Britain is the first country in the world to approve Covid treatment pills

Britain is the first country in the world to approve an oral antiviral pill developed to treat Covid.

Mulnopiravir is the first pill approved for the treatment of Covid by the British Drug Enforcement Administration.

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It is co-produced by the pharmaceutical companies Merck and Ridgeback.

Merck plans to produce 10 million of these pills by the end of this year.

Mulnopiravir tablets are given twice daily to vulnerable patients who have recently developed the disease.

In clinical trials, the pill, originally developed to treat the flu, halved the risk of hospitalization and death in patients with Quid.

“This is a historic day in our country, as the UK is the first country in the world to approve an antiviral drug that can be used to treat colic at home,” British Health Minister Sajid Javid said in a statement.

The first oral treatment

Mulnopiravir tablets are the first antiviral drug for Qovid to be taken as a pill instead of an injection or intravenous injection.

Britain has agreed to buy 480,000 rounds of the pill, with the first shipment expected to be delivered by the middle of this month.

The pill is initially given to vaccinated and unvaccinated people, and the decision to order more of this drug is made after gathering information about its effectiveness.

It should be given within five days of the onset of symptoms to be most effective.

How Molnopiravin works

The pill targets an enzyme that the virus uses to copy itself. This pill prevents the virus from multiplying and thus keeps the virus level in the body low and reduces the severity of the disease.

Merck Pharmaceuticals says the approach should be effective in treating new types of viruses in the future.

The pill is approved for use by people with mild to moderate coronary heart disease who have at least one risk factor for severe illnesses such as obesity, old age, diabetes or heart disease, according to the British Drug Enforcement Administration.

Clinical trials

Preliminary clinical trials of molnopiravir tablets on 775 patients who have recently developed Covid:

7.3% of those who received the pill were hospitalized
Compared to 14.1% of patients who received placebo
No mortality was observed in the group receiving molnopiravir, but eight patients receiving the placebo test later died of coronary artery disease.
The results of the experiment were released in a statement by Merck and have not yet been reviewed by other experts.

The results of clinical trials show that this pill should be taken immediately after the onset of coronary symptoms to be effective.

Identify a new antibody that can fight a variety of coronaviruses

An initial study in patients previously hospitalized with severe coronary artery disease was discontinued after disappointing results were obtained.

The UK Drug Enforcement Administration has recommended in its approval document that the drug be taken “as soon as possible” after a coronary test is positive and within five days of the onset of symptoms.

“If the results are repeated in the British population, then the number of cases that require hospitalization could be halved,” said Professor Penny Ward of King’s College London, who did not take part in the clinical trials. “And the death toll is falling sharply.”

The British government has not disclosed the value of the initial contract to buy 480 rounds of the pill. But US officials recently bought 1.7 million doses of the pill for about $ 1.2 billion, which means $ 700 (۱ 513) per patient.

Other countries, such as Australia, Singapore and South Korea, have also signed contracts to purchase the pill.

Merck is the first company to publish the results of clinical trials of mulnopiravir for the treatment of Covid, but other companies are working on similar treatments.

Pfizer, Merck’s American competitor, has begun clinical trials on two antiviral pills. Meanwhile, the Swiss company Roche is researching a similar drug.


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