20 Interesting Facts About McDonald’s You Probably Didn’t Know

Many of us are very interested in fast foods and use them a lot. Although this type of food has many disadvantages and endangers our health, but its good taste and speed of preparation have made fast foods very popular. Undoubtedly one of their favorite is the hamburger.

When the name hamburger or cheeseburger comes up, everyone subconsciously remembers the most famous brand in the world, McDonald. The company is the largest fast food chain in the world and has branches in almost all countries. Earlier in the article, we reviewed the history of McDonald’s visually. Today we are going to look at this company from a different angle.

The pictures and descriptions below tell you 20 interesting and readable facts about McDonald’s. We suggest you stay with us until the end and see them.

The oldest McDonald’s employee is 92 years old. Go Wake Enk works in Singapore and has 10 children with 20 grandchildren. He said that since the children left home, he could not stay in a quiet environment at home and decided to work. Of course, the heat from the stoves sometimes causes him problems.

A McDonald’s chicken nugget was sold in the eBay store for $ 8,100 (31 million tomans). The shape of the dish was reminiscent of George Washington. Many wanted it. EBay has a law that says rotten food cannot be sold, but this time the website made an exception. Rabma Spite was a woman who wanted to sell the nugget and use the proceeds to send her children to church at a summer camp.

McDonald’s sells more toys than well-known toy companies such as Hasbro and Mattel. The company sells about 1.5 billion gaming devices worldwide. The company has decided to use more books inside “Happy Mails” instead of these devices. This will increase the number of McDonald’s books by the number of copies in the Library of Congress, which is the largest in the world.

Zero to one hundred McDonald’s brands

Ronald McDonald is better known than Santa Claus. According to Fast Food Nation, about 96% of the world’s children know Ronald McDonald. Although the brand’s clown is said to target young people, CEO Steve Easterbrook denies the allegations.

Justin Timberlake and Farrell Williams have worked on “I’M LOVIN ‘IT”. Justin was paid $ 6 million to sing the song. In 2003, Farrell Williams made a longer version of it and succeeded.

McDonald’s staff can attend the hamburger school. 7500 people attend this program every year. The data recorded by this company show that since the implementation of the program (1961), 80,000 employees have participated in it.

Jamaican Usain Bolt ate more than 1,000 McDonald’s chicken nuggets at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. When asked about the possibility of becoming obese as a result, Bolt denied it, saying he would not become obese. Of course, the fastest man in the world stated that he should reduce his consumption of fast food and start eating fruits and vegetables.

Hong Kong people can get married at McDonald’s. If you live in this country, you can do this by paying approximately 10 thousand dollars (38 million tomans).

There is also a bigger hamburger than Big Mac. Last year, the brand made a sandwich called Giga Big Mac in Japan. The two burgers were stacked on top of each other. It was a news move that was shared.

History of McDonald’s restaurant and its delicious burgers!

One customer has been eating a Big Mac every day since 1972. “Donald Gorsky” holds the Guinness World Record for the most consumed Big Macs. If we have a simple calculation, he has bought 26,000 of these sandwiches so far.

In Sweden, there is a ski slope where enthusiasts can pass through the middle of the McDonald’s and go to the gym.

Over the course of 10 years, more than 700 people claimed to have been burned by McDonald’s coffee. In 1992, a woman poured a drink on herself and suffered a third-degree burn while trying to buy coffee from McDonald’s “drive-thru” branches. He sued the company and was awarded $ 3 million in damages. However, this was reduced to $ 640,000.

McDonald’s is not present in 75 countries. Despite the brand’s global reputation, many countries, such as North Korea, Iceland and Bolivia, do not use the American company’s products. McDonald’s now has offices in 119 countries.

The largest branch is located in Orlando. However, the branch became a 1,765-square-meter facility last year. This branch is equipped with a bowling alley and a children’s play area, and a concert will be held there.

Celebrities such as Jay Leno and Pink (singer) worked for the company before becoming famous. Mr. Leno once returned to his former workplace and demonstrated his ability to make burgers.

At the 1968 Olympics, McDonald’s fed athletes who missed home. Those in Grenoble, France, ordered hamburgers to reduce nostalgia. Eight years later, McDonald became the official sponsor of the Olympics. The brand now has an Olympic swimming pool in Los Angeles.

The American company feeds more than 1% of the world’s people every day. 68 million people use McDonald’s products every day. The company sells more than 75 hamburgers per second.

American brand Caesar salad is not as healthy as Big Mac. This food has about 520 calories and the difference with the giant McDonald is only 20 calories. This salad also contains 1140 mg of salt, which is a very high figure.

The American company sells 25% of “FILET-O-FISH” fish sandwiches during the Catholic fast. MacDonald invented this burger in 1961. In those years, the owner of a branch in Cincinnati told Catholics that they could go to his restaurant on Friday and eat there.

The American company is holding a contest called “McDonald’s Voice”. The winner of the event received a prize of more than $ 20,000 in 2015. Famous figures such as David Foster and Skyler Gray judged the final match.

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