Sega does not release an exclusive game for Xbox

Sega has officially confirmed that the company’s recent agreement with Microsoft is for the sole use of the company’s technical capabilities.

Under a recent agreement between Sega and Microsoft, the Japanese company plans to use Azure servers to develop service-oriented games that will not be available exclusively for the Xbox. Sega has announced that it will use Microsoft’s Azure servers to host, deploy and develop ambitious games. Sega plans to create a new type of video game called Super Games, which will actually be very large, service-oriented games similar to Phantasy Star Online.

According to the current plan, Sega will launch several new games under the Super Game program by 2030, so that there will be an extensive online network to attract $ 800 million to $ 1 billion in revenue during the useful life of each of these games. But to achieve its goal, it needs huge servers that will be provided by Microsoft according to the agreement. Sega Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently using Azure servers. So SEGA is interested in the company’s next games also benefiting from Microsoft’s powerful cloud network. Sega has allocated $ 880 million to develop new games.

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News of the deal has sparked speculation that Sega will make an exclusive Xbox game, which has now been denied in an official statement. Sega has made it clear that its strategic partnership with Microsoft will not lead to the release of exclusive Xbox games. The company seeks to expand its market reach to all major platforms. Sega wants to attract audiences from more countries and different platforms to its games.

It is now thought that digital video games will provide access to more players than physical versions. Therefore, the company will spare no effort to reach more audiences. The text of Sega’s new official statement reads: “We have announced the start of a strategic alliance with Microsoft to create Super Games that will, in fact, define the company’s long-term strategy. We had a very close business relationship with Microsoft and worked on collections owned by the company.

When the idea of ​​Super Game came up, Microsoft agreed with us, and this led to the formal announcement of the agreement. It should be noted that we are not talking about the exclusive release of games for Microsoft. “Rather, we want to offer Super Game to the global community with their technical support.”