Where is the Ghost Hotel in the United States or the Skirvin Hotel?

It is said that the spirit of the servant lover of the profession during the period of the prohibition of alcohol in the United States has conquered this hotel.

It may not have been wise, but my family and I decided to stay for a while in this haunted hotel in America.

Skirvin Hilton, Oklahoma’s magnificent hotel, is the equivalent of Waldorf Astoria in the heart of America, with a magnificent 14-story Artedco-style building dating back to 1911.

Is the Skirvin hotel still open?

The hotel is said to have been taken over by the ghost of Effie, a maid during the US alcohol ban. Effie threw herself and her child, born of the hotel’s owner and founder, William Balser Skirvin, down from the tenth floor.

Stories such as lightning and wind spread throughout the area and spread from the hotel’s Gothic aisles to the rest of the city and beyond. Members of the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Oklahoma basketball team, have spoken of unreasonable noises, strange moans and screams, and annoying ghost calls during their stay.

What room is haunted at the Skirvin?

“There’s a sad ghost here. This is the most famous ghost house in Oklahoma City and maybe in the whole state. “They say they have been faced with a tempting affair.”

Skirvin has intimidated athletes on professional basketball teams and other guests for years.

Meta World Pace, formerly known as Lakers basketball player Ron Artest, said that in 2016, he was haunted by the spirit of a professional lover at the Skyrwin Hotel. In 2010, Ed Curry, who was two and a half centimeters tall and weighed about 150 kilograms during all the games and during his stay at the hotel, took refuge in the room of Nate Robinson, a team of eighty kilograms with a height of one hundred and eighty centimeters, out of fear. Kyrie Irving, who now plays for the Brooklyn Netz basketball team, is set to star in a film about the capture of Skyrvin.

How old is the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City?

“I don’t think the hotel is spirited. I think the basketball players are a bunch of cowards,” said Petra Jermani, an artist who stays at the hotel and makes Caspian weapons and armor.

“People say the room lights go on and off and the closet suddenly slams shut and the door hinges flicker. Ghost stories about the hotel are all over the place, but we prefer not to. “None of them have ever been proven.”

I told Jackson that I had met someone who was staying at a hotel for a conference, and he said that his colleague had seen the phrase “Help me” on the hotel’s steamy mirror after taking a shower. He replied: We have also received reports of seeing this phrase in the mirror.

Aside from the affair, the hotel has a strange history. It is said that the first hotel manager committed suicide with a gun in 1913, which was later revealed in an investigation to have been a murder. The roulette wheel and other prohibited gadgets on the scene showed an armed conflict in the style of American cowboys. For the management of the hotel, famous guests such as the Presidents of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan, as well as the presence of guests such as Paul McCarthy and Elvis Presley, are a legacy and a living memory of this building.

When was the Skirvin Hotel built in Oklahoma City?

“The history and splendor of Skyrvin is unforgettable,” says Skip Harles, hotel manager. “It was a special and glorious place.”

“I can’t believe it until I see something with my own eyes,” said Kylie Huber, the hotel manager who we met in the elevator. He grew up in a family whose job was to hold a funeral, and says he has seen no sign of any real-life events during his 10 years at the hotel other than Mary’s conferences, where attendees wander around in disguised costumes. “But you should never say never …” he says, pressing his finger on the elevator bell button.

To find out more about the hotel, I turn to Susan Riley, who until recently worked as a historian.

Riley says that during his six-and-a-half years at the hotel, he often heard the sound of a baby crying, but later realized that in windy Oklahoma, when the side door was open, the passage of the wind made a loud noise.

We go to the tenth floor, searching in vain for the bullet holes on the bench next to the elevator, the memorial to one of those cowboy shootings in the hotel last week, and on the eleventh floor, the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door shakes strangely, perhaps due to air currents. Riley adds that a ghostly woman in a red dress is said to have walked into the hotel lounges.

“Sounds are still alive. This is where most of the surreal activity takes place,” he says excitedly as he arrives at the Venice Ballroom, an upstairs ballroom. He says he has set up banquets in this place, and the next morning the tables and everywhere are inexplicably cluttered. He thinks that such an event can only be justified by an earthquake.

Dr. Brian Farha, a professor and director of comparative behavior research at the University of Oklahoma and author of Pseudo-Science and Deception: Tricks of Surrealist Claims, says he researched Skyrvin and the presence of ghosts in 2004.

“I searched everywhere in the hotel and found no signs. I did it in the most horrible conditions. Before the renovation, it was very cold and when the electricity was off. The flashlight was our only source of light. But nothing,” he said. “I did not find it. Just an old, empty and cold hotel.”

After my wife said she heard ghosts laughing some nights, Tenya McCoy, a ghost hunter who is also the founder of the Oklahoma Surreal Association and runs scary events and programs such as walking with ghosts, came with her husband to our room to investigate.

“All you have to do is put your hand on the first floor sticks and feel the energy. It’s amazing,” says McCoy.

McCoy uses an app called Gustave TBS on his cell phone to show us the green design seen in a stroller that is not visible to the naked eye. He says he is a ghost in a carriage. My daughter slept in another room.

McCoy uses his various programs with caution. He recently injured the tendon of one of his fingers after falling into his surreal store called Ravengate. “Maybe one of the ghosts and demons pushed me from behind,” he says.

He uses a variety of tools to study electromagnetic fields (IAUs) and the phenomenon of electronic sound (IWE): a parascope that tracks static electricity, a device used by fire departments to find key points. And remapod and geopod programs for tracking supernatural beings.

As we entered the hall, McCoy and his wife pulled out ghost hunting tools and programs. He said it allows the soul to communicate with different frequencies, and intelligent communication is slowly established through writing. He uses his cell phone to scan the hall.

“Go out” These words were imprinted on the ghost hunting app. My back trembled with fear.

We were looking for ghosts in the hallway and the temperature was changing. Was it because of the air flow?

“It’s a soul,” says McCoy. ” As we walk to the bench next to the elevator, he says that he feels trembling from the top of his head to the tip of his foot, and shows me the hair on his skewered hand.

“Sit” This word appears on the toolbar. McCoy uses the Ghostbusters in which he shows us a tall figure sitting on jade green chairs in front of an elevator. He says this is a man in his twenties and thirties named Charles, who was one of the city’s contractors in 1950. He tells me that he has pain in his back and explains that ghosts often try to show the living how they die.

What are some of the property amenities at The Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City?

On the way back from the hall, we passed another cold spot in another place. I shivered, and again the hair on McCoy’s hand was spiked with excitement. “This is from Room 813,” he pointed to the door in front of us.

“Pen” This word was written on the application. I picked up the pen from my desk and felt excited enough and decided not to continue.

McCoy gave me a small glass that looked like a perfume bottle, olive oil with a mixture of different herbs.

“Your protective spell is in this glass,” he said.

That night I stayed awake and took care of my wife and daughter. The neon light of the clock by the bed cast terrifying shadows in the room, and I waited with all my mind for signs of the presence of Charles and of course Effie.