Traditional American Food: 10 Delicious and Famous American Meals

It has not been many years since the discovery of the United States of America, but it has been influential in changing different lifestyles and traditions in the world. In the following, you will get to know American dishes that are very famous and delicious.

Americans have high incomes and therefore are interested in many foods. Also, fast foods and restaurants that are always open influence such a lifestyle.

From pizza to Mexican tacos are found in the states of this country and traditional and special dishes are also available. In this article, you will get acquainted with traditional American food. If you travel to this country, you will have complete information about them.

1- Apple pie – American national food

It is said that an American is known for his apple pie, because it is an American confectionery and national food. Forget others who say walnuts are better, this is not true at all. Undoubtedly, apple pie is one of the traditional American dishes.

The simple combination of sugar, Korean sweets and chopped apple tarts creates a wonderful dessert that not only Americans, but many people around the world consider their life with apple pie to be great. For an attractive change in apple pie, green chili peppers can be added to it, and this pie model is sold in the state of New Mexico.

2- Hamburger – the most famous traditional American food

Every American has a different idea to find the best hamburger in the country. As this popular promise is well received in our country, Iran, hamburger is one of the best foods in the world.

From the westernmost fast food (In-N-Out Burger) to the fine dining in New York (The Spotted Pig), there are many options to consider. But only one place is known by the Library of Congress as the birthplace of hamburgers, and that is New Haven, Connecticut.

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It was built in 1900 under the name Louis Dining and was run by Louis Lassen. Today, his grandson, Jeff Lawson, runs the place and still makes this traditional American dish, which is made from a mixture of five meats and grilled in a traditional oven.

3- Oyster broth

It is almost impossible for anyone to visit Boston without trying oyster broth. This traditional American food is white in color, has a spicy taste, and is almost like a fragrant soup that is sold everywhere.

The only thing that makes you fall in love with this food is just tasting it once. Anyone who has decided to mix oyster oysters with soft-boiled potatoes, salted pork, high-fat cream and herbs or vegetables has been a complete genius.

There are many ways to eat this American dish, but the best choice is to prepare a bowl of bread and drink in the Atlantic. This is where the chefs make one of the best and freshest oyster broths in America.

4- Salmon bread and salmon fillet

Restricting New York State to representing American food is wrong, but the people of that city must be respected and their food tasted. Now it’s time to introduce the salmon bread and fillet, which is one of the most important American dishes for the weekend at the Manhattan tables.

Scientific studies have been conducted to understand why this New York food dominates other competitors; Old legends say that it is related to the properties of New York water. Whatever the reason, one of the best producers of this food is Ross and his daughters, who work in the lower east of the city.

Their most famous dishes are a collection of smoked fish with cream cheese and caviar if needed.

5- Pizza Deep Dish – Famous American food

Pizza in Chicago looks and tastes different. Deep dish means a deep dish and is different in size from regular pizzas and accommodates a larger volume of ingredients. Surprisingly, the American people call this food “pie”! To make this great American food great, it is better to consume sweet carbonated drinks with it.

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You might like to try Pizza Deep at Uno Pizzeria; Where he claims to have invented deep Italian-American pizzas. In general, minced meat or grilled meat is used in cooking these pizzas. Do not doubt that Pizza Deep Pizza is one of the best traditional American dishes.

However, you probably know that pizza is one of the most authentic Italian dishes, but the type of dip is related to the United States.

6- Excellent combination of biscuits and sausages

Biscuits in the United States are literally a sliced ​​cookie or cake that usually consists of fat or pork and skim milk. In states like Montana, where people burn their energy on horse training grounds, biscuits are eaten for breakfast with soup stuffed with pieces of sausage.

The aroma of this traditional American food will surely wake you up in the morning. A different kind of food in Austin, Texas, where biscuits and soup have been replaced by maple bacon and Jack Colby cheese. In addition, music is played with the meal, and the band is known as The Aretha Franklin.

Texas Barbecue – One of the Most Delicious Meals in the United States

Australians may like to light fires and make barbecues on weekends, but Texans live by barbecuing. Mesquite smoked meat and flavoring it with ordinary herbs is an obsession among Texas people.

It is not uncommon in this state to watch football games and see that many people everywhere have brought their barbecues and are busy making this traditional American food.

For great beef, head to the Dallas Farmers Market, you may be a little lingering in the queue, but it’s worth the wait to book a table at Pecan Lodge. Here you will find pork, beef ribs, collard vegetables and almost everything of the best possible quality in the state. It can be said that barbecue is one of the main and most traditional American dishes.

8- Homini Grits

Southern food seems to be everywhere in the world, and you can only write a complete list focusing on things like chicken and waffles. So it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with one of the basics of Southern cuisine: Homini grits are actually ground corn that is coarsely ground and then boiled in butter or bacon fat.

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At first glance it looks rough, but in fact it’s great. To prove this, Blossom Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, offers Homemade Grits with Shrimp and Andalusian Sausage; This is one of the American dishes that I recommend you try with Brussels sprouts and sweet ice tea.

Los Angeles is a city where taco sandwiches can be found on every street corner. These famous Mexican sandwiches are famous all over the world and are one of Toronto’s most popular street food.

For a good example of this traditional American food, forget the sandwiches of the chain stores and find a small and delicious meal in El Huarache Azteca, a famous Mexican place near Highland Park.

The menu of this place is complete and different models of taco sandwiches can be found there. Generally, these sandwiches in the United States are supplemented with chicken and eat less meat.

Thanksgiving Foods – America’s Most Traditional Meal

Thanksgiving is not necessarily a food or a place to eat, but it is so ingrained in American history that it is celebrated (on the last Tuesday in November). I can boldly say that Thanksgiving turkey is one of the most famous traditional American dishes.

Holidays are officially for friends and family, but everyone knows that Thanksgiving is really about turkey, blueberry sauce, pumpkin pie, green bean bowls and meat dishes.

While these recipes, like the ones on the list, may cause you diabetes or heart problems, they are all delicious and together they create the most enjoyable celebrations you could attend.

Many restaurants offer turkey on their menu, but the most special option is always a friend’s house, even if the food burns! Because this way you can enjoy this traditional and special celebration with your friends. Do not doubt that this meal is one of the most delicious American dishes.

The last word

Traditional American food is consumed in many countries, including Iran, and is very popular. The old promises of the United States are truly delicious and unique. You may not believe it, but you can find the best American food on the streets of this country.

American street food is very popular and delicious; And you must have seen one of them in the movies of this country.

I’m glad you left to read this article. Thank you for being proud of me and expressing your opinions.