Delicious American food and harmful diet of this country – Part One

Delicious, fragrant and tempting American food has gained worldwide fame. Soups, food, fast food, sandwiches and sweets that are unique to this country or when you hear their names, the food culture of the people of this land comes to life.

Foods that, according to research by nutritionists and health experts, show a harmful diet that endangers health.

A History of the American Food Industry

The diet of the American people, like many other countries in the world, reflects and is derived from the history and culture of its predecessors. With the arrival of European colonists in this country and settling in many parts of the country, a new chapter in the food culture of the people of this region was opened. Early American immigrants and settlers (they were the first immigrants from the United Kingdom to enter the United States by ship and settle in different parts of the country.

Then other Europeans immigrated to this country and in a short time, a huge flood of people living in Europe They chose the United States of America for their lives), by attending different parts of the country, introducing the indigenous people to a new style of cooking methods and consuming raw materials.

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This trend was especially palpable and observable, especially in the 19th and 20th centuries. In such a way that it reached the peak of progress and prosperity quite continuously and remarkably.

Over the centuries, the influx of refugees from all over Europe has increased, and an interesting and remarkable variety of foods and raw materials has been created throughout the country to prepare delicious and varied delicacies.

The first immigrants to enter different parts of the country raised livestock and farms and conducted their affairs in this way. The interesting thing about their way of life was that they followed the methods used in Europe. They used animals to make clothes, as well as to prepare their main dishes, and this was the way of life of the Europeans at that time.

It is interesting to know that after the arrival of these people in this land, the Native Americans included and used a number of foods and the method of their preparation in their diet.

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The nomadic diet was based on the British diet, but with the presence in the United States and living in different parts of the country, there were gradual changes in their habits and diets that the inhabitants of each region, according to the climate and geographical area in They lived there, they used a different food culture.

They used animals to prepare the meat they needed. Animals such as deer, deer, buffalo, turkeys and bears were among the creatures hunted by these people.

In addition to their hunting skin and meat, these people also used the oil obtained from their fats and used it to cook their food. In the pre-British era, the British people who had just arrived in the United States produced and consumed large quantities of specific indigenous goods, including cane juice and local beverages, as a form of trade and commerce.

They expanded the work. In fact, they used the navy to trade the raw materials they wanted and make it easier for others to procure. Using sugarcane juice and distilling it, they prepared substances such as delicious local drinks, aromatic liquids and some other substances that people needed, and in addition to presenting them in different parts of the country, they also exported them to other lands such as West India. In addition to sugarcane juice, sugar syrup was usually considered as another product produced by these people.

Another important point in the lives of early American immigrants was their differences in the lifestyles and cultural habits of immigrants from the Northeast to the South, which made them people with completely different cultures. Differences in farming style and diet plan, perhaps due to a lack of a genuine and centralized culture.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, people in the United States introduced very new foods and snacks to their diet and introduced them to others. So that the years 1890 to 1930 can be attributed to the significant and exponential growth of the country’s food industry. During this period, food was introduced to the world as an industry and was welcomed by the people of this land and other countries.

Another distinctive feature of the American diet is the way it is prepared. These people had an extraordinary expertise in combining and blending regional and local food, and in doing so, they provided others with fully integrated cooking recipes from different regions. In fact, they prepared and taught new and delicious food using recipes and local ingredients from each geographical area and combining them with each other.

This was not only the case with food in different parts of the United States, but also by chefs and nutritionists who went beyond the borders and combined the food and recipes of other countries with the method of preparing their native food.

So much so that a wave of cooking programs was launched on American networks, and some of the famous chefs of the time began to offer cooking and cooking programs.

Julia Carolyn Child, chef and author of French cuisine and implementer of the American style of cooking in the United States from 1912 to 2004, and Graham Kerr, the most famous English chef in 1934, in the 1980s, were among those who contributed greatly to the development of the food culture of the people of this land. They played.

After him, the followers of this method, in the United States, by following the activities of these people, led to the development of the first and most basic television networks dedicated to culinary education.

Common ingredients in the diet of new American residents

The diets of new Americans (British immigrants who immigrated to and settled in the Americas) varied from region to region, depending on the area of ​​living and the raw materials available, and varied according to the lifestyle of the people.

The diet of the natives of this land originated in the mid-18th century and the diet of the people of that time was modeled on their eating habits.

The six most famous states are Connecticut (located in the northwestern United States), Maine, Massachusetts (which is part of the northern United States), Hampshire (located in the northern part of the United States) and Vermont. Known as the New England Colonies, they followed a diet very similar to that of the British people.

But the remarkable thing about these people living in the north of the United States was the difference in their lifestyles from the people living in the south of the country.

A very obvious difference that affected their lives. Residents of the south of the country could cultivate agriculture almost all year round and provide for themselves and their families.

This was in case this possibility was not possible for the residents of the north of the country and they were limited in terms of growing plants, crops and agriculture due to seasonal changes.

In addition, the southerners of the Americas, because of their proximity to the sea, were able to take advantage of the presence of aquatic animals such as fish in their diet, and they considered this a delightful gift from nature.

Cereals, especially wheat, were other raw materials used by new Americans. The people of England consumed breads made from cereals. But due to weather and environmental conditions, the growth and planting of wheat in this land was impossible and out of reach.

Also, importing this basic commodity into the country was considered very costly and detrimental to the economy of merchants and traders. Therefore, they replaced the derivatives of this important and necessary substance and prepared their breads and snacks by storing wheat husk, wheat flour and corn flour.

Johnnycake (a kind of shermal bread or cake), was one of the most consuming and at the same time poor breads of the new Americans who replaced it with wheat breads. However, the acceptance of this type of food by the residents of the north and south of the United States seemed quite obvious.

The New England (immigrant areas of parts of the United States whose inhabitants immigrated from the United Kingdom were called New England) opened up a whole new world to immigrants and created a new and fresh life for these people.

It is as if they have traveled to a new and untouched world and have chosen a new paradise for themselves.

Hunting animals, especially in the northern regions, was considered a profession and a way of earning a living. These people had a remarkable ability to hunt, and the purchase of other inhabitants of the adjacent lands from their products doubled their motivation and self-confidence in engaging in hunting better and more.

It is interesting to note that people in the North preferred hunting to animal husbandry, agriculture, and farming, and this profession was mostly practiced by Native Americans (Native Americans) and French immigrants.


The consumption of a variety of aquatic products in the diet of the new residents of the United States was widespread.

In fact, the cooking and use of seafood originated from the diet of the original natives of this land and was passed on to its new inhabitants. They often used aquatic animals such as cod, flounder, herring, caviar, and halibut, which are common in the east, and fish such as salmon and oily fish in the west.

Native Americans, especially the Makah Native Americans, who lived on the northwestern shores of the land, hunted crocodiles and used the animal’s meat and oil. Seals, eels, and eels are also hunted and consumed by locals in the Finger Lakes area of ​​New York.

Catfish, shrimp, crabs, and spiny crabs were other aquatic species caught and used by Native Americans, especially in the Northwest Territories.

Modern diet in America

During the heyday of the Americas, known as the Progressive Era (1830-1930), food products or food products were increasingly made available to the public industrially. In this way, they intended to show the progress of the food industry and their ability to supply and serve the food of the nobility, even in places other than residential areas such as the railway.

He took a big and effective step in advancing his goals by building chain restaurants and standardizing food, equipment, raw materials, etc. according to universally accepted examples.

The list of great food, restaurants, hotels and great hospitality of guests has become a great business, and in this regard, many people, including Fred Harvey, who owns the name Harvey House (owner of restaurants, hotels and guest houses) And tourists who did business in areas such as wharves and railroads in the American West) took important and valuable steps. Universities also introduced a new approach to nutrition science and industry related to this important issue.

It is interesting to note that during World War I, small steps were first taken to educate women and housewives on how to store food and to address this issue during food shortages.

This issue has gradually become an important and valuable issue and effective planning has been done in the education and training of women in this regard.

This practice continued even after World War II until the United States made significant progress worldwide; In a way that could compare them with modern European standards.

The media also provided extensive assistance to the United States in making better progress in this area.

They played an important role in this field by publishing successful and excellent food recipes, expressing the correct cooking basics, and offering delicious and tasty foods in principled and interesting packages, all of which were based on scientific research.

Perhaps the combination of foods and the use of different ethnic and racial cuisines in the preparation of a variety of Native American foods is another interesting feature of their diet, which itself contributes significantly to the reputation and development of the diet of these people.

The country has, all over the world. Of course, in addition to mixing cooking recipes and using local ingredients from other nations, chefs and professionals were able to simulate or actually bring other nations’ cooking style closer to their own, creating another type of cooking among their people and families. , Spread that has continued today.

For example, no authentic food can belong to the American people; Found in the diet of the people of this country.

So that the people of Italy with their spaghetti or pizzas, the people of Germany with their delicious and unrivaled hot dogs, the people of Iran with all kinds of kebabs and pure dishes, etc. have presented the identity of their culinary culture and diet to other nations. However, combining the native and authentic foods of other countries has become a habit among the American people that can be easily seen in their diet.

Pasta with hotdog, for example, is an interesting example of a combination of foods from different nations that is served in schools and universities as a common food for students.

The fact of the matter is that until the 1960s, when Asian cuisine played a major role in the American diet, they did not pay much attention to incorporating other nations’ cooking recipes into their cooking style.

They considered food as a daily habit and a common thing in their daily life. Another feature of the American diet is the difference in the diet of each region compared to other regions of the country.

For example, in each state of this country, we see a different style of cooking, raw materials used and tastes, which may be due to the dispersion of early settlers and the production of their offspring in different parts of the country.

Many social scientists, however, go beyond that, arguing that the presence of immigrants can certainly not be attributed to differences in the American cooking style and diet. But what we are witnessing more than ever is the attention, interest and taste of the people, especially the international chefs of this country in learning, presenting and using pristine and new cooking methods in preparing a variety of daily foods and including them in the diet of their people and Other countries of the world.

Unfortunately, what we are seeing today is the harmful and erroneous diet of the American people, which, despite being up-to-date, very high in fat, high in cholesterol, lacks proper nutritional value and is full of substances and spices that are consumed excessively and unbalanced.

They can endanger people’s health. According to statistics provided by nutrition and health experts, most people in this country suffer from overweight and obesity, and the number of people with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease is increasing day by day.

Of course, these people pay a lot of attention to their sports and fitness and try to reduce the problems caused by non-standard diet programs by engaging in morning sports, sports clubs and doing gentle movements. However, due to the increasing growth rate of diseases caused by poor diet, it can be seen that this strategy is weak against the consumption of fatty and high-cholesterol foods.

The types of hot dogs that have become a habit among young people, burgers full of fat and delicious cheeses, fattening sauces, sugary drinks, sweets and harmful snacks are a serious threat to the health of the people of this land.


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