The Hitman trilogy has more than 50 million gamers and Hitman 3 is the most successful game in the series

New content for Hitman 3 will be released soon. There is also a strategy map for this game. IO Interactive, the maker and maker of the Hitman game series, has announced that the new Hitman trilogy, with about 50 million players, has been Hitman’s success in history, and that Hitman 3 is currently the most successful part of any Hitman game.

The new content will be released in January (December of this year) which includes graphic mode of Ray Tracing on the computer, virtual reality mode on the computer and Elusive Arcade Mode.

As described, the popular Ultimate Elusive Target Challenge is set to be updated in a new style that adds variety. This style of play is essentially a time-limited challenge. This means that the manufacturer will announce a time period and you only have one chance to destroy your target once. Elusive Target is one of the most popular parts of the game and Hitman fans are very interested in it.

Following this news, the publisher of this game, IO Interactive, announced that new maps will be added to the game along with a new story section. Of course, nothing has been announced so far and news in this regard will be published soon.

Hitman 3 was released in early 2021. This game is the most complete example in the Hitman trilogy and is even considered the best game in the entire Hitman series. The stage style of the game along with the freedom of action and the great variety in it has made Hitman 3 one of the most successful and best games in this genre.

Now, almost a year after its release, its creators are still trying to keep Hitman 3 alive. Especially with the news that has been released during this period, it has made gamers forget this game a bit. The release of the new map and the new challenges will bring fans back to Hitman 3 and give people who have not yet experienced it more content.

Hitman 3 game review

Hitman 3, with all its weaknesses, provides the audience with one of the most entertaining experiences in this series.

There is no denying that Agent 47 is one of the most charismatic and popular characters in the video game industry, and various versions of it have been released today. The stealth action style of the Hitman series is something that has attracted users from the beginning, and the fact that you can destroy your targets in different ways has made the Hitman series valuable.

It was in 2016 that IO Interactive Studios, creator and publisher of the Hitman series, began building a new trilogy. The first version was made available to users episodically and received acceptable feedback. Hitman 2, meanwhile, was released as a full-fledged game and, like the first version, offered a good experience. However, Hitman 3 can be considered the most sensitive version of this trilogy, because in terms of gameplay, users wanted various improvements, and in terms of story, we were going to see an end for Agent 47.

Hitman 3, the latest version of Hitman, completes Agent 47’s storyline well, but it still has problems that make the game a few steps away from being fantastic. The story of the game begins exactly after the second version; Where Agent 47 realizes the client’s true identity and now, with the help of his childhood friend Gary, tries to eliminate key members of Providence.

Meanwhile, the leader of this group is trying to make things more difficult for this lovable character by misleading Diana, the leader of Agent 47. The storytelling in Hitman 3, like the previous two versions, has a cinematic feel and follows the story and the goal set for the player. Therefore, during the 6 stages, we will see the continuation of the adventures that started in 2016 and have now reached the end of the path.

IO Interactive Studio completes the story and characterization of the characters well. In other words, Hitman 3 can be considered a good ending for Agent 47 and the identity he was given. Of course, if you have not played the previous two trilogy versions of World of Assassination, you may not notice the apparent details of the story, but the production team has provided a middle ground at the beginning of the game that explains the whole story to the audience.

However, the thing that made Hitman 3 act like two sides of the same coin is the gameplay and related designs. Hitman is a stealth action series in which stealth elements as well as stage design play the biggest role. If the design of the game stages is not attractive or the stealth elements are not designed to engage you, you will not enjoy the game at all.

Over the years, we have seen games in which, despite the stealth elements, the player prefers to stick to the action elements of the game and not go into stealth. Hitman has always been known for having fun stages and engaging stealth elements. We may have seen the game become more action-packed in some versions, but IO Interactive in Hitman 3 places a lot of emphasis on stealth. The excellent arrangement of the game’s stealth elements and their placement in well-designed stages have led the player to advance the game by stealth and completing story missions instead of focusing more on action and shooting.

Each of the 6 stages of Hitman 3 game has three missions, through which you can complete the stages in the conditions provided by the developer, in addition to obtaining more story content. Aside from the fact that some of these missions are contradictory and encourage you to re-experience that stage, the development team has used a number of other methods in addition to the missions. In other words, the design of Hitman 3 stages is its main strength and because of the rewards it offers, it persuades the player to repeat each stage many times. These methods and missions often have stealth elements, and the player must perform them and destroy the targets without attracting attention.

For example, these rewards can be to start the game from another point in the environment, earn more items to start the game, personalization items, and more. Even if you do not go for the rewards, you can still complete each step in 5-6 different ways. In terms of time, a round of Hitman 3 takes about seven hours to complete, but the high repetition value is something that can keep the player entertained for 30 to 40 hours.

The thing that bothers the player to some extent in the gameplay is the fighting and shooting system of the game. Sometimes you have to unload a gun to destroy a soldier who is dressed in the most ordinary clothes possible. You need to do the same to destroy the troops who are wearing bulletproof vests and vests. In other words, to some extent, the shooting system of the game, unlike stealth cases, does not have a realistic structure. Unfortunately, the one-on-one combat system could have been better designed. IO Interactive Studio has tried to use a button system for this section, but the fixed melee combat mechanism and the non-use of a random system do not allow the player to communicate as he should and perhaps with melee battles.

AI is another case in point. In some scenes, we see the good performance of this part, and by killing one enemy, others will notice your presence in the environment. However, in some other scenes, they will not notice you, even if you are with the person. Of course, at the end of the game, the situation gets a little better, but in general, Hitman 3 AI is far from the standard we see in today’s quality games.

In terms of graphics and visual effects, Hitman 3 offers almost the same experience that Hitman 2 provided to users in 2018. However, lighting is a case in point that makes Hitman 3 visually appealing. When you are in very well-lit environments such as the Dubai stage or China, you can well see the visual progress of the game compared to previous versions in this section.

Users who also have mid-range gaming PCs can enjoy Hitman 3 well

Apart from the positive and negative points mentioned in the design section, the faces of the soldiers are often the same as each other, and you can see many repetitive faces by walking next to them. However, the variety of game environments is a case that has caused players to face different soldiers, and citizens in appearance. This is why their faces do not show themselves as they should and perhaps do not.

Technically, Hitman 3 has a good performance and on the computer, there is no frame drop or bug, and users who have gaming mid-range computers can enjoy Hitman 3 well. Music is another item that appears as a key element in some stages and creates different moments for the players.

By definition, Hitman 3 may be very similar to its predecessors in terms of gameplay and visual effects, but the evolution of the design of the stages and their high appeal have made Hitman 3 highly repetitive and the overall experience it offers It is valuable and can entertain the audience. The story and trilogy of World of Assassination is also a way to answer all the questions of the players in the previous versions and is a good ending point for one of the best characters in video games.

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