If you are a fan of the romantic genre in the series, in this article, we have introduced 10 of the best romantic series to you-Part I

Today, due to the ubiquity and variety of streaming services, the process of choosing a series to watch may have confused many of you users. Also, many of the old serials may be hidden under the shadow of mass production of serials of the day. The editorial team tries to guide you in watching the movies and series you are interested in by arranging a selection of suitable menus. Now, in this article, especially if you are a fan of the romance genre and would like to watch a selection of romance series, from ancient times to the present, in this article, we have introduced you to 20 romance series.

It should be noted that although some of the series in this list may be known in other genres than romance, but in this list, our criterion has been to consider the romantic aspect of this series, which either from the beginning or from somewhere as a subplot of the series , Is introduced to the audience. The list varies from popular comedies and musical romances to the sprouting of love in the middle of a crime story. Therefore, with this introduction, we invite you to read the list of the best love series.

Being Mary Jane

Genre: Drama
Manufacturer: Schoolcraft Productions, Will Packer Productions
Director: Mara Brook Achilles
Time and number of seasons: July 2, 2013 to April 23, 2019/5 seasons
Average Scores of Being Mary Jane on IMDB: 7.5

Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane Paul plays a female performer who is envied by others for her professional and social life, although her life is a little different from what people see from afar! She wants a family, she wants to live somewhere and have children. However, for him, all this is like climbing a ladder of progress, hard and dramatic.

Being Mary Jane received a lot of positive reviews during its airing. The series attracted more than four million viewers in its first show and was introduced as a series with the highest BET score. Black Entertainment Television is a cable television network that specifically targets African-American audiences. Initially, a final two-hour film was to be made from the series, an idea that never came to fruition.

The Vampire Diaries

Genre: Drama, Horror, Fantasy
Manufacturer: CBS Television Studios Warner Bros. Television
Director: Kevin Williamson, Julie Eyelid
Season time and number: September 10, 2009 to March 10, 2017/8 seasons
Average rating of The Vampire Diaries on IMDB: 7.7

Looking at series such as Twilight, Vampire Slayer Weaving, Real Blood and many other works of the entertainment world such as shows, books or movies, it is easy to see that the attachment of young and beautiful girls to immortal vampires seems to be a good topic for forming a relationship. lovely.

The apparent charm of these bloodthirsty bloodthirsty people is so great that it is easy to understand the reason for the popularity of the Vampire Diaries series, which has already attracted the attention of the audience during the long period of airing several attractive spin-offs. An intriguing account of a love that, like the vampires themselves, is immortal and never dies.

Young girls’ attachment to beautiful vampires is one of the most popular topics in cinema

Two and a Half Men

Genre: Situation comedy
Manufacturer: Warner Bros. TV Studios, Chuck Lorre Productions, The Tannenbaum Company
Creator and Director: Chuck Lowry, Lee Aronson
Time and number of seasons: September 22, 2003 to February 19, 2015/12 seasons
Average scores of Two and a Half Men on IMDB: 7

The comedy series Two Men and a Half has a clear storyline. When Charlie Harper’s ten-year-old brother and nephew move to his beach house, he realizes a simple truth. That his free life is not going to continue as a fun song. Charlie Sheen plays Charlie Harper, who enjoys his free life. But with the arrival of his brother Allen and his naughty son Jake into his life, things change and Charlie’s life becomes more complicated.

Until 2010, the team continued to work with Charlie Sheen. However, Warner Bros. Studios decided to terminate the contract with Sheen due to problems with his addiction and rehabilitation period, as well as his derogatory comments about Chuck Lowry. Ashton Kutcher later got into the role of Walden Schmidt, a billionaire who bought his house after Charlie’s death and settled there.

Addiction and derogatory remarks led to Ashton Kutcher being replaced by Charlie Sheen

Emily in Paris

Genre: Drama – Comedy, Romantic Comedy
Manufacturer: Darren Star Productions, Jax Media, MTV Entertainment Studios
Creator and Director: Darren Starr
Time and number of seasons: October 2, 2020 so far / a ten-part season
Average Emily in Paris scores on IMDB: 7

Emily in Paris is an American-French television series starring a young girl named Emily as Lily Collins. A young American woman is hired by a marketing company in Paris, an opportunity that allows her to share her American views on many issues with the French.

There, as he strives for success in the workplace, he seeks love. However, cultural conflicts with his upbringing in the United States sometimes cause him trouble. In November 2020, Netflix extended the series for another season, which began filming in May this year. The second season of the series is scheduled to air on December 22 this year.

War and Peace

Genre: Historical drama
Producer: BBC World Network, The Weinstein Company
Creator and Director: Tom Harper
Time and number of seasons: January 3 to February 7, 2016 / a 6-part season
Average War and Peace scores on IMDB: 1.8

The summary of the War and Peace series states that in the midst of Russia’s conflict with Napoleon and while the possibility of war is at its peak, five aristocratic families are faced with situations that may change their lives forever and fall in love, one of which is There are situations.

The series is based on the novel War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, a famous Russian writer. In the series War and Peace, we see actors such as Paul Dino, Lily James and James Norton in the main roles.

The O.C.

Genre: Teen Drama
Manufacturer: Warner Bros. Television
Director: Josh Schwartz
Season and number of seasons: 5 August 2003 to 22 February 2007/4 seasons
The O.C.’s average rating on IMDB: 7.5

The relationship between Ryan and Marisa is like Romeo and Juliet, but to be honest, we are here to show more of the relationship, and Summer is here. In fact, from a group point of view, the relationship of a character that is not very effective and attractive that can win the heart of a beauty queen is very attractive and spectacular.

Especially if we put it aside from the fact that Adam Brody and Richard Bilson were together in real life during part of the production process. This added to the chemistry of the relationship between the two on the screen, making it more beautiful and believable.

Gossip Girl series

Genre: Teen Drama
Company: College Hill Pictures (seasons 1–3), CBS Television Studios (seasons 3–6), Fake Empire Productions (seasons 3–6)
Director: Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage
Season time and number: September 19, 2007 to December 17, 2012/6 seasons
Average Gossip Girl scores on IMDB: 4.7

If we want to briefly mention the charms of this series, we must say that for a group of viewers, watching young people is beautiful, rich and behaviorally special. They cheat, they fall in love, and in the meantime sometimes they just buy a hotel to get acquainted with their father’s problems, for example, and finally to be with those who love them! Is such a vision realistic? Why would you like to watch such a series? Well, believe it or not, but many viewers love this series precisely because of such an atmosphere!

Crash Landing on You

Genre: romantic comedy, romantic drama
Manufacturer: Studio Dragon, Culture Depot
Creator and Director: Lee Jong-hyo
Time and number of seasons: December 14, 2019 to February 16, 2020 / a 16-part season
Average Crash Landing on You scores on IMDB: 7.8

These days, the squid game series has become so popular that it has already attracted the attention of the global audience to South Korean television productions. The series Falling on You is one of the options with which you can experience a bit of a Korean-style romantic atmosphere.

The series tells the story of a successful businesswoman who crashes while flying a paraglider and crashes in an area in North Korea. There he meets a People’s Army officer, a man who helps him hide. Over time, despite all the differences between the two and of course their countries, the two fall in love.

Netflix hosted the series worldwide, the third highest-grossing television drama in the history of cable television.

Falling on You is the third most popular drama in the history of Korean cable television

Elite series

Genre: thriller, teen drama
Manufacturer: Zeta Producciones
Creator and Director: Carlos Montreux, Dario Madrona
Time and number of seasons: October 5, 2018 so far / 4 seasons
Average Elite Scores on IMDB: 4.7

Elite is a Spanish teen drama series set for Netflix.

The story of this series is about the relationship between three working class teenage students who enroll in a special school for the affluent class of society using a scholarship program, where they get into trouble with their wealthy classmates. Many of the actors in the series have already appeared in other Netflix works made in Spain and Latin America.

Although the series focuses more on the concepts and issues raised in teen drama, it also addresses a variety of other issues that are somehow a step forward.

Serial Feel Good

Genre: Comedy-Drama
Manufacturer: Objective Fiction
Author: May Martin
Time and number of seasons: March 18, 2020 to June 4, 2021/2 seasons
Average Feel Good scores on IMDB: 7.5

Good Sense is a British comedy-drama series that is more or less in the autobiographical genre. In this series, May Martin plays his role. The story of the series is about the life of this Canadian comedian who tries to control the addictive behaviors and romantic feelings that have permeated all aspects of his life.

In other words, the story of the series is about the development of an emotional relationship between two people in the city of Manchester today. May Martin meets George, these meetings gradually increase, and George finally realizes that May has been addicted to drugs in the past. That’s why George tries to encourage May to attend anonymous addicts’ meetings, where he meets people who have successfully recovered and are recovering.

Of course, addiction is only one of the problems that has affected the relationship between the two, and George is reluctant to introduce May to his friends and family, and these issues have a negative effect on their relationship.

Serial Lovesick

Genre: Situation comedy
Manufacturer: Clerkenwell Films
Creator and Director: Tom Edge
Time and number of seasons: October 2, 2014 to January 1, 2018/3 seasons
Average Lovesick scores on IMDB: 8

The story of the beloved series produced in England is about Dylan. Once he realizes that he has somehow contracted the disease, he should contact all the girls he has known in the past and inform them of the bad news.

It all starts with the life of a few young Englishmen who live together in a house in the West End area of ​​Glasgow, but they are not unfamiliar with the concept of love and romance! But when Dylan Witter finds out he has Chlamydia, he should let others know. Most episodes of the series are narrated in flashbacks, during which Dylan tries to show the viewer his relationships with others, as well as the changes that take place in the lives of him and his friends.

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