Biden is not worried about the possibility of an armed conflict with China

The US president said he was not worried about the possibility of an armed conflict with China, adding that he did not anticipate the need for a physical conflict.

“Given the deeper question of whether I am concerned about an armed conflict or something bad that could happen to China by accident, I have to say no,” said President Joe Biden on Tuesday. I do not anticipate the need for physical conflict.

He also said that he had made it clear to the Chinese president that this was a “competition”, not a “conflict”.

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“If I talk to the object, I will continue to emphasize that this is a competition and there is no need for it to turn into a conflict,” Biden said in response to a CNN reporter’s question. There is no reason for conflict. But I will also emphasize to him and I do not mind saying publicly that we expect him to play by the rules. The United States will not change its position on many issues, including international maritime space. I do not seek and do not anticipate physical conflict, but my father says that “only conflict that is worse than intentional is unintentional.”

The president also said that no exact date has been set for a virtual meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. “I’m not going to have a virtual meeting with him right now,” Biden said during a climate change meeting in Glasgow. We have not set an exact date yet.

Biden was also asked about the absence of China, Russia and Saudi Arabia from the Glasgow summit.

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The president also said Tuesday that staying home could cost Xi Jinping its global influence. Referring to China’s absence, he said: “I think I must honestly say that this was a very big mistake for China. The rest of the world is looking at China and saying what added value they are creating, and they have failed to influence people around the world and everyone present here at the 26th Coupe Summit. The same can be said about Russia.

Biden went on to say that China’s non-participation would hurt Xi Jinping’s efforts to expand his influence. “China is trying to understandably play a new role in the world as a world leader, but it is not showing up,” he said. never mind! The most important issue that has attracted the attention of the world everywhere is the weather. It’s a big deal and they got over it. How do you do that and then claim any leadership?

The US president also said of Russian President Vladimir Putin that his country’s tundra vegetation was burning. It really is. He has very, very serious climate problems and has remained silent about any desire to do anything.

Biden also said Tuesday that Russia and members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) are partly responsible for rising gasoline and oil prices in the United States because they have refused to produce more.

“First of all, the main reason for the rise in prices is due to the impact of Quaid on the supply chain,” he said at a news conference on the sidelines of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. If you look at the price of gasoline and look at the price of oil, it is the result of Russia or the OPEC countries refusing to pump more oil.

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