body Miya Marcano has been found

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said in a news conference, authorities in Florida have discovered a body believed to be missing 19-year-old Miya Marcano, pictured here on September 24.

The body of missing Florida college student Miya Marcano has been found

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said

Saturday that authorities found Miya Marcano’s body near an apartment building. The 19-year-old vanished on the same day a maintenance man improperly used a master key to enter her apartment. Her family reported her missing after she missed a flight home to South Florida on Sept. 24.

The sheriff previously said Armando Caballero, a maintenance worker at the apartment complex where Marcano lived and worked, is considered the “prime suspect.” Caballero, 27, apparently killed himself; his body was found three days after Marcano was last seen.

Authorities said Marcano had repeatedly “rebuffed” romantic advances by Caballero. Detectives spoke to Caballero after the Valencia College student was reported missing, but had no evidence to detain him at that time. They obtained a warrant for his arrest after learning he had entered her apartment before she disappeared. His body was then found inside a garage.

“At this time, we cannot identify a cause of death, so I don’t’ want to speculate on that,” Mina said of Marcano’s death during a news conference Saturday.

An arrest report said Polk County sheriff’s deputies were called to the campus of Warner University after a report of a bomb going off inside a dorm. The explosive turned out to be a toilet bowl cleaner concoction inside a plastic drink bottle. The report said Caballero admitted to using the improvised explosive as a “prank” on other residents of the dorm. No one was injured.

The apartment complex, Arden Villa, released a statement saying “all potential employees are vetted through a national background check services provider,” and no records of burglary or sexual assault were found involving Caballero.

The authorities have said that Armando Manuel Caballero, 27, was a “person of interest” in Ms. Marcano’s disappearance. Mr. Caballero was a maintenance worker at the Arden Villas apartments and had expressed a romantic interest in Ms. Marcano, but she “repeatedly rebuffed” him, Sheriff Mina said at a news conference on Thursday.

Mr. Caballero had initially told investigators that he had last seen Ms. Marcano at 3 p.m. on the day she was last seen.