How do we know we have an intelligent child?

These days, the concern of all responsible parents in our society (!) Is to do something to understand how smart their child is from the very beginning of childhood and how they can have a smarter childhood than other children by taking actions.

In this article, we intend to first introduce you to ways that you can easily determine what your child’s IQ is, and then we decide to take steps to increase your child’s IQ.

So if you are interested in being able to measure your child’s intelligence in the right direction and increase it, stay with us at the end of this article!

Signs of high intelligence in children

It may be a little hard for you to believe, but smart children show signs from the beginning of infancy that show that a head and neck are different from their peers.

Of course, intelligence in a child is divided into attributive and acquired.

That is, part of the intelligence is transferred to children through hereditary factors, etc., and the other part is acquired, and by performing activities, it causes the child’s IQ in the field of acquisition to increase day by day.

In this article, we are going to talk about both parts, but in the first step, we want to talk about the factors that help you recognize high IQ in your child.

Smart children are not quiet!
One of the signs of high intelligence in children is that they do not sit still and constantly like to stutter.

So if you have a child who is restless, know that your child may be one of the future geniuses.

Clever children are interested in books!

Another sign that children are smart is that they have loved reading books since childhood.

In early childhood, illiterate people love to look at pictures in books, and as they get older, they love to look at writings and discover the inner truths of books.

Child IQ, Diagnosis of child IQ, Signs of high intelligence in children
Teaching mathematics to children

Smart kids connect with people older than themselves!
One of the signs of smart kids is that they like to talk and make friends with people older than themselves.

If you also see that your children are very interested in attracting the attention of people older than themselves and somehow make friends with them (!), Know that you have an intelligent child.

Smart children do not sleep much!

Another strange symptom of intelligent children is that they do not get enough sleep as other children their age and usually run away from sleep.

If this is the case for your child – of course, I know how annoying this can be for parents – you should know that this lack of sleep is probably a sign of your child’s high IQ!

Clever children communicate between events and happenings!
Understanding the connection between the two does not seem to be a difficult task for adults.

For example, if you see a car moving, for example, you can guess where they are going and what they are going to do.

But for your child, this is very complicated because there is a lot of ignorance in their world.

But usually smart children can make effective connections between events and easily relate events to each other.

For example, if they see you walking towards the kitchen, they can guess what you are going to do there!

Ways to increase IQ in children

We said that part of intelligence is related to hereditary factors and is inherited from the level of parental intelligence to the child.

Unfortunately, this part of the work cannot be done.

But the other part of IQ is related to acquired factors, and by taking effective and purposeful measures, you can increase your child’s IQ and turn your child into a child with high intelligence and attractiveness!

So we suggest you join us in this part of the article entitled Ways to increase IQ in children!

Play math games

One of the most effective and guaranteed ways to increase children’s IQ is to play math and childish games.

Games that, while entertaining, also use and reinforce the child’s mathematical intelligence.

Children love games, so try to find different types of math games for children by researching and searching, and engage their minds with math throughout the day.
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How to teach math to children

Send them to music class!

One way to increase your child’s intelligence and have a smart child is to introduce them to music from an early age!

Experience has shown that children who have been learning a musical instrument since childhood are far smarter and more creative than other children!

So if you can afford it, send your child to music class and help him or her to pursue music seriously from an early age.

Exercise and increase children’s intelligence

Research has shown that physical activity helps a child’s brain development and cognitive function. If you want to have an intelligent child, make sure that there is a useful and regular exercise activity in his program.

This will help you to develop your child’s intelligence and strengthen their flexibility to help them be healthier and more flexible in adulthood.

Teaching math to children

Another effective way to increase your child’s IQ is to engage his or her mind with math from an early age and introduce him or her to the wonderful world of math by teaching math to children.

To teach math to the detriment of simple and fun methods, we suggest that you visit the lemon math site and help your child’s intelligence develop by buying a monthly subscription!

In this article, we tried to introduce you to the signs that you can recognize your child’s high intelligence in the first step, and in the second step, we helped you to find ways to increase your child’s IQ!

We hope you enjoy reading this article!

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