Evaluation of the effect of Pfizer vaccine on patients with omicron strain

The results of a study show that the Pfizer vaccine can prevent hospitalization in the wake of the omicron outbreak.

A study on the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine showed that in recent weeks, two doses of the vaccine have been able to prevent up to 70% of patients being admitted to South Africa, which is experiencing a significant increase in Omicron-type infections.

The study used a positive test of 211,000 patients between November 15 and December 7, of which about 78,000 were attributed to omicron. However, definitive Omicron infection has not been confirmed in these 78,000 positive tests, which means that no definitive findings can be obtained based on this study.

South African researchers have so far confirmed about 550 omicron sequences, which make up 78% of the sequences since November, more than the previous dominant delta.

Late last month, South Africa warned of the Omicron strain, saying it could cause a further increase in cases worldwide. As a result of this warning, travel restrictions were imposed in South Africa. The number of daily cases in South Africa has increased to about 20,000 in recent days.

According to Reuters, the analysis shows that two doses of Pfizer vaccine can protect up to 70% of people against hospitalization and protect people up to 33% against the risk of infection. . However, the effectiveness of this vaccine in the prevention of delta was 80% and in preventing the deterioration of the patient was over 90%.

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