

Age: 76 years

Accommodation: Bentonville

Walmart is the largest privately held company in terms of number of employees, and this year, due to labor shortages, it increased the minimum wage of its stores from one dollar per hour to $ 12 per hour. The children of Walmart founder Sam Walton now own 39 percent of the retail giant, up from 14 percent last year alone. This growth meant $ 6.4 billion in dividends for shareholders. Of the Waltons, only Rob Walton is on Walmart’s board.

Phil Knight and Family

Wealth: $ 59.9 billion

Source of wealth: Nike

Age: 83 years

Accommodation: Hillsborough

The first year of a pandemic was very pleasant for Nike, and the company’s revenue increased by 19% and the company’s stock reached its highest historical price this year. Knight and his wife also donated $ 500 million to the University of Oregon this year.

Mackenzie Scott

Wealth: $ 58.5 billion

Source of wealth: Amazon

Age: 51 years

Accommodation: Seattle

Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife announced in March 2021 that she would donate $ 2.7 billion of her fortune to 286 charities. The last amount he donated was to charities focused on higher education, anti-poverty organizations and marginalized people. In 2020, he donated more than $ 5.8 billion to 500 charities. In 2019, he announced that he would donate half of his fortune to charities. In March, the media reported that Mackenzie Scott was married to a science teacher.

Charles Koch

Wealth: $ 51 billion

Source of wealth: Koch Industries

Age: 85 years

Accommodation: Wichita

Julia Koch & Family

Wealth: $ 51 billion

Source of wealth: Koch Industries

Age: 59 years

Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries (active in the food, clothing and transportation industries) has been modernizing the company since 2017 and has spent $ 19 billion on it.


Wealth: $ 50.1 billion

Place of Wealth: Dell Computer Company

Age: 56 years

Accommodation: Austin Texas

Dell’s stock has grown 60 percent in just one year, which means $ 15 billion in wealth for the company’s CEO and chairman. Changing the nature of this company to the cloud sector is one of the most important reasons for its success in the stock market.

Stephen Schwartzman

Wealth: $ 37.4 million

Place of wealth: investment

Age: 74 years

Accommodation: New York

Len Blavatnik

Wealth: $ 36.7 billion

Wealth: Music industry and chemical industry

Age: 64 years

Accommodation: London

The entry of Digital Aviation into the $ 5 billion stock market made Balvatnik one of the top 20 richest people for the first time. He is also a shareholder in Warner Bros., which grew 35% last year after its IPO last year. His sports music service DAZN now has 10 million subscribers.