10 Misconceptions About a Friend You Should Throw Away

Friendships and friendships are one of the most valuable assets of any person. A true friend is someone who is with us both in the days of joy and happiness and in the days of hardship and sorrow. Sometimes we have misconceptions about friendships and these misconceptions can cause problems in our relationships. In this article, we will talk about some common misconceptions about friendships. Stay with us.

1. The more friends, the better

The first misconception is that sometimes we think that the more friends we have, the better, but the fact is that the quality of friendship is much more important than the quantity. If you have 5 very close friends, it is much better than having 10 normal friends.

When you are stressed and under pressure, your body releases a hormone called cortisol . Studies have shown that cortisol levels also rise when you do not have close friends or the quality of your friendships is poor. Another problem with having a lot of friends is that you have to work hard to maintain that many relationships, and that can be really frustrating.

2. True friendships are everlasting

The fact is that our relationships with our friends can change a lot over time, and that’s perfectly normal. Friendship is the interaction of complex human beings with complex and changing needs. Sometimes, due to some problems and difficulties and temporal and spatial conditions, there may be a distance between us and our friends, and this does not mean that the friendship is unreal.

Sometimes we make friends with people because of the special situation or circumstances we have, and it is interesting that these seemingly insignificant relationships can be extremely valuable, even if they are temporary.

3. Men and women can not be ordinary friends

This belief is definitely wrong. We must not allow gender stereotypes to damage our important friendships. There are many people whose best friends are of the opposite sex, and this is perfectly normal.

4. Having a best friend is essential for everyone

It is certainly good to have close and intimate friends, but it is not obligatory. Some people want to keep their friend to themselves at all costs and thus put pressure on the other party. There are definitely many benefits to having a good , close friend, but only if the friendship does not hurt either of the two friends.

5. True friends never upset us

We are all human beings and we each have our own weaknesses. The fact that your friend is upsetting or frustrating you is not the right reason why he or she is bad or that your relationship is not real. Everyone can make mistakes sometimes and apologize to the other person when they realize they have made a mistake . So do not judge a true friend by such things, and do not change the feelings of your friend because of such things.

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6. True friendships happen spontaneously

The fact is that building friendships requires effort. Sometimes you may get in touch with someone as soon as you see them and they will show interest and you will become good friends, but this is not always the case. Sometimes you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

7. Our friends need to be aware of our needs

We should not expect our friends to be aware of our needs and read our minds without talking to us. A true friendship is when people need help or need to distance themselves from each other. We should not expect even our 20-year-old friend to read our minds and know what we want without saying anything.

8. If we have no friends, then there is a problem

The fact is that some people have no friends and seem satisfied with this situation. Some people feel that if they do not have many friends, they feel useless or empty, and there are people who do not feel the need to have friendly relations. It all depends on the personality and mindset of the people and these situations are normal.

9. If the friendship ends, it means I have failed

Any relationship, no matter how serious and real, may one day end. Ending a friendship properly is a sign of maturity. It is a mistake to think that if one day our relationship with our friend breaks down for any reason, it means we have failed. If your relationship is about to end, accept the situation and try to act logically.

10. There is only one ideal altruism

Friendship relationships come in many forms. Some begin and continue in childhood, while others are shaped by a person’s particular situation or circumstances. Some friends are very close, while others’ friendships may not be very close. There are no set rules for friendship, and we can not call a particular type of friendship an ideal friendship.

Concluding remarks

Our purpose in introducing these misconceptions was to say that friendship is a very sweet and enjoyable event as long as both parties want to continue it, and you should never put pressure on yourself and the other party with these misconceptions.

You say

How many of these misconceptions do you have about your friendship? Do you agree that these beliefs can be harmful and annoying? Please share your opinions and experiences with us and our dear users.