You only have 4.5 hours to save from “stroke”!

The doctor said that a stroke occurs following any blockage or blockage of the blood vessels in the brain. “If any blood vessel in the brain becomes blocked for any reason, the blood supply to a part of the brain is disrupted and the person suffers a stroke,” he said.

He added: “This blockage is due to the formation of a clot that is either in the wall of the arteries due to high blood pressure, or it is a clot that is thrown from the heart and causes them to block when they reach the narrow vessels.”

He stated that various factors are effective in causing stroke, such as inactivity, blood pressure, diabetes, old age, obesity and excessive salt consumption.

The neurologist went on to say that the prevalence of stroke in women is higher than men, said: “There is still no research on why this problem and its cause.”

“The most common of these symptoms is numbness on one side of the body, and in some rare cases numbness has been seen in both hands and both feet,” he said.
He added: “In addition to speech disorders, dizziness with numbness in one half of the body, facial paralysis, sudden loss of vision or diplopia and decreased level of consciousness are other common symptoms of stroke.”

“Stroke can be treated today and its complications can be prevented,” said the Stroke Fellowship. It will be more.

There is currently a drug that injects blood clots that block clogged blood vessels in the brain, and it is essential that this drug be injected within less than 4.5 hours of the onset of stroke symptoms, because during this time the part of the brain that suffers The stroke is still alive and can be saved.

He added: “In addition, there is another method called ‘thrombectomy’, which is similar to angiography with large blood clot surgery, which is taken out of the vein, and people finally have up to six hours after the onset of stroke symptoms to perform this operation.”
Hezarkhani said: “If this time is lost and the person arrives at the hospital a few hours after the onset of the stroke, practically nothing can be done and a part of the brain is lost and the person suffers from the complications of the stroke.”

He added: “The complications of a stroke vary depending on the place where he suffered the stroke, and people may permanently suffer from paralysis in one half of the body, facial paralysis, speech disorders, low vision, and so on.”

At this stage, prevention and rehabilitation treatments are mainly used.

It is very important that after a stroke occurs, the cause is determined and eliminated, that is, if a person has a stroke due to high blood pressure, blood pressure should be controlled first and then rehabilitation treatments should be performed for the patient.

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