Autumn road trip, a colorful experience

Autumn is a beautiful deciduous season when the roads take on a different color. Do not miss the experience of traveling on colorful roads this season.

In late September, in most of the United States, the color of the leaves begins to change dramatically and expands in November. This is a beautiful and spectacular show of Mother Nature. At any time during this season, the leaves take on a special color. If you want to see all this beauty, you have to hit the heart of the road.

New England and the Mid-Atlantic

When you think of leaves, New England probably comes to mind first, because it will present you with one of the most fascinating scenes of fallen foliage. This may not be unrelated to the northern climate and the abundance of maple trees. The color of the leaves in these trees tends from green to bright orange and red.

North Maine (a state in the northeastern United States, one of the six states of New England), its decay begins in late September. In addition, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania will join the deciduous trees in mid-October.

In Boston you can see a collection of colors in different places. As you cross downtown Massachusetts, you will see lush trees and a historic village celebrating this season.

To the north, at the confluence of the Connecticut River, between Vermont and New Hampshire, you will see beautiful views of deciduous trees. If you want to stay in this area, visit the official New England tourism site.

Pennsylvania claims that more than 2.5 million acres of the state’s forests and parks are exploding with autumn leaves. This makes the state a popular destination for autumn leaves.

“Government tourism officials,” said Kerry Fisher Lepore, a government tourism official.

Autumn is the art and loudest of Pennsylvania.

Originally Pennsylvania, it is home to the fall season with the most diversity compared to other countries.


Mid-October is the first time to see the beautiful autumn leaves in Midwest, which stretches from North Dakota to the hills of West Virginia.

Michigan, Keweenaw Peninsula, is a popular destination for fall fall foliage. In this area, leaf shedding begins in early October. If you want to have an adventurous trip and this is not possible by car, try cycling and kayaking tours. It is also possible to stay in cottages, cabins and country houses.

Michigan’s official travel site, Travel Michgan, is gaining traction in the fall.

“Michigan Vice President Dave Lorenz, part of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, says:”

Autumn in Michigan is a good time to chase the colors and jewels hidden along roads and highways.

West Virginia is known as a mountainous region with mountains visible almost everywhere because of the ubiquitous mountains. This area will be full of spectacular colors in mid-October.

There are two roads to see these beautiful landscapes, but there is another unique way to see the colorful trees and fallen autumn leaves, and that is by train. The main line of this train is from Chesapeake to Ohio.


Depending on the altitude, the beautiful colors of autumn will eventually reach Colorado. The leaves show up in the Colorado Rocky Area in late September and then reach the eastern plains in mid-October.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park and Grand Lake are great trails for those who want to take a look at the beautiful leaf changes.

One of Colorado Autumn Visitors’ Favorite Destinations is the historic 1918 peak-to-peak route in Stacey Park, which allows travelers to see the vibrant colors of autumn along the way.

No matter where you live, wherever you are, you will surely have spectacular views of the deciduous and autumn trees near you that do not even require a long journey. It is a secret that autumn is the peak of nature show. Prepare yourself for an even shorter trip, but check the weather carefully before any planning.