12 Strange and special habits and behavior of the American people

The following is a list of some of the strangest and most unusual behaviors and habits of the American people. Studying this article will help you to become more familiar with the culture, lifestyle and social behaviors of the American people.


“Americans and Russians use different phrases when faced with the same situation,” writes a Russian website. “Suppose a man falls on the street.” “How are you?” He asks. As a Russian asks, “What happened?” In other words, in Russian culture, when someone “does nothing” in American culture, it means “that person is fine.” A Japanese tourist guide says of this American culture: “In America, you can make mistakes, you have flaws, and that’s okay at all. Sometimes it’s not successful, it’s natural … Americans instead of making mistakes And let failures think, they still say with the same curiosity, “Let’s try again.”

Not being rude

In the United States, articles always write about workplaces – especially how employees should treat their bosses. A German website writes: “When an American says, ‘I doubt this is the best solution,’ he means ‘no.'” To put it bluntly, “he still means the word ‘no’ …. If a German president uses phrases such as ‘no, that’s good’ or ‘do it’ in conversation with his American subordinates, it may be. This may seem strange to an American (or he may be angry).


According to the US Center for Economic Policy and Research in 2013, approximately one in four American workers does not have the right to “paid leave,” and those who do have only 21 days off. Use it. “The United States is the only advanced economy in the world that does not grant paid leave to its employees,” several authors have written. Compare this to European countries such as Spain and Germany, where employers are required to provide one month of paid leave each year.

Tourists visiting the United States literally do not like the American style of toilets. Several online forums have just discussed why there is so much space under and around bathroom doors.

Sit in the back seat of a taxi

In any city in the United States, if you rent a taxi and sit in the front seat, the driver will look at you in surprise. Of course, this is not the case everywhere, and in some countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, sitting in the back seat is considered rude.

Because drug advertising is banned in most parts of the world, it seems very strange to non-Americans to see drug advertising. It is also strange that a lawyer advertises. A tourist who visited the United States wrote on Reddit: “The door and the wall were full of advertisements for lawyers. Saul Goodman-style lawyer advertisements were everywhere. The villa we rented for our stay. “We had a refrigerator where at least four of the decorative magnets on it advertised lawyers. Lawyers’ brochures were distributed throughout the villa (and) the television was constantly promoting them.”

Holding Halloween customs

Recently, American Halloween is opening its place in other countries as well. Some people say that this ceremony is strange and imaginary – and they believe that such ceremonies are another way for Americans to promote their culture – while others say that such ceremonies are in their own country. To be held . A Reddit user writes: “I came to the United States from Poland at the age of 26. When the first Halloween party came and my friends told me to go and play” either a prize – or a treat “(trick- “do or-treat), you grew up, I was very sad”

Get a degree at any cost

Europeans in the United States avoid paying to study at American universities. The annual tuition at a public college in the state where the student lives is about $ 25,000. The annual cost of studying at a private university is about $ 50,000. However, students in some countries, such as France and Germany, can study for free.

Party before football

It is very strange that American football bears no resemblance to what is called football all over the world. Of course, it’s even weirder than the culture that exists in American football, both professionally and academically. party) What features does it have?)


“Americans are not satisfied with just one thing,” wrote a British man living in the United States on Reddit. “Being dissatisfied with one thing means that they eat blueberries, they like vanilla, they eat diet food, low fat, low sodium, food should be in big, small and round cans,” he says. “They also like grapes very much. Everything tastes like grapes here, but this is not the case in England.”

Invite others to an extra drink

The only restaurants outside the United States that offer their customers an extra drink are American fast food chains. With the expansion of these fast food outlets, the number of these free drinks is also increasing – although not everyone is happy about this. Earlier this year, for example, France banned the sale of free sodas in order to reduce obesity and overweight.


Visitors to the United States are often surprised by the size of American meals. Researchers have compared the size of snacks in Philadelphia and Paris and found that American lollipops are on average 41 percent larger, sodas 52 percent, and yogurt cans 82 percent larger. More interestingly, studies have shown that people tend to gain weight after immigrating to the United States.