Kylie Jenner has been criticised for the poor quality

Another person complained that the fabric from which the sarong is made is too heavy, and she was unable to tie it properly without it falling down, which could certainly pose a problem out and about.

Others have expressed their concerns about whether the pieces offer enough coverage, particularly around the more sensitive areas.

One said: “It really doesn’t cover anything,

“One sudden move and everything’s gonna be out. I would never wear this in public.”

Yikes, those are some pretty damning reviews.

Yet more folks have been offering their thoughts on Twitter, with someone even chiming in to ask why on earth she’d release a line of swimwear right at the end of the summer.

It’s a fair question, providing you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

You’d have to imagine the Australians are starting to think about this by now.

They wrote: “It baffles me how people like Kylie can literally have a bajillion dollars for a business and the products still be lackluster [sic].

“It has me thinking is she truly hands on or just starting things for fun? Idek. Also I thought releasing kylie swim in the fall is odd.”

Kylie Jenner’s New Swimwear Line Is Getting Roasted On TikTok 

Brianna Renee, the same girl who made the above two TikToks, has also made a much more extensive video about Kylie Swim on her YouTube channel. Renee even spent $500 dollarydoos on ALL of the bathing suits just to demonstrate the chaos.

Mind you, she looked really fucking hot in all of them — which probably wasn’t her intention.

The problem with these swimsuits is that they are very much designed for Instagram, but not so much for lying on the beach and definitely not for actual swimming. In these suits, you’re one nip slip away from being completely nude, and in that case you may as well ditch the bathers altogether.

Rapper Travis Scott and partner Kylie Jenner

are fostering a growing young family, and they’re on the move—the latter, reportedly preferring to spend time on the West Coast for her second pregnancy. It’s a development which means that the brownstone the couple were renting in New York City’s Greenwich Village, is now back on the market, listed for an extravagant $36.6 million.

Not that the price in unfounded, of course. The brownstone, a staggering seven storeys, has heritage—a step away from Washington Park, and with views overlooking the World Trade Centre, it was first constructed in 1839 in, according to its original listing, a “classical Georgian style”, and was owned previously by late Romantic American conductor, John Philip Sousa. Since then, however, the townhouse has been renovated by the architects at New York-based Clodagh Design, but combines its contemporary elements with details of its 175-year-old foundation.

TikTokers React to Kylie Jenner’s New ‘Paper Thin’ Swimwear Line

The 24-year-old first came into the spotlight as a child, appearing on her family’s show Keeping up with the Kardashians, which aired its last season earlier this year.

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