Making the animated series The Boys for Amazon

Amazon has announced the production of an animated series and anthology based on the world of The Boys, which will be released in 2022.

Fans of The Boys are still waiting for the third season of the series to air on Amazon, and now in the latest movie and TV news , the making of an animated series based on the world of the Boys series has been confirmed. On the sidelines of Comic Con Brazil this year, Amazon confirmed the production of The Boys: Diabolical. This project is supposed to be an anthology serial animation from the world of The Boys series, which will be produced in 8 episodes. The animation is also scheduled to be released on Amazon in 2022.

The Boys: Diabolical is set to feature untold stories from the world of The Boys series, which includes well-known Hollywood characters such as Aquafina, Garth Anis, Elliott Glazer, and Ilana Glazer, Evan Goldberg, and Seth Rogen, Simon Raciopa. Justin Rowland and Ben Bios, Andy Samberg and Aisha Tyler are seen writing the script for each episode.

It is necessary to explain that each episode is supposed to tell a different story. “We have almost completed the production of eight episodes of the Diabolical animation ,” Eric Kripke, showrunner and executive producer of The Boys, said in a statement . “We put together some amazing creators and creators and gave them a rule, which is that there is no rule for making this animation.”

The Boys: Diabolical is actually the second spin-off in the world of The Boys series, and before this year, Amazon had given the green light to make a spin-off series for the boys series, focusing on superheroes during college. The series is set to focus on a college run by the evil Wought organization (WAT), which also controls Group 7, with the goal of educating young superheroes. The Boys: Diabolical series is being developed in collaboration with Amazon and Sony Pictures.

The third season of The Boys is expected to be produced in 8 episodes and aired on Amazon during 2022.

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