British actress Brittany Murphy has died at the age of 32

Brittany Murphy’s sudden death still raises questions 12 years later.

The late American actress is the subject of a new HBO Max documentary airing on Oct. 14 titled “What Happened, Brittany Murphy?” which promises to reveal “chilling details” about her final days. It also explores her relationship with her husband, British screenwriter and producer Simon Monjack.

The show, produced by Blumhouse Television, includes interviews with Monjack’s mother, Linda, and brother, James, as well as his former fiancée Elizabeth Ragsdale, who alleged he lied to her about who he was, People magazine reported on Wednesday.

The “Clueless” star died in 2009 from a combination of pneumonia, anemia and multiple drug intoxication from prescription and over-the-counter medications. She was 32. Monjack passed away five months later from similar causes at age 40.

Chilling Details Were Just Released About Brittany Murphy’s Final Days

Officially, Murphy’s death was concluded to be the result of pneumonia, anemia, and intoxication due to a combination of medications, per People. Per the outlet, “No illegal drugs were found in her system.” And long-standing rumors would suggest that something more nefarious was at play at the time of Murphy’s death, which was ruled an accident. “Her death was so bizarre and there are so many twists and turns,” producer Buddy Day told the outlet. One factor that has especially raised eyebrows is that, per EW, husband Simon Monjack — whom filmmaker Hill called a “disturbed individual” to People — died less than one year later of pneumonia as well.

Murphy was de dochter van de Italiaans-Amerikaanse Angelo Bertolotti en Sharon Murphy. Toen haar ouders scheidden, nam ze de achternaam van haar moeder aan. Murphy zong op haar negende als achtergrondzangeres in de musical Les Misérables. Dit was het begin van haar carrière in de amusementsindustrie.

Murphy kreeg op haar veertiende een rol in de serie Drexell’s Class, waarin ze een jaar speelde. Daarna speelde ze gastrollen in verschillende series en ze verzorgde de stem van Luanne Platter in de populaire Amerikaanse tekenfilmserie King of the Hill, wat ze haar hele carrière is blijven doen. In 1995 speelde ze een bijrol in haar eerste grote speelfilm Clueless, waarna ze in verschillende A-films speelde zoals het met een Oscar bekroonde Girl, Interrupted. Andere hoogtepunten waren Don’t Say a Word, 8 Mile, Uptown Girls en Sin City. In 2006 leende ze haar stem aan de pinguïn Gloria in de animatiefilm Happy Feet. Murphy zong voor deze film ook het nummer Boogie Wonderland opnieuw in.

Murphy had een relatie met acteur Ashton Kutcher, met wie ze samen in Just Married speelde. Ze was verloofd met zowel talentscout Jeff Kwitanetz als met cameraman Joe Macaluso, zonder dat er een bruiloft volgde. In 2007 trad ze uiteindelijk in het huwelijk met Simon Monjack.

Brittany Murphy was born Brittany Anne Bertolotti on November 10, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, to Sharon Kathleen Murphy and Angelo Joseph Bertolotti. Her father’s ancestry is Italian, and her mother is of Irish and Slovak descent. Her father moved the family back to Edison, New Jersey as a native New Yorker and to be closer to other siblings from previous marriages. While dining out one night in the presence of Hollywood royalty, Brittany at the age of 5 approached an adjoining table when Academy Award nominee Burt Reynolds and George Segal were seated. Brittany introduced herself to the Hollywood legends and confidently told them that someday she too would be a star.

She comes from a long line of international musicians and performers with three half-brothers and a sister. Angelo Bertolotti was torn from their tight-knit family as a made-man with the Italian Mafia. The Senior Bertolotti, who coined the nickname of “Britt” for his daughter, was also an entrepreneur and diplomat for organized crime families and one of the first to be subjected to a RICO prosecution. Brittany’s interests and well-being were always her father’s first goal and objective. To distance his talented daughter from his infamous past, Angelo allowed Sharon to use her maiden name for Brittany’s, so that her shining star would not be overshadowed by a father’s past, with the couple divorcing thereafter.

Brittany began receiving accolades and applause in regional theater at the early age of 9. At the age of 13, she landed several national commercials. She appeared on television and caught the attention of a personal manager and an agent. Soon, Brittany’s mother Sharon turned full-time to being a “Stage Mom” where Angelo provided financial support throughout and their relationship is memorialized with a long and close history in pictures. The hopeful daughter and mother moved to Burbank, CA, where Brittany landed her first television role on Blossom (1990). Hearts and doors opened up for a starring role on Drexell’s Class (1991), a short lived TV series.

Chilling Details About Brittany Murphy’s Final Days Revealed in New Doc: ‘She Was in So Much Pain’

Monjack’s shady past is further explored in the docuseries, produced by Blumhouse Television, that includes interviews with Monjack’s mother, Linda, and brother, James, as well as his former fiancée Elizabeth Ragsdale, who says he lied to her about who he was.

As the series documents, Ragsdale and Monjack became engaged after a brief courtship. Shortly after, Ragsdale became pregnant and Monjack insisted she give birth in the U.S. When she was four months pregnant, he paid for her plane ticket to New York and told her he would meet her there. “When I got to my little studio in New York, I called him and he answered. I said, ‘Simon, I’ve made it to …’ and before I could get that sentence out, he hung up on me. He left me pregnant and abandoned,” Ragsdale says in the documentary.

Simon Monjack

was born on March 9, 1970 in Hillingdo, Middlesex, England, and was known mainly for dating then marrying the late film and television star Brittany Murphy. The two were wed on April 12, 2007. Brittany passed away on December 20, 2009 at the age of 32 at their Rising Glen estate in the Hollywood Hills. Brittany’s death lingered for over a year with a “pending investigation” until the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office discovered a documentary film, “Top Priority; The Terror Within” was in production. At that point, Deputy Coroner Ed Winters went public to say the cause of death for Brittany was deemed to be pneumonia and anemia.

The Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Coroner’s office closed the case on the death of Brittany Murphy with no full autopsy. Her specimens were about to be destroyed when Brittany’s father AJ Bertolotti stepped in and paid to preserve them, while he is having his daughter’s untimely death properly investigated.

Suspiciously, Simon Monjack died five months later on May 23, 2010 at the same house, with an allegedly identical cause of death as Brittany (pneumonia and anemia).

Monjack’s grave remained unmarked even by a headstone until 2013, just as investigations pressed forward as to what truly caused the untimely demise of this Hollywood couple.