New corona strain; The President of South Africa called for the immediate lifting of the travel embargo

South African President Cyril Ramafoza has called on the United States, Britain and the European Union to lift the travel ban immediately because of a new outbreak of the Corona-Omicron virus.

Mr Ramafuza made the remarks on Sunday (November 28th), saying he was “deeply saddened and dissatisfied” with the West’s decision, calling it “discriminatory” because he said it was a strong scientific basis for the travel ban to be effective. There is no way to prevent the spread of viruses.

The new strain of coronavirus, dubbed omicron, has been dubbed the “worrying strain” and the results of initial studies have identified it as having the potential to increase the risk of recurrence of coronary heart disease.

The strain, first identified in South Africa in November and reported to the World Health Organization last Wednesday, has been blamed for a major cause of Quaid infections in South Africa’s most populous province, Gauteng.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly opposed the imposition of border restrictions and international travel, urging countries to take a “scientific assessment of vulnerability.”

However, in the past few days, several travel bans have been imposed on South Africa and neighboring countries.

Reacting to the same actions, Cyril Ramfoza said in his speech on Sunday that “no scientific basis has been found for the effectiveness of the travel ban” and that is why he considers his country a victim of unjust discrimination.

He also warned that a travel ban would not prevent the spread of the new strain, which would only “hit the economies of countries affected by the event, reducing their ability to cope with the Corona epidemic and overcome its ills.” Gives”.

In other developments related to the omicron strain:

The Omicron strain has been detected in several countries as of Sunday, including Britain, Germany, Australia and Israel.
In the Netherlands, the Omicron strain was identified in 13 passengers arriving in Amsterdam from South Africa.
From midnight on Sunday, Israel will block the entry of all foreign passengers for 14 days and close its air borders to international passengers.
The British government has also called for an emergency meeting of the G7 members.
In Iran, the Minister of Health says that to date (Sunday) no new mutated virus has been reported in Iran, but according to Hossein Ali Shahriari, head of the parliamentary health commission, “Despite all measures, the possibility of a conflict in Iran is high and serious observance “Protocols are needed.”

High pathogenicity in the omicron corona / tendency of the virus to infect young people

And in another development, preliminary results show that in Switzerland, people in a referendum supported the government’s plans to control the corona. Protests against corona restrictions have intensified in Europe in recent weeks.
While researchers are still exploring new strains that have made multiple mutations, there are concerns that omicrons may be both more capable of escaping the immune system and escaping the vaccine.

Dr. Angelique Katzi, a physician who has identified the new strain in South Africa, says people with Omicron corona have had “extremely mild symptoms” so far, although he stressed that it is too early to know how dangerous this strain is, especially for vulnerable people.

Modern pharmaceutical companies Bivantec and Pfizer, which have developed the corona vaccine with new amaranth technology, have said they can tailor the vaccine to the omicron strain in less than two months and bring it to mass production.

Professor Andrew Pollard, a British government adviser who was involved in the design of the Strazenka vaccine, said: “Scientists are now in full control of the work, and even if the omicron is an immunization vaccine, the right vaccine can be designed quickly.”

New corona strain; Israel bans all foreign travelers