Bloody Christmas parade in Wisconsin, USA with 45 dead and wounded

At least five people have been killed and more than 40 injured when a car crashed into a crowd at a Christmas parade in Wakisha, Wisconsin, according to U.S. police.

The attack took place on Sunday, according to Reuters, and Wakisha police chief said the suspect was in custody. According to Wakisha police chief, it is still unclear whether the incident was linked to terrorism.

However, he said: “Security is now in place and the assault truck has also been confiscated.”

Wakisha City Police Chief Dan Thompson said 12 children were injured in the incident.

He did not provide exact figures for the death toll. According to officials, 11 adults and 12 children have been taken to six hospitals in the district, and more have reached medical centers through friends and relatives.

Published images from the time of the incident show a high-speed sports car moving towards the crowd on the street, hitting dozens of people. In another video, police shoot at the car, which eventually hits a roadblock.

According to the police official, no passers-by were injured by their officer. He also said that reports that the shooting may have taken place from inside the car were incorrect.

According to video footage, witnesses at the scene screamed in panic after the car overtook some people. Many children there have seen this heartbreaking moment. The mayor of Wakisha told a news conference that their city had witnessed a catastrophic event.

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