Parental supervision of children in Tiktok (education)

TikTok is an application that allows users to share videos. So there is a need for parental control. Most movies are short music videos. But the feature that makes TikTok fun for kids is its fun special effects, filters and stickers.

TikTok, like many social networks, is suitable for users 13 years and older. Because it may contain violence, sexual content, so you need to know how to protect children.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a popular social application for storing and sharing short videos and photos. The company has 500 million active users worldwide. You can use it to watch great short films and make personal films. This app lets you use a lot of music and conversations, so you can sync and make interesting videos. In addition, it provides users with many filters and tags to use.

The average age of users who use this application is under 24 years.

Is TikTok safe for children?

Sometimes in TikTok many users use inappropriate words as hashtags. It also allows users to link their account to other social media profiles such as Instagram or YouTube. Hence, it is able to access contacts and other information. Therefore, it is by no means safe for children. However, with the help of some programs, parents can protect their children.

Here is a list of things that make TikTok unsuitable for children:

The first dangerous point is that TikTok collects information from users. This information includes technical and behavioral information, location and shared social network information, messages and much more.
There are a lot of songs on it, and many of them may not contain the right lyrics.
Sometimes some in-app purchases are not suitable for kids.

Set up TikTok parental controls on your Android phone or tablet

If you are a parent and you are worried about your child using TikTok too much, then you should block the app immediately. Blocking the app becomes necessary when children share inappropriate content. Even when a child has a private account, profile information: including profile picture, username and BIOS is visible to all users. In such cases, you should advise your teen not to disclose personal information.

Steps you can use to put parental controls on your child’s device

Set up a private account

Go to your child’s profile page.
Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select Privacy and Settings.
Select the Privacy and Safety option and turn Private Account on or off.

Manage comments globally

Go to Privacy and Safety settings.
Tap Who Can Send Me Comments.
Select Everyone, Friends (mutual followers), or Off.

Turn off comments for a personal video

Open the video whose comments you want to turn off.
Tap the menu button.
Select Comments Off.

How to avoid making two-person movies with your child

Go to Privacy and Safety settings.
Tap Who Can Duet With Me.
Select Everyone, Friends (mutual followers).

How to control direct messages

Go to Privacy and Safety settings.
Tap Who Can Send Messages to Me.
Choose accordingly.

How to block or report a user

From the profile of the offending user, tap “…” in the right corner.

Select Block this user. You can also unblock a user in the same menu.

Why did you choose iKeyMonitor to block Tik Tok?

You can use a monitoring program as a TikTok parental control guide. This layer provides the next safety for the children. iKeyMonitor is a parental control program that offers comprehensive monitoring features. This app helps to control the tick on Android and iOS devices. This tool is designed to help keep kids safe online. Repeatedly exposed to violent movies, children experience a bad situation in real life. Some of the benefits of using ikeyMonitor are:

Block apps and games
With monitoring tools, you can block certain apps and games at a specific time. Suppose you do not want your children to tick the school hours, you can use this tool to set the timer for it.

Monitor chat messages
This program monitors messages sent and received on children’s devices. You can check your child’s chat history by ticking.

Screen capture
iKeyMonitor regularly captures screenshots on the device. Images are sorted by program. You can view TikTok photos to find out which movies your child has watched.

Limit the duration of the Sceen
This app limits the screen time of the mobile phone / iPhone / iPad / Android so that children do not become addicted to ticks. You can set the maximum daily usage time, block it for a few minutes after use. Therefore, the tick is blocked during sleep and exercise time.

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