National Taco Day : 5 great local spots for tacos around Fayetteville

 Today, Oct. 4, is National Taco Day. Sure, chains like Taco Bell and 7-Eleven (yes, 7-Eleven makes tacos) are offering deals to celebrate, but we’re lucky to have tons of top-notch local taco spots right here in Fayetteville worth celebrating every day of the year. 

Whether you’re celebrating this “holiday” or just want something to help melt the Monday blues away, here’s a look at some of our favorite spots for tacos around town. 

This bright orange food truck is hard to miss for motorists driving by the Bragg Boulevard Flea Market, where Crazy Tacos often sets up shop. The menu is classic Mexican street fare — tortas, tostadas, huaraches, menudo and of course, tacos, available with a variety of different meat fillings. They come dressed with cilantro and chopped onion and served with lime, grilled onions, grilled jalapenos and two types of hot sauce. At $2 a pop, they’re a bargain. 

Address: Typically parked outside the Bragg Boulevard Flea Market, 3315 Bragg Blvd., Fayetteville. 

Another Bragg Boulevard staple, Taqueria El Refugio boasts a large menu of tacos, from chicken and pork carnitas, to beef tripe and pork stomach, served with grilled peppers, grilled spring onions and sliced radishes and cucumbers. This truck splits its time between 5307 Bragg Boulevard and a spot outside the flea market. On weekends, Taqueria El Refugio opens at the flea market at 7 a.m., perfect for a pre-shopping breakfast. 

Addresses: Typically parked outside 5307 Bragg Boulevard during the day on weekdays and outside 3315 Bragg Blvd. for dinner on weekdays and all day on weekends. 

Taqueria Las Delicias offers street taco flavor in a sit-down brick-and-mortar restaurant. The menu, larger than one you’d typically find on a food truck, includes breakfast offerings such as huevos rancheros, chilaquiles and breakfast burritos. Along with Fayetteville, Taqueria Las Delicias has restaurants in Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Goldsboro and Castle Hayne. 

Address: 524 S. Reilly Road, Fayetteville

Check out these eight places to celebrate in the New Bedford area

Looking for some fun, new places to check for tacos today for National Taco Day? From sit-down restaurants to takeout, we’ve got you covered.

The taco first came to the United States in 1905. Tacos were known as a “street food” at the time, specifically in Los Angeles. By 1920, Mexican food started to fuse with American ingredients.

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The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon once said in a thank-you note, “Thank you, hard taco shells, for surviving the long journey from factory, to supermarket, to my plate and then breaking the moment I put something inside you. Thank you.”

Whether it be in a crunchy or soft shell, chicken, beef or fish, spicy or sweet — check out these eight SouthCoast spots.

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La Raza serves a large array of taco choices topped with cilantro and onions. Guests can order ingredients such as pollo (chicken), carne asada (beef), chorizo (Mexican sausage), Halisco (goat meat), and barbacoa (shredded beef).

No Problemo (New Bedford)
Located at 813 Purchase St., the colorful-tiled joint offers a fun hangout in downtown New Bedford for Mexican food, snacks and drinks. “Its decor is as much Mexican history as it is youth culture,” said a previous Standard-Times article.

More:New Bedford’s No Problemo is back

No Problemo offers regular, veggie, beef, spicy BBQ and a super taco choice. All taco’s start with a flour tortilla, beans, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, scallions, salsa and sour cream. Customers can also add guacamole or plantains. Note: the menu changes frequently and it’s cash only.

To find your nearest Taco Bell, we’ve popped the store locator here for ease. You’ll also find the opening and closing time information listed there as well.

For any eager taco fans in London, the first 100 to visit the London Baker Street restaurant, will receive their free Crunchy Taco from none other than YouTuber and social media favourite, Chunkz. The Beta Squad star will be behind the counter swapping taco emojis for delicious Crunchy tacos.

Gino Casciani, General Manager for Taco Bell UK & Europe said: “National Taco Day is an exciting date in the diary for taco fans around the world and we wanted to celebrate the annual event by offering people across the UK the chance to try a taco for free in a fun and unique way. Whether you consider yourself a taco connoisseur or new to the taco scene, make sure to text the taco emoji on the 4th October to transform your emoji into a real mouth-watering one!”

Taco Bell successfully brought the taco emoji to the masses in 2015 through a petition that received more than 33,000 signatures urging the Unicode Consortium to include the emoji on smartphones.

With billions of people around the world now with tacos on their phones, Taco Bell wants to give everyone in the UK who may have never tried a taco the opportunity to taste one for themselves.

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The history of the taco is a nebulous one; its origins aren’t precisely known. However, there is anthropological evidence that the indigenous people of Mexico were already eating tacos before Spanish imperialism came to town.

Given the many flavor combinations that are possible, there are a vast number of different kinds of tacos. A popular few are tacos al pastor (“shepherd style,” made with pork), tacos de asador (these can feature carne asada or chorizo), tacos de lengua (that’s tongue, and they’re very popular), and tacos de pescado (another crowd favorite, fish tacos).