Introducing the VASCO robot in the new Starfield video

Bethesda has released a new video of the Starfield game that introduces the VASCO mobile robot.

Yesterday, Bethesda released a new video of the much-anticipated Starfield game, which introduces one of the auxiliary characters accompanying the players. This character, who is an intelligent robot, can accompany players in their explorations in unknown and dangerous environments. The robot, called VASCO, was designed and built in the Starfield world by the Lunar Robotics Institute , according to Stephen Poly, art designer at Bethesda Game Studios .

Vasco’s powerful body, mounted on two powerful mechanical legs, would be ideal for exploring new planets and space exploration. Vasco also has the ability to carry explorer equipment and supplies, so players can transfer some of their non-essential items to Vasco when identifying new areas.

Poly says Vasco is a peacekeeping robot serving explorers, but can defend itself with built-in weapons in times of danger and conflict. It is not yet clear whether users can upgrade Vasco with more defensive capabilities and the ability to carry heavier loads. You can watch the trailer introducing the capabilities of this interesting robot

Gamers have already seen Vasco in the trailer for the game at Microsoft’s E3 2021 event and the second part of Into the Starfield videos. On the other hand, many fans are still looking forward to the first gameplay of Starfield. Game director Todd Howard promised fans some time ago that full screenshots of the gameplay would be released this summer.

With the cancellation of the annual E3 2022 event in June, we’ll have to wait and see what date Microsoft chooses to hold its event and showcase the highly anticipated gameplay of games such as Starfield and Redfall by Arkin Studios.Related article:

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Starfield role-playing game will be released on November 11 (November 20) for Xbox X Series , Xbox S Series and PC. The game will be available on the Xbox Games service for PC and Xbox consoles from the day of release.

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