Pfizer allows the production of Covid-19 tablets in low-income countries

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals has agreed to produce and sell its experimental drug for the treatment of Covid-19 in 95 developing countries. Afghanistan are also among these countries.

The agreement, signed with an organization called MPP, will make the drug available to 53% of the world’s population. The Medicines Patent Pool operates in Geneva, Switzerland with the support of the United Nations.

But several countries where the Kuwaiti outbreak is severe, including Brazil, are not covered by the agreement.

The American company says that Covid-19 pills reduce the risk of severe symptoms in vulnerable adults.

Pfizer said in a statement on Tuesday that the new deal would allow local drugmakers to produce the pill “with the aim of facilitating greater access for the world’s population”.

Pfizer will not receive the right to manufacture the drug in low-income countries, saying it will not receive the right to manufacture in all countries covered by the agreement until Qovid is considered an emergency by the World Health Organization.

Pfizer said in early November that the company’s Covid-19 pill, called Paxlovid, had reduced the risk of hospitalization or death in high-risk adults by 89 percent in clinical trials.

The new license is important because “this oral drug is especially suitable for low-income and middle-income countries and can play a vital role in saving lives,” said Charles Gore, director of MPP, in a statement.

Most of the countries covered by this agreement are in Africa or Asia. However, countries such as Brazil, China, Russia, Argentina and Thailand, which have seen widespread outbreaks, are not part of it.

Some experts say this is not enough to address inequality in access to Covid treatments and vaccines.

Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies have also resisted the revocation of a patent for the corona vaccine.

In October, Merck Pharmaceutical Company announced a similar agreement with MPP to allow the company to produce Quid-19 tablets called Mulnopiravir.

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