Early Christmas holidays due to the Corona crisis in England

At the same time as 88,000 new cases of coronary heart disease and the growing prevalence of omicron in Britain, schools in the country were closed ahead of schedule for Christmas.

At the same time as the announcement of more than 88,000 new cases of coronavirus, by the order of the British government, schools for the Christmas holidays have been closed due to the prevalence of omicron in this country, earlier than every year.

Most of these schools are already considering ways to extend this post-Christmas holiday and hold classes online.

The Welsh government has also announced that schools will reopen two days after the Christmas holidays to prepare for any measures needed to keep classes online.

The British newspaper also reported that most schools in the UK are currently short of staff due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the staff being infected with the virus.

Some UK schools and colleges have been advised by UK health authorities to hold classes online. It is said that so far schools under the supervision of at least 30 British authorities have started holding their classes online.

This evening (Thursday), AFP quoted a British official as saying that more than 88,000 new people have been infected with Corona in the past 24 hours, stating: “Therefore, a new record has been set by this country in terms of infection. “Registered in Corona.”

“I do not think such a move is necessary unless the local authorities of each school issue a warning to do so,” a British government spokesman said in response to a call for comment. . ยป

A few hours ago, news sources reported that the concerns and problems of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, were increasing due to the increasing prevalence of omicrons in the country, and that his mismanagement in this crisis and his wrong decisions were reasons to reduce his popularity.

Boris Johnson’s popularity has plummeted in recent months due to a range of scandals involving his government. Last year, for example, in the midst of Corona restrictions, a Christmas party was held by his government, which has been widely criticized by citizens.

Last week, British experts warned the British government that between the next five months, the outbreak of Omicron in the UK would have between 25,000 and 75,000 Cronus casualties.

They also say that in the most optimistic case, this corona could send 2,000 patients to British hospitals daily. They predicted the number of patients admitted from December 1 to April 30 (December 4, 14000 to May 10, 1401) at 175,000 and the total number of casualties during this period to 24,700.

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