Delicious American Foods and Harmful American Diet – Part II

Delicious, fragrant and tempting American food has gained worldwide fame. A variety of soups, stews, fast foods, sandwiches and sweets that are unique to this country or when you hear their names, the food culture of the people of this land comes to life.

Foods that, according to research by nutritionists and health experts, show a harmful diet that endangers health.

In a previous article on the history of the American food industry, the constructive and prominent role of the early immigrants of this land, delicious and popular and at the same time harmful and dangerous foods, consumables in preparing a variety of common foods and many important and significant cases that It has a direct relationship with the program and diet of the people of this country, it was said, and we intend in this article to express in more detail the food culture and consumables of the people of different regions of this country.

Nutritionists and health experts believe that in most different human societies, food consumption is due to relieving hunger, providing enough energy to perform daily activities, and most importantly, to live and live. But in the United States, enjoying the food they crave is a priority, and little attention is paid to the potential dangers, harm to the body when consumed, and the illnesses and physical problems that may result from craving the food used. That is why the diet of the people of this country has become one of the most harmful food programs in the world and causes many people to suffer from physical problems and dangerous diseases every year.

Delicious American food and harmful diet of this country – Part One

Diet check in some parts of America

New York

New York City is one of the main areas that is known as the food culture capital of the United States. In fact, the city is known as a leader in the food industry and the cradle of delicious food prepared by the people of this land by holding a variety of international parties, popular entertainment and establishing a business in the field of food.

One of the main reasons for the presence of Ellis Island (experts and historians consider it to be the main and largest entry point for early American immigrants due to the large influx of 12 million refugees and immigrants from 1892 to 1954) in New York City is one of the main reasons. The city is known as the cradle of American food culture.

New York City offers the food culture of different nations of the world from all over the globe. You can see the local customs and food of countries from all over the world such as Afghanistan to Vietnam in this city.

Of course, most of the food prepared and the desires of the inhabitants of this region from the United States are dedicated to the preparation and consumption of foods such as pizza, hot dogs, street foods such as indigenous and racial foods such as local Chinese and Jewish foods. A noteworthy point is the great role and influence of the culture of the people of different lands in the creation of diverse and different foods that are known today as the main inhabitants of this region of the United States. Over time, the use of consumables by different nations has led to the gradual evolution of foods and their initial transformation into modern consumption patterns.

Foods that are rooted in the culture and diet of the ancestors and ancestral lands of New Yorkers and have created pristine, fresh, and unique delicacies. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that the food cooked in New York City reflects the history of people’s lives, their raw materials and their lifestyle.

Pizza in New York City has interesting and special features. Shoppers in the city can get some of this delicious, lovable food that is rarely sold in the United States or, if offered, is known as New York pizza. A food with very thin bread, covered with a beautiful, sticky and seductive coating of mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, which has gained many fans across the United States.

Aside from New York pizzas, there are other delicacies throughout the city that are exemplary in popularity and reputation.

For example, in this city you can easily find pizzerias in the Italian Quarter, which is said to have been famous since the 1900s and was founded by someone from Lombardi. In 1905, with the opening of this pizzeria, this person was able to register his name as the oldest pizza supplier in the United States.

Hot Dog in New York

Another snack that you will find on sale as soon as you arrive in New York City is the hot dog shops that offer their sandwiches to a large number of customers, sometimes forming long queues.

The price of these sandwiches is usually cheap and one of them can be easily prepared and consumed by spending about one dollar.

A very tempting dish consisting of hotdog bread, hotdog sausage with delicious ingredients such as mustard sauce, ketchup, grated cabbage and boiled with vinegar and onions.

As mentioned earlier, hot dogs have become a popular staple food in the United States, and many young people in the United States often substitute it for their main meal, much to their dismay because of its amazing flavor and aroma. They enjoy.

Falafel in New York

A variety of street food is sold by vendors throughout New York City, which also happens to have many customers.

These foods are mostly specific to different nations and ethnicities and have become popular in this city due to their taste, price, raw materials and speed of cooking. Falafel and street kebabs are among these foods, which are the most common foods offered by street vendors.

Of course, falafel made in New York is known as Egyptian falafel, and in the form of beautiful, shaped balls consisting of mashed chickpeas fried in oil, pita bread with vegetables and hummus (a type of food that is more commonly known as an appetizer and It is prepared on the basis of chickpeas and can be wrapped with salads or as a sauce) and served to customers.

Diet in South America

The South American Diet is a home-based diet plan used throughout the United States. In fact, it can be said that in this region, you can see the cooking style of American housewives, which is more colorful and significant than other parts of the United States.

For example, in the diet of South American families, you can find foods such as grilled chicken, macaroni with cheese, cornbread, and vegetables such as kale. Delicious, fragrant food and impregnated with native spices that have given a unique taste to the main dishes of this land. Highlights of American cuisine include nutritious, energetic, healthy, and invigorating foods prepared by families.

Eating healthy and nutritious foods that were also taught to children as a kind of food culture. Unfortunately, over time and in recent years, with the creation of unhealthy and harmful foods, this culture has diminished and by combining them with fried, high-fat and harmful foods, has occupied a large part of the identity and food culture of the South American people.

Meat in South America

Around the world, eating meat (red, white and aquatic) is a must-have in any diet. The people of South America are no exception to this rule and have introduced a well-known and well-known diet plan by consuming a variety of meats.

Pork is one of the most widely used items in the preparation of a variety of cooked foods of the people of this part of the United States. A popular ingredient that South American chefs and women provide an interesting and tempting variety of delicious food for family members.

For example, pork is used in the preparation (flavored pork), dried pork, sausages and bacon (salted and dried pork bacon). Apart from the taste of pork, which is delicious and pleasant according to the taste of the American people, nutritionists believe that the easy and painless breeding of pigs in the southern parts of the country, the low cost of breeding this animal and easy reproduction among these creatures are the main reasons. High consumption of this nutrient is considered.

Chicken is another animal whose meat is used to cook a variety of home-cooked meals, including grilled chicken, grilled chicken or barbecue fried chicken. Seafood also has a special place in this region.

Catfish, shellfish, shrimp and freshwater crabs are some of the foods on the South American diet and can be easily found throughout the country, from the Gulf to the Atlantic coast.

Corn and its consumption in South America

Native Americans have a significant influence on the composition and use of raw materials such as native plants and animals in the cooking and preparation of food in the region.

For example, we can mention corn, which is one of the main and in fact the most important plant material used by the people of this region from the United States.

Chefs and housewives often use ingredients such as cornbread, hominy (peeled corn cooked with milk or water) and cornmeal in their meals. Corn groats are widely used to prepare a type of porridge and are one of the popular foods of the people of this land.

With the help of this food, they also prepare a delicious meal at breakfast and enjoy it with their family members.

They mix the cereals with butter, sugar and sometimes grape juice and eat them after a little roasting. In the main meal of dinner, corn groats can be eaten as a side dish along with the main dishes.

Their taste will be very pleasant and appetizing if it is combined with cheese and you can taste delicious cheese corn as a condiment next to the main dish.

These cheese corns can also be used alongside a dish made from flavored shrimp.

Dessert in South America

Desserts and these delicious and lovable foods are other foods that are common in the diet of South Americans and can usually be found in most families during the main meals.

Native fruits and vegetables are one of the most important ingredients in South American desserts. Foods such as peaches, blackberries, raspberries, and sweet potatoes are used by American chefs and ladies to prepare a variety of delicious bases and popular desserts.

For example, MoonPies (an American dessert originally made as a delicious snack and served in Tennessee in the 1917s as a lightweight, portable food for miners), Marshmallow (a pastry-like pastry) Marshmallow is another dessert made and used in South America.

This delicious dessert is made as a creamy sandwich and is said to be made from pure wheat. And sweet snacks (first eaten in the 1900s as food for workers working on the dock or ship) and the popular snacks dipped in melted chocolate are some of the most important and famous desserts in the South. This is the country.

The tempting almond honey, commonly made with egg whites, corn syrup, sugar and walnuts, as well as other dried fruits, is another famous South American dessert that is said to date back to antiquity.

Turkey. But the type that is being developed today and consumed by the American people was first invented and introduced in the early 20th century.

Diet in Chicago

One of the largest cities in the Midwestern United States, also known as the third largest nation in the country, is Chicago.

A city of immigrants from the Arctic, Italy, Germany, and other races that, with its customs and culture, has transformed Chicago into what it is today. Perhaps the many opportunities to live in this city are one of the most important reasons for the presence of so many immigrants from different parts of the world, who have gathered a large population of different races.

It is interesting to note that among all the immigrants living in Chicago, Poles constitute the largest social group, which is called Polonia. By settling in this city, the Italians also transferred their related lifestyle to the United States and introduced it to the world.

Influencing the food culture of the people of Chicago, which can be seen in the preparation and cooking of delicious Italian food, they have established themselves as one of the best chefs in the world by preparing special and pristine food.

The city of Chicago can be introduced as a clear example of a variety of different, different and unique dishes that can be seen anywhere in this land, mixing, combining and creating appetizing food from several nations. Chicago’s food culture today reflects this fact, and its citizens are proud to speak of the classic style of their diet.

Chicken Vesuvio

Vesuvius chicken is one of the most delicious and popular Italian dishes introduced to the people of Chicago by the immigrants of this country in the 1930s.

This dish consists of fried chicken in abundant oil, potatoes, green peas, legumes and native and aromatic spices. This dish can be prepared in special Italian restaurants established in the United States.

It can also be prepared and consumed as an appetizing steak along with pork and potato ears.

Italian Beef

Beef muscle is another ingredient consumed in Chicago that is commonly used by Italian chefs. By consuming this part of the meat, he prepares and cooks a very delicious and popular food that people in the United States and around the world recognize as a kind of native Italian food.

Of course, Italians living in the United States use beef to prepare two different types of food, one grilled or fried and the other watery, both of which are very popular with people in Chicago and across the United States. In the grilled type, Italian chefs cut the muscles into thin slices and fry them in a lot of oil with pepper.

Then they put them in bread and roll them into sandwiches and serve them to the people.

Another type, which is a delicious and pleasant food, is made from pieces of beef that are soaked in a special juice before cooking and flavored. After flavoring the meat, fry it in oil over a low heat, then place it in a meat grinder and fill it with some of this juice and water, and allow it to simmer over low heat.

Cook for an almost long time. This food is very soft and is eaten with bread as a roll or as a watery food. The taste of this dish is such that it has gained many fans.