JUNGKOOK (BTS) biography with photos and unspoken

Read the biography of BTS member Jeon Jungkook and his wife with photos and unspoken words from fame to interests and the names of his best friends.

Born on September 1, 1997 in South Korea, Jeon Jungkook is a singer and songwriter

He is a graduate of the Cyber ​​University of Broadcasting and Entertainment, who officially started singing in 2013 with the BTS group.

This artist, who is one of the top artists in Korea, is 178 cm tall and weighs 66 kg

(Jeon Jung-kook) was born on September 1, 1997 in Busan, South Korea, and his family includes parents and an older brother.

He has been interested in badminton and handball since he was a child and wanted to become a badminton player, but he became interested in singing after seeing Heartbreaker performed by singer Jay Dragon.


Jungkook spent his elementary and middle school years at Bek Yang Busan School and resumed his education at Seoul Shingoi Middle School when he became an apprentice.
He graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School in 2017, and in 2020 began his academic studies in the field of entertainment at the Cyber ​​World University.

Participate in the talent search program

In 2011, Jungkook auditioned for Korean superstar Ki’s talent show and sang IU singer Lost Child, but was rejected.

Join Big Heat

Despite not being accepted in the talent contest, he received offers from seven companies, but seeing RM’s talent in rap singing, he decided to join Big Heat.

Training in Los Angeles

Prior to joining, she traveled to Los Angeles in 2012 to improve her dance skills and trained under the dance company Monument Life Style.

Attend music video

Jungkook appeared in Korean music video for Korean singer Jokwan in 2012 before singing, and was also a Glam dancer for a while.

Get started with BTS

Jungkook officially started his career with BTS on June 13, 2013 with the song No More Dreams and played the lead role in the group.

Solo songs under BTS

Jungkook released Begin in 2016 for Wings, his other songs include Euphoria, My Time, Love is Not Over, and Magic Shop.

Record breaking

In 2018, Jungkook topped the Billboard Top 100 chart with Euphoria, and topped the chart at 84 with My Time in 2020.
The two songs became the first solo by a K-pop singer with the longest appearances on Billboard Nations digital song charts.

Receive a cultural merit order

On October 24, 2018, Jong Kook and his group members received a Cultural Merit Order from the President of the country for their meritorious services in the field of culture and art.

Collaboration with Jimin

In 2014, Jungkook and his band Jimin covered Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe in Korean.
The two also collaborated on the cover of Selena Gomez and Charlie Poth in 2017’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, which was critically acclaimed by the media and described as even better than the original.

Participate in the Korean War campaign

In September 2015, the singer joined the “One Dream, One Korea” campaign and appeared with a group of Korean artists in a song commemorating the Korean War.


Jungkook was named Korea’s third most popular artist in 2019, and he has been on the list consistently in previous years.
In 2018, a video of her singing had the most retweets of that year on South Korea’s Twitter

Global popularity

Jungkook was on the list of China’s most popular celebrities for 10 weeks in 2018, and in 2019 and 2020, his name was the most searched name of the K-pop artist on Google and YouTube.

source of inspiration

Jungkook cites Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and Usher as his source of inspiration and role model, and is also a staunch supporter of the famous singer Ji Dragon and IU.

Break his record live

Jungkook once in 2018 with 3.7 million live viewers and again in March 2021 with 22 million live viewers broke the record of Wei Live broadcast application

Global Instagram

Jungkook won the global Instagram Instagram title at the 2019 MTV Millennium Generation Awards Festival

Famous close friends

Jungkook is intimate with Yogium (Gatsun), Bam Bam (Gatsun), Diet and Mingyo and DK (Suntin), Jahyun (NCT) and Onovo (Astro) and have a chat group.

Business activities

All BTS members have been introduced as ambassadors of famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hyundai, Xylitol, Coway, FILA and the famous ice cream brand Baskin Robbins.

The story of the accident

Jungkook caused a car accident in November 2019. Although none of the drivers or Jung Kook were injured, he had to apologize.

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