10 foods you will not find anywhere except South America!

South American cuisine

Whether you have been to South America or not, the food we want to introduce you to here will surely catch your eye. In these South American dishes, fruits and vegetables are combined and the result is a unique food. The thing about these foods is that some of the ingredients are only found in South America, so these foods are enough to make your trip to this part of the world.

Yuka Fries
This dish is made from a plant called cassava, which is a ground plant, and in fact it can be said that Yuka Fries is, in simple terms, a thicker, more starchy version of thin-skinned potatoes. This dish is served with a kind of spicy cheese and sauce made from red pepper and has a pleasant taste.

Peruvian picarons (squash and potato donuts)

It is another South American dish that, although its appearance strongly reminds you of ring onions, is actually a sweet and spicy dough on which sugar cane syrup is poured and then burned in hot oil. The combination of spicy and sweet flavors may not be to the taste of many, but it is a food that the locals love very much.

Chop de Mani (peanuts and potato sauce)

Chop de Mani is actually a kind of vegetable soup that is both very tasty and economical, meaning that the ingredients of this soup are low and cheap. This soup is mostly used in Bolivia and Ecuador and has a spicy taste. The spiciness of this soup can keep you warm in the cold of winter. After visiting the famous Andean in South America, a bowl of Chop de Mani really sticks!

One of the most popular South American dishes is called llama, which is a kind of substitute for red meat for the people of this part of the world. This dish is mostly served with hot stews and is popular all over the continent. This food tastes similar to red meat but a little sweeter than that.

Fogaza is another South American dish from Argentina that is very similar to the Italian version that we all know and have eaten a lot, but the difference with Fogaza is that it is lighter. The Argentines garnish this dish with cream fried onions and then pour mozzarella cheese on it. Fogaza is one of the foods you should try on your trip to Argentina.

Pandbono (cheese bread)
Pandemonium is not much of a food and is more like a snack than a meal. In any case, pandono has very easy ingredients and is made from yucca flour, corn flour and cheese. The mixture is then made into small round balls and placed in it. Did we really say that this food is gluten free?


Natilla is one of those South American dishes that you can be sure of when Christmas arrives in Colombia. Nutella is a sweet and creamy dessert that uses panel. What is a panel? Pella is a thick syrup similar to sugar syrup that is obtained in the process of sugarcane production. Colombians usually make natilla with some kind of cheese and it is a great dessert after a heavy dinner.

Butifara is a Peruvian sandwich that uses a combination of red pepper, garlic, a variety of spices and a type of ham. Of course, one of the main ingredients of this dish, Salsa Creola, which is a kind of sweet onion for South America, should not be forgotten. Since this sandwich has a wonderful composition and is delicious, it is not really clear why it has not been able to open its way to other parts of the world so far!

How to make Fugazza Argentine pizza

Triple sandwiches

Peruvians know how to make the most of the least material! Triple sandwiches are one of those sandwiches that are widely served in Peru and can be found on almost every restaurant and cafe menu, and many people make them at home. You may even be able to make this sandwich yourself at home. Ingredients include a layer of eggs, bread, avocado and tomatoes. Peruvians make these sandwiches in small dimensions and shape them into a triangle. You may have seen sandwiches like these ready-made in supermarkets, but they are not really the same.

Aruz to Padu (rice on food)

The next dish we are going to introduce to you is Arrooz Tapado, which is another popular and well-known dish in South America. The food itself may not be very interesting to you, but the way it is served is very attractive. This food consists of several layers and finally a layer of rice is served with red meat which is a combination of carrot, tomato, green pea and all kinds of spices, and then it is served in a bowl. . Finally, the contents of the bowl are inserted into the plate, which helps to maintain the same square shape, at least until you destroy it with your own hands and with those hungry forks!

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