Spider-Man 3 movie; The return of the old Spider-Man?

In this article, we are going to review the most important questions and points of the second trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Will we see 3 Spider-Man gatherings?

The rest of the article may reveal parts of the story and events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as the story of Spider-Man’s previous films.

Finally, last week, the second official trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home was released. This trailer contained more images of Spider-Man adventure and gave us a better view of the story and events of this episode. Also during the trailer, we saw the presence of various evil characters that Spider-Man is supposed to fight throughout the film. Also, during the trailer, a better look at the difference and the reason for Spider-Man’s fight with Dr. Strange was shown, but in addition, more questions were created for us. The new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home also contains some interesting references and points, but there was no mention of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man during the trailer.

Now in this article, we are going to review the most important points of this trailer and see if all the other versions of Spider-Man are to be found throughout the film. So please watch the video below first and then we will give more details about the film:

From the mistake of Dr. Strange and Peter Parker to the presence of numerous evil characters from different worlds of Spider-Man

The new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home begins where Dr. Strange is casting a spell that makes people around the world forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, and well, not everything goes according to plan. Of course, we knew from the first trailer that Strange was going to blame Peter Parker for his mistake, and of course, both of them are ultimately to blame for this incident, and now uninvited guests from other worlds are entering the world of film. Previously, in the first trailer, we only saw the presence of Dr. Octopus, and the rest of the evil characters in the film were mentioned only.

Now during the second trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home, we finally see the full portrayal of these characters, which includes the Green Goblin, Electro, Lizard and Sandman. The appearance of all these characters is similar to their movies, but only Electro has changed in the meantime, and the blue appearance of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is no more, and has become more similar to the classic version of the comic. Of course, during the trailer, we find out that some of the characters are also going to change during the movie, the most important of which is undoubtedly the upgrade of the octopus’ arms.

Earlier in the film, we learned that the octopus’ arms were supposed to be upgraded with Stark technology. Now, during the new trailer for Spider-Man 3, we see that the octopus has somehow been able to absorb Spider-Man Iron Spider costume technology into its arms, and has in fact used Stark technology to upgrade its arms. After showing part of the octopus’ fight with Spider-Man, we saw a scene that could possibly point to an exciting theme throughout the film.

Is Dr. Octopus a villain or is she going to help Peter Parker?

In one scene, Dr. Octopus realizes that Peter Parker he is fighting is not Peter Parker in his world, and this probably stops them. Of course, we know that the Green Goblin is also on the scene at the same time, and maybe the octopus will continue to help Spider-Man, and that is why the Green Goblin changed clothes. Of course, if we look at the pattern and formula of past films, we can not trust the octopus very much, and he may have sinister ideas in his head, and he is only ostensibly helping Peter Parker.

Of course, since he has no enmity with this version of Peter Parker, he may have finally decided to help him. Even in part of the trailer, we can see the possible struggle of the octopus with Electro. Of course, we should not forget Mysterio, who first appeared as a friend and then revealed his true intentions. So the new theory says that the new black Spider-Man costume is actually a costume designed and made with the help of Dr. Octopus and Dr. Strange so that Spider-Man can collect and then imprison the evil characters who have entered this world. Bring the characters back to their world.

Although the exact use of this object has not yet been determined, it is expected that this object was designed or owned by Strange and will only be used to do so. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Of course, not everything is as simple as we think, and they have a very big problem.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly

During the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home, we see Dr. Octopus warning Spider-Man. In fact, the octopus says that Peter Parker is on a path of darkness and is fighting ghosts. Strange goes on to reveal that all five characters have already been killed in their own world in the fight against Spider-Man and are now alive and well. Of course, the fate of Lizard or Sandman was a little different in the films he starred in. But the premise of the movie is that they will definitely die in a fight against two different versions of Spider-Man, and now it is possible that they will try to survive in this world.

Strange goes on to warn Peter Parker that death is their destiny and that these people are very dangerous to their world, and that Strange apparently decides to use this object to destroy them or imprison them forever. So this is where Peter Parker probably disagrees with Strange, and now he decides to steal the object and escape from Strange, and it seems that this is the reason why the two characters are fighting. In fact, Peter Parker believes there may still be another way, but Strange strongly disagrees. Of course, it should be noted that this is just a theory based on the trailer, and in the end there may be another reason behind this conflict.

Isn’t Sinister Six supposed to be the main negative character in Spider-Man?

Now, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, the Sinister Six in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The second trailer of the film gave us a better view of the story and events of the film, and we already know that the five evil characters of Dr. Octopus, Green Goblin, Sandman, Electro and Lizard are present in this film. Although we could have predicted the presence of a sixth character before the release of this trailer, according to the trailer we are only going to see characters who have been killed in the fight against Spider-Man, so it does not make sense to see a character like Venom or even Walcher, for example.

So with one account we have to wait for a character like the different versions of the Green Goblin who happened to have a suspicious scene during the trailer, but it turns out that the Green Goblin is the same version of Willem Dafoe who now has no mask and has previously leaked artwork. We had seen. Of course, we may still see the presence of this evil group throughout the film, and perhaps Mysterio eventually returned from death and joined the characters. Still, at least for now it seems a bit unlikely to see another villain throughout the film, but Mysterio’s presence could ultimately make sense.

Of course, fans believe that Spider-Man is not going to face all the consequences of his actions during the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, and there will still be a chance to see the group of six villains in the future. The theory comes from the new Morbius movie trailer that Adrian Toms, nicknamed Walcher, is going to meet Morbius and tells him to keep in touch during the trailer. So maybe Walcher is trying to form the Sinister Six group? This possibility seems much more logical, and we can expect the presence of characters such as Walcher, Venom, Morbius, Kryon the Hunter and even Scorpio.

Of course, we still do not know who the sixth character could be, but let’s not forget that the shocker character was also present in Spider-Man: Homecoming and is still a fugitive and could be the sixth member of the group. Of course, it is not yet clear why Walcher is supposed to be the enemy of Spider-Man, but it could have its own personal reasons, and to some extent this version of the group of six villains could be a better idea in terms of story. There are also rumors right now that a Sinister Six movie could be made, which may make sense.

Is Matt Murdoch in Spider-Man: No Way Home?

According to rumors, we were supposed to see Matt Murdoch, played by Charlie Cox, in the new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home, but that did not happen. Now many have questioned whether we should see him in the movie at all. This question is hard to answer, but the absence of Matt Murdoch in the trailer can be logical in that he will probably have a brief appearance throughout the film, and obviously his portrayal during the trailer may not be a very compelling idea. In any case, this may make us think that he is going to have a colorful presence in the film and even wear Daredevil costume during the film and help Spider-Man.

Of course, some still believe that Matt Murdoch is not going to be mentioned in this movie, and instead we will see the presence of Jennifer Walters, who will be the next Hulk. Anyway, we know that Peter Parker is going to be arrested, and without a doubt, without a powerful lawyer like Matt Murdoch and Jennifer Walters, it would be a little difficult for him to be released so easily and even go back to school. Also during the trailer, we see a place where apparently the final battle of the film is going to take place.

Based on the trailer, we find out that near or next to the Freedom Tower, a building based on Captain America’s shield is to be built and installed in New York City to commemorate the sacrifice of this Marvel movie superhero. Of course, the construction of this monument is not finished yet, but it is supposed to become a place for Spider-Man’s final fight with evil people, and the final events of the film are supposed to take place here. Now, perhaps, the main question is whether Spider-Man is going to have auxiliary force as well?

Are Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man 3?

At first glance, it seems that we are only going to see the negative characters of Spider-Man’s previous films in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and there is no mention of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the film, but apparently Marvel and Sony made a strange mistake. Maybe they wanted to leave a mark for the fans. In the scene of Spider-Man fighting Lizard, Sandman, and Electro, we see that Spider-Man goes only to Sandman, and on the other hand, Electro is apparently involved with someone else, and Lizard goes to the other side altogether.

Thus, we have one of the biggest signs that Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield are likely to appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which makes sense that three different versions of Spider-Man are fighting three different villains. Of course, this is not the end of the matter, and the trailer also contains a Brazilian version, which has a longer version of this scene, and in this scene, we see that Lizard is punching. Obviously, Lizard is not going to punch in the air or fight a character like the ghost.

Of course, Marvel and Disney have a long history of eliminating characters during a movie trailer, and perhaps the best example of this is Captain America’s fight with Iron Man in the Captain America: Civil War trailer, in which Spider-Man was completely eliminated. This is just one example, and you can see other similar examples, such as the Avengers: Endgame movie trailer, in which Marvel omitted many items throughout the trailer.

Of course, if you’re still not sure, there’s one more thing to note, and that is that we’ve seen images before that whistleblowers have claimed that Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire are in the scene, and if you look closely at the images, you’ll notice. It bears a resemblance to the final fight scene that if these images are correct, then we can expect Matt Murdoch to appear in the film as well.

In any case, if the presence of different versions of Spider-Man in the film is confirmed, one should not expect their long presence. Of course, some fans say that in some parts of the trailer Sony has not removed the characters properly, which in some cases may be true, but still can not be very sure. Of course, we can expect two more different versions of Spider-Man throughout the film, but some still believe that Dr. Octopus, for example, may be helping Spider-Man. There is also the theory of the presence or introduction of Miles Morales, who is still a little unlikely to be seen as Spider-Man. Or maybe we even see Spider-Gwen in the movie, which can be an unexpected idea.

Possibility of connecting the new Spider-Man movie with Dr. Strange 2 movie

The second trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home ends with controversial scenes in which MJ falls down and Nick Leeds, another friend of Peter Parker, hangs in the air. This scene reminded many of the fall of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, who was eventually killed in this tragic incident. But in the No Way Home version, it seems that somehow Spider-Man is going to save his friend this time. Although at first glance, Tom Holland is approaching MJ with his new costume, which is probably the new version of Iron Spider, some say that this version is Andrew Garfield who is saving MJ and salvation.

Of course, Spider-Man’s hand color theory seems somewhat wrong, and contrary to popular belief, Spider-Man’s new costume is more blue, and it is unlikely that there will be another version other than Tom Holland in this scene. It has previously been rumored that a friend of Peter Parker is set to die at the end of the film and that Spider-Man will probably eventually save MJ, but he will be killed by Ned Leeds, who, according to this theory, will then play the role of Hobogoblin in future films. Of course, I have to emphasize again that this is a theory, and in the end Spider-Man may be able to save both.

But the part that strengthens our suspicion is that Peter Parker tells his uncle’s wife that everything’s his fault and that he can’t save them all, and that this could signal the death of someone close to him throughout the film. If we go back to the beginning of the trailer, we can see the injured and upset face of Spider-Man, which is probably related to this scene. It is even possible that something happened to Happy during the film and now Peter Parker will not be able to forgive himself. After showing the logo of the film, we see a mysterious scene that we do not know at the moment what is happening and we only know that something ominous is happening.

Dr. Strange tells Peter Parker that he can not stop mysterious and unknown people from entering, and he is very worried. In fact, we do not know what Strange means, and some believe that this scene may be related to the beginning of the film, and maybe even this scene is after the fight between the two characters, who have now been released as evil characters again. Of course, some still believe that this may be under the control of Dr. Octopus, but another theory says that this scene may be related to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In any case, winning the final battle may not be a real victory for Spider-Man and Dr. Strange, and they may just have prevented a bigger catastrophe.

What do you think of the second trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home? Let us know what you think.

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