Ralph Breaks the Internet animation review

The difference between the approach of the two parts of Wreck-It Ralph is that the former established an attractive and lasting connection with the computer game industry, but in the second part, the focus of the story in the Internet world is summarized, which can attract a wider range of audiences. The second part of Wreck-It Ralph, after several years of production delay for various reasons, has finally come to the cinema and includes many surprises, some of which are pleasant and some of which are weak.

The story of Ralph Breaks the Internet is about a deep friendship between Ralph with the voice of John C. Rail and Vanloopy with the voice of Sarah Silverman. Vanloopi, who has reached the level of a master in the game “Sugar Rush”, suddenly gets one of his pieces, and this incident causes Ralph and Vanloopi to enter the world of the Internet to find the piece. The big world that Vanloopy realizes can be more exciting, and that’s exactly where Ralph is.

At Wreck-It Ralph, many young moviegoers were thrilled with the animation, which matched their computer-related spirits, and adults rejoiced at the story’s allusions to their memorable games. Now in the second part, Disney has decided to repeat these fascinating references that guaranteed its success in the first part with the help of the Internet and referring to its vast world, which has led to the creation of nostalgic moments that, of course, professional Internet users will understand more.

An interesting part of these references are bittersweet. Like Vanloopey confronting Disney princesses from the past to the present, which is included in a very fascinating and spectacular sequence. Everyone now knows that Disney’s new policies are completely opposed to the existence of a man as the savior hero in the world of Disney princesses, and this issue is also expressed in “Ralph destroys the Internet” with a joke and irony by every spectator. It can be funny. A sequence in which from Elsa to Giso Kamand and more importantly, classic Disney characters such as Snow White with new computer graphics are present and the audience will be thrilled to see them.

But as I mentioned at the beginning of the text, “Ralph spoils the Internet” has its drawbacks, including the simplicity of the story, so much so that no special attention is paid to the story and more to the virtual world. . These hints are funny and can be doubly appealing, especially to those who deal with the Internet and tech giants. But the multiplicity of these allusions seems to exceed the capacity of the story. The point that may seem interesting is that the film lacks an evil character, which has led to the story being a single line of the film. A line that is difficult to slip and loses the viewer’s special attention.

But on the other hand, the film has a valuable message for its teenage audience (I do not think that adults who do not deal with computers can enjoy watching this animation!) And that is understanding the philosophy of friendship and being responsible for the decisions it makes. Taken. Ralph and Vanloopey’s deep friendship seems unbreakable, something like the police films made in the 90’s! But this time, the story sends a message to teens that misbehavior in friendship can have devastating consequences and shatter what does not seem to be broken. Disney, as always, conveys this message well through the image, and I’m sure it will make an impact.

Exploring the world of computer games may be more interesting for teenagers and young adults, but the Internet certainly has its own story! “Ralph Destroys the Internet” has some interesting references that can surely excite viewers. The Internet, which surrounds our lives today more than ever, and social networks are gaining more power every day and changing the course of people’s lives forever. Watching “Ralph spoils the internet” sounds scary at the same time!

(Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Director: Phil Johnston, Rich Moore

Author: Pamela Ribon, Phil Johnston

Actors :

John C. Reilly … Ralph

Sarah Silverman … Vanellope

Gal Gadot … Shank

Taraji P.Henson … Yesss

Age category: PG (suitable for people over 7 years old)

Genre: Animation

Time: 112 minutes

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