The most luxurious Korean car is coming to compete with Mercedes-Benz and BMW

This week in the automotive world; Introducing the new generation of Korea’s most luxurious cars, introducing a new level of car system in Benz products, Porsche racing cars for video games and producing one million electric motor cars in BMW.

Korean limousine

Genesis, a luxury subsidiary of Hyundai, is launching a new generation of its most luxurious models with the aim of competing with German limousines. The Korean factory last week released photos of the new G90 model and announced that it will sell it next year in addition to the global markets in the United States.

In 2015, Hyundai established the Genesis subsidiary as a luxury brand independent of Hyundai. The G90, formerly Hyundai’s most popular luxury sedan in the Korean market, was the first model to be introduced under the Genesis name.

Genesis wants its products to look sporty as well as stylish, and Genesis Design Director Sangyup Lee says the idea is best implemented in the G90. The headlights are similar to other Genesis models, with two parallel lines that are narrower than the other models and extend to the body and to the front doors.

Genesis has not released information on the car’s propulsion and luxury features, and more details are set to be released in the coming weeks as the car launches.

In addition to the G90, the Korean luxury automaker has two chassis models and two sedan models in its products, and will soon launch its first all-electric model. The company says it will electrify all its models by 2030.

Benz Cars

Mercedes-Benz says it is the first carmaker to be able to get a license for the Level 3 car system. With this system, the driver can remove his hand from the steering wheel in certain directions and divert his attention to other tasks.

The degree of self-driving cars is defined in five levels, at the highest level, the car will move on all roads without the need for a driver. Currently, most luxury cars are level 2 cars, where the driver must still have his hand on the steering wheel and his attention on the road.

Benz has been licensed for use on more than 13,000 kilometers of highways in Germany. Benz says it has also applied to the US and Chinese governments for permission to use the system.

The system, called the “pilot drive,” is set to be installed next year in the S-Class and EQS Benz electric models. The pilot drive is activated by pressing a button on the steering wheel and controls the car at a speed of 60 km / h.

This system can react to unexpected events and warns the driver if he sees that he needs to keep moving. The driver can watch movies, write and read emails or shop online while the system is running.

Automakers and technology companies are competing fiercely for higher levels of cars. Currently, the closest system to the pilot drive is the Tesla car system, in which the driver can take his hand off the steering wheel in traffic. However, this system is classified in level 2 in the German government classification.

Virtual reality for Porsche

Porsche has designed an electric racing car for the new Gran Turismo video game series. The German carmaker says that although Vision Grantourismo was built for the virtual world, its designers have designed it with a realistic look.

The car was designed by five young Porsche designers who have a hand in computer games. The appearance of the car is a combination of the famous Porsche racing models of the fifties and the current factory models.

Vision Gran Turismo has more than a thousand horsepower and a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour has been announced. Porsche says acceleration from zero to 100 km / h is 1.2 seconds.

Although a model of GranTurismo is not to be built outside of the virtual world, Porsche says it has used the project to showcase the features of the plant’s future sports cars. Peter Vagra, Porsche’s design director, says small size, agility and low air resistance will be key to designing the factory’s future sports models.

Before Porsche, other companies such as Jaguar, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bugatti have designed special machines for Granturizmo game. Porsche says its polls show that video games are popular with its customers, and that the company wants to introduce Porsche to young people in addition to offering cars to these customers.

BMW has announced that the number of cars produced with electric motors has reached one million units. The factory unveiled the car, an iX electric chassis, at a ceremony last week.

Seventy percent of that one million units are hybrid vehicles, but Baamuo says he wants to increase sales of its all-electric vehicles to two million units within the next three years.

BMW says the lack of a proper charging network is the most important problem for the growth of sales of electric cars. However, the plant aims to account for 50% of worldwide sales of electric cars by 2030.

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