Donald Trump worries about US absence in Afghanistan

In an interview, former US President Donald Trump attacked Joe Biden for “surrendering” Afghanistan and warned that China could take control of Bagram Air Base.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, former US President Donald Trump accused the Biden administration of deliberately trying to ignore the tumultuous exit from Afghanistan and its continuing consequences.

“They’re not talking about it anymore,” Trump said. They do not deliberately talk about it. He was brought to the brink of death due to his extreme badness. Two or three days after it ended, they stopped even talking about it.

“What they did with this so-called exit was really a surrender, what they did was the most shameful and horrible thing, and I’m not sure we can ever get rid of that psychological burden,” Trump said.

During his administration, Trump struck a deal with the Taliban to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by May 2021. Biden’s move to withdraw was in effect a few months late.

“Don’t forget, I’m the one who reduced the number of troops (in Afghanistan) to 2,500,” Trump said in the interview. I also drove the United States out of Afghanistan, but I did so in a position of power. We were leaving Afghanistan in a position of power.

Trump told Fox News that even though he had a plan to eventually oust the United States from Afghanistan, he would still maintain the Parwan detention center, a military prison at Bagram Air Base.

The Biden administration withdrew all US troops from Bagram in July. The Pentagon announced in August that the Taliban had released “thousands” of prisoners from the ISIL branch in Khorasan.

Trump argued: “We kept Bagram because it is close to China.” And it’s an hour away from their nuclear facility, and we gave it up.

“I think China is going to take over Bagram now,” he said.

Trump also attacked the Biden administration, citing reports that hundreds of American citizens and US visa holders remained in Taliban-held Afghanistan because he pulled the military out of the process of leaving Afghanistan first.

“If we were, we would take out all the civilians, we would take out all our equipment, we would not leave dead soldiers, we would not have soldiers who did not have limbs – because they do not even talk about it,” Trump said.

“We lost 13 people, but we also have a lot of people who were seriously injured,” Trump said. None of this would have happened if we had.

He added: “It was time to leave, but the way he left was so catastrophic.”

Trump went on to say that he blamed the generals for “because they should never have allowed that to happen.” “They should have been able to bring Biden to his senses by talking to him,” Donald Trump said. But you must also hold them accountable for allowing this to happen.

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, the commander-in-chief of the US Central Command, and Gen. Mark Millie, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified in September that they had advised the Biden administration to maintain a presence of at least 2,500 US troops in Afghanistan.

Biden and White House officials

, however, have repeatedly said that none of the US military leaders advised him to leave a small military presence in Afghanistan, and the president himself told IBS News in August that he “does not remember anyone “He has recommended the presence of 2,500 troops in Afghanistan.”

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