encanto; Everything we know about Disney’s next musical animation

Walt Disney Animation Studio has long been one of Hollywood’s leading studios for making family musical animations. The tradition of including at least a few songs in films began with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, but continued until modern musicals did not play a major role in Disney films until the 1990s.

Classic Disney animations such as The Lion King and Aladdin had songs that are still popular decades later, and more recent successful films such as Giso Kamand and Moana and the Frozen franchise have proven that animations can be very successful by incorporating this element.

Disney’s latest musical animation is called encanto, and in total, it is the 60th animation made by this studio. The possibility of making this film was first raised in 2016, but it was in 2020 that Disney confirmed its production. encanto is directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush, who previously produced the 2016 Academy Award-winning film Zotopia for the studio. Bush co-wrote the script for the animation in collaboration with Kariz Castro Smith. The musical elements of the encanto come from the brilliant mind of Hamilton’s high-altitude creator, Lynn Manuel Miranda, who had previously worked with Disney to write Moana music.

The encanto has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics who have seen the film before it was released in theaters, and is shaping another big win for Disney animation studio. As we get closer to the release date, it’s a good idea to check out all the information available about the story and voice actors of this musical animation, as well as when it will be released to the Disney Plus audience.

Date of release of Afsoon (in cinemas and DisneyPlus)

Disney will release the encanto in cinemas on November 24, 2021. The cinematic release of this animation coincides with Thanksgiving and is a change in the way the studio works in relation to the time of release of the works. Raya and The Last Dragon were released simultaneously in theaters and on a DisneyPlus account, and Pixar’s latest films, Ghost and Luca, were released exclusively on the streaming service at no extra cost. Disney’s new musical animation will not be available to families via the streaming service at this time, but it has already been confirmed that encanto will be released on Disney Plus on December 24, 2021, so all subscribers will be able to access this new musical for the Christmas holidays. Had.

The musical story of encanto

The story of the encanto focuses on Mirabel Madrigal, the daughter of an extraordinary family. Together they live in the mountains of Colombia in a secret place called Encanto, which is full of magic. The magical properties of Enkanto have traditionally given each child a unique gift and ability, but Mirabel is the only one who does not have such abilities. encanto follows the story of Mirabel, who tries to take his place among his friends and family, and at the same time, he plays the main role in rescuing those he loves, in a dangerous situation and out of the magic of Encanto.

encanto voice actors

The list of enchanted voice actors, according to Disney’s long tradition, is full of familiar letters. Loyal to its South American roots, the film uses predominantly Colombian voice actors, led by Stephanie Beatriz. Beatriz, best known for her role as Rosa in the Brooklyn Nine, is the voice of Mirabel Madrigal, the bizarre but emotional female protagonist of the animation. Other cast members include John Leguizamo, Maria Cecilia Butro, Diane Guerrero (JSC Patrol), Jessica Daru, Angie Sepeda and Wilmer Valderrama. Alan Toddick, as usual, continues to voice obscure characters in Disney animations and speaks instead of a toucan called Pico.

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