‘Rough’ recommendation of vaccination to German citizens coincides with the fourth wave of the corona

As Germany faces a fourth wave of Covid epidemics in the autumn, Germany’s health minister has warned Germans in a stern and somewhat ‘harsh’ tone: “Until the end of winter this year. “All the people have either been vaccinated, or have received coronas, and they have recovered or they have died.”

The German Ministry of Health says it is emphasizing the importance of receiving the corona vaccine.

As it has been reported in the last few days, with the increase in the incidence of Covid in Germany, several hospitals in different parts of the country have faced an increase in the number of patients, and many beds have been allocated for the hospitalization of coronary patients.

Although the Pfizer vaccine was developed with the participation and efforts of the German company BionTech and the Pfizer Pharmaceutical Group, Germany has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe and about 68% of the population has been fully vaccinated so far.

At the same time, health experts have warned that the fourth wave of Kuwait in Germany could be the “worst” wave since the beginning of the epidemic, as the incidence is now at its highest level since the first case of Kuwait was identified in the country.

In the last 24 hours alone, the number of cases in Germany has been announced at 30,643, which is an increase of 7,000 compared to the same number last week.

Accordingly, in many states strict laws have been enacted for those who have not been vaccinated and they have been banned from going to certain places.

However, the Christmas season has begun in Germany, and the end-of-year festivals of which Germany is famous attract thousands of tourists each year in addition to the German people. But many of these celebrations will not be held this year due to corona restrictions.

“By the end of winter, everyone in Germany is either vaccinated or infected with the disease,” German Health Minister Jens Spann told a news conference in Berlin on Monday, November 22nd. “It has been improved or (as a result) it has died.”

Mr Spann, Germany’s health minister, also said he was opposed to making the corona vaccine mandatory, although he believed it was a “moral obligation” for everyone to not get vaccinated, as it could affect the lives and deaths of others.

“Freedom means accepting social responsibility, and therefore vaccination is an individual duty to society.”

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