Car world; Show of American carmakers in Los Angeles

This week in the automotive world: the unveiling of the Fisker electric high chassis, the new models of two emerging American automakers, and the display of the upcoming Hyundai and Kia cars at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Fisker in Los Angeles

Fischer, the fledgling American automaker, unveiled its first model, the Ocean, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The base price of this electric chassis is $ 37,500 and it will be available from next year.

This is the second attempt by an American automaker to build an electric car. Henrik Fisker, the company’s. Co-founder, is an American-Danish car designer who designed Boamo and Aston Martin before starting his own company. He was one of the first to launch an electric car in 2008, building a luxury model. But his company went bankrupt in 2012, and a large Chinese component maker bought what was left of the factory, leaving him with only the right to use Fisker’s name.

He now intends to try his luck in the electric chassis market with the launch of Ocean. The cheapest Ocean model has an electric motor that travels 400 km on a single charge. The most luxurious Ocean model is $ 70,000 and, according to the factory, accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in less than four seconds.

Parts of the car room are made of plastic bottles, T-shirts and recycled fishing nets. Also installed on the roof is a solar battery that, according to the factory, can charge batteries with a range of more than 3,000 kilometers per year.

Simple and stylish car room designed. The large screen on the dashboard is normally vertical, but can be rotated ninety degrees to stop watching movies or playing games.

Fisker Ocean is manufactured by Magna Parts and Automotive Company in Austria. Fisker is producing more models, one of which is to be made in collaboration with Foxconn, the maker of iPhone phones.

Edison vs. Tesla

At this year’s Los Angeles show, two new American automakers showcased their future products. Edison Future, a US-funded Chinese company, has unveiled an electric van that competes with Tesla’s Cyber ​​Truck van.

The EF1-T has room for six passengers. The concept, unveiled in Los Angeles, combines the luxury cabin and body of the car with tires suitable for rough roads, indicating that Edison Future wants to attract customers with different needs to buy this car.

The van can be ordered with one, two or three electric motors. The most powerful model travels 724 km with each charge. Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h is about four seconds. Solar panels are placed on the roof of the car so that the batteries can be charged in this way.

Edison Future will also build a freight van based on this van. The company has not yet announced the price of its products.

Mullen is another startup that unveiled an electric car at the Los Angeles show. The plant is headquartered in California. The name of the small chassis of this company is “Five” or the number five in English.

With the Five model, Mullen is targeting the middle segment of the electric vehicle market. The car costs about $ 50,000 and is equipped with all the usual luxury features at this price level. Mullen did not say that the car has several electric motors, but at zero to 100 km / h in about 3.5 seconds, it will probably have more than one electric motor.

The American factory has started pre-selling cars for $ 100 and says it will deliver the first series of cars to buyers in 2024.

Get to know Fisker and its great cars

Fisker is one of the manufacturers of luxury and environmentally friendly vehicles and we want to introduce you to it. Of course, you may not have heard of Fisker at all.

Fisker built cars that attracted many celebrities and political figures. The founder of Fisker is Henrik Fisker, who designed several luxury cars for other automakers before founding his company. But the reason for Fisker’s popularity and popularity among electric car enthusiasts should be considered as other points, some of which we want to mention below.

Creator of famous movie cars

Although Fisker did not play a direct role in the production of the legendary James Bond cars; But the company’s founder, Henrik Fisker, was one of the most important designers of runway cars. Simply put, Fisker is the designer of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

This car is a sports car, light and coupe, and all collectors and car enthusiasts love it. This car has 400 horsepower and is a combination of beauty and ability. Of course, Fisker’s art did not end there, and he also designed the BMW Z8 Roadster.

The car is also one of the best luxury cars in the world and has appeared as a shining star in James Bond movies. The success and reputation of these cars is an honor for Fisker, and the company made a double-edged sword by designing these cars.

Recently, however, Henrik Fisker announced the launch of new cars with promising features; But one cannot forget the past and Fisker’s bankruptcy.

Fisker went bankrupt a few years ago, selling almost all of its assets to a Chinese company, and since then Karma Automotive has been building and developing electric cars using Fisker technologies.

The company was successful, so Henrik Fisker decided to start Fischer again; So Fisker was re-established in 2016; But he still endured the shadow of bankruptcy. But now it can be said that it is very unlikely that Fisker will go bankrupt again and repeat the tragic events of the past.

With its rebirth, Fisker has managed to sell a significant number of its products, and it seems that Fisker’s new cars are reliable and affordable.

Fisker Karma is a very popular car and was produced by Fisker before it went bankrupt. The reason for the popularity of karma should be considered the purchase of it by people like Justin Bieber. Karma is a hybrid car and its appearance is sporty. The lines on the body are very interesting and have a beautiful color.

This car used 400 horsepower and was one of the most comfortable and fastest sports and luxury cars on the market at the time. In addition, you had to pay less for the Fisker Karma than for the Ferrari or Lamborghini products, so it was very affordable.

Charge the car battery with household electrical outlets

Apart from its good looks, which made it one of the best sports cars; It was a hybrid car, different and powerful. Electricity needed for karma was easily supplied by household electrical outlets. Fisker’s idea was interesting; But that was not the last resort! Because Fisker started working again and was able to equip the Karma model with solar panels.

In this way, Fisker Karma was always charged and had no problems with fuel, energy, etc .; Therefore, the simplicity of the charging process and the use of batteries, parts, etc. of Fisker should be considered. Most people compare the Karma model to Tesla products; But they still do not have the ability to recognize the unique comfort, design and compatibility of Fisker Karma with the environment!

One of the things you need to know about Fisker is that the Karma model had a lot of problems. In fact, the many problems of karma soon turned it into a frustrated and infamous car. For example, this car had to travel 50 miles on its own battery power; But it covered only 32 miles, which was contrary to Fisker’s claims and commitments.

In addition, karma fuel consumption was very high and easily disappointed its buyers. Also, 239 Karma fissures have been recalled due to the possibility of fire. In general, it can be said that Fisker faced many problems before bankruptcy, and even the leading and different model of karma was not safe from the mistakes of Fisker engineers.

Production of 100% electric cars

After re-establishing Fisker and renaming it from “Fisker Automotive” to “Fisker Inc”; It has been announced that Fisker will only produce 100% electric cars from now on and will say goodbye to fossil fuels in order to solve the problem of hybrid cars and forget the bitter memories of the past.

So it seems that Fisker is now producing futuristic electric cars and taking a completely new and logical path. In early 2018, Fisker outlined its plans to produce 100% electric cars and moved on to the Karma hybrid model.

According to the Fisker program, we can expect that by 2021, consumers and customers of Fisker products will be faced with all-electric cars, and we will see breathtaking competitive competition between Fisker and Tesla in terms of price, performance and beauty.

Fisker also seeks to expand the market and use new innovations, and for this purpose, the production and supply of self-driving cars is on its agenda. Fisker believes that self-driving cars make life easier and travel in open spaces, airports and other crowded places.

The Fisker driverless car is visually flawless and will help improve public transportation. Fisker is seriously pursuing the production and supply of self-driving cars, and we will probably see its release in late 2019 or early 2020.

Fisker is known for producing luxury and affordable cars. But Fisker’s new supercar called “EMotion EV” is very expensive and you have to pay a lot to buy it. The car is priced at $ 130,000, and this pricing is different from other Fisker products due to its technologies and so on.

The “EMotion EV” model is completely electric and has a unique sport and ride design. The car can travel 400 miles on a single charge, with a top speed of 160 mph and is similar to the legendary Lightyear One. In total, the EMotion EV is worth more than $ 130,000, and Fisker should not be blamed for the high price of the car.

Henrik Fischer, as the inventor of Fischer, has managed to take his company away from past crises and put it on the right track. Fisker is now looking to drive a sustainable and environmentally friendly car and strive to achieve its goals.

Fisker was the first company to come up with the idea of ​​using environmentally friendly materials, recycled wood, etc. to build and develop various cars. However, so far no company has succeeded in producing a car without pollution, harmful substances and other negative points; But Fisker will definitely do it.

Fisker has produced a very affordable electric chassis

Fisker offers cheap cars. But you may have to pay a lot to buy some Fisker products. But the Fischer 100% electric high chassis is reasonably priced and can be purchased for $ 40,000.

With this amount, you can not buy cars from luxury brands such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz or Biamo and expect their creativity and visual beauty. But their fissures and electric chassis will catch your eye and upset all previous equations.

The Fisker long chassis is expected to cover a distance of 300 miles on a single charge and help the comfort and convenience of the driver and passengers with advanced features.

The most luxurious Korean car is coming to compete with Mercedes-Benz and BMW