Field developments on the 15th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine / Russian forces a few kilometers from Kiev

Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed Thursday that its forces had destroyed 2,911 targets of Ukrainian military infrastructure since the start of “military operations” in Ukraine. Al-Mayadin also reported that Russian forces were re-positioning themselves in Ukraine and were now two or three kilometers from Kiev.

According to a news usa , quoting Sputnik news agency, while the latest reports on Thursday morning showed the escalation of clashes in areas near the Ukrainian capital, a senior government official said in a televised interview that at least 10,000 people were killed yesterday. They evacuated from the cities around Kiev.

Al-Mayadin’s correspondent also reported today that Russian forces had repositioned themselves and received additional equipment.

According to the correspondent, Russian forces are two or three kilometers from the entrances to Kiev, the capital, and are approaching a nuclear power plant north of the city of Nikolaev.

He added: “Russian forces do not intend to enter Nikolaev and a passage has been opened for the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces.”

The situation continued: “The situation is moving towards the strengthening of the siege of Kiev by the Russian forces and” Azium “is almost under the control of the Russian forces.

AFP also reported that Russian forces were advancing rapidly towards Kiev and were approaching Barvari on the eastern outskirts of Kiev. 

The convoy of Russian tanks took control of two villages a few kilometers from Kiev, the news agency quoted local residents as saying.

Euronews also quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying that the ministry on Thursday accused the United States of funding a biological weapons program in Ukraine, claiming that it had found evidence of this in Ukrainian laboratories.

“The purpose of this biological investigation, which was carried out with the help of the Pentagon in Ukraine, was to establish a mechanism for the secret release of pathogens,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told a news conference.

He also claimed that Ukrainian nationalists were using provocative measures to prepare provocative measures to launch charges against Russia for its use of chemical weapons.

According to Russia Today, Igor Konashenkov, in his last speech on the destroyed targets in Ukraine, said that the destroyed targets included 97 aircraft, 107 UAVs, 141 air defense missile systems, 86 radars, 986 tanks and other war equipment, ۷ 107 firearms, 368 There are artillery pieces and mortars and 749 pieces of military vehicles.

Konashenkov added that the forces of the Donetsk Republic continue their offensive operations and the “operation to liberate” the city of Mariupol from the Ukrainian nationalists.

According to Konashenkov, Donetsk forces have taken control of several neighborhoods in the east of the city and have reached around the Azovstal factory.

Meanwhile, news has been published against Moscow regarding the bombing of the city’s children’s hospital.

The Ukrainian government says three people were killed in the attacks, including a girl.

Dmitry Polyansky, Russia’s first deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, said reports of a Russian attack on Mariupol Hospital were false.

Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres took to Twitter to condemn the attack on the hospital, calling it horrific.

He noted that civilians are paying a heavy price for a war that has nothing to do with them.

Reacting to the tweet, Polyansky tweeted: “Such false news is being spread. We warned in a March 7 statement that the hospital had become a military target for extremists.” It is very sad that the United Nations is publishing this information without investigating it.

Meanwhile, the Mariupol city council in southern Ukraine released a video of a destroyed children’s hospital.

A third city under bombardment by the Russian army

It is also reported that a third city in northeastern Ukraine was again bombed by Russian military fighters on Thursday morning.

A government official in the third province confirmed the news, noting that Russian warplanes bombed various areas of the third city, the capital of the province.

Recent reports indicate that at least three civilians, including a 13-year-old boy and two women, were killed during the bombing of the Third City and surrounding areas, and that part of the city’s gas pipeline was damaged.

The President of Ukraine has signed a law that allows all residents of his country to use weapons during the period of “martial law”.

The law, signed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky, states: “During the period of martial law, Ukrainian citizens may use their own weapons, including pistols, rifles, sporting weapons and shotguns.” “They are not responsible for anyone who commits armed aggression against Ukraine.”

The President of Ukraine had previously announced the beginning of the formation of the “International Legion” to fight Russian forces in Ukraine.

Zelensky also decided to exempt foreigners who enter the country to take part in the war from visas.

In other news, more than 35,000 civilians were evacuated from major cities on Wednesday, and the operation will continue on Thursday.

Moscow and Kiev agreed on Wednesday to set up humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians from five major Ukrainian cities, including the capital, Kiev.

At least 100,000 civilians are said to have been evacuated during the operation, which will continue on Thursday; But the conditions of war and non-compliance with the promised ceasefire have prevented this goal from being achieved.

Sending a US secret team to Ukraine to counter Russian cyber attacks

The British newspaper “Financial Times” revealed that months before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States sent a team of American experts to help the country repel Russian cyber attacks and any possible attack on Ukraine.

According to a news usa , the newspaper wrote that the US secret team consisted of members of the cyber command of the army, some civilian contractors and employees of American companies that have been helping Ukraine for years to defend its vital infrastructure against cyber attacks by Russian services.

The United States has helped Ukraine strengthen its cyber defense over the years, the paper said; Particularly since the 2015 power outage and power outages, parts of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, have been shut down for hours.

The Financial Times added that the increase in US troops last October and November was different, in preparation for an imminent battle.

Ukraine-Russia summit ends in Antalya / Preparation of the two sides for diplomacy without reaching a ceasefire agreement

The foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia and Turkey wrapped up their trilateral meeting in Antalya, Turkey today (Thursday), and the two foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia held a press conference after an hour and a half.

According to Reuters, Ukrainian and Russian Foreign Ministers Dmitry Kolba and Sergei Lavrov met today at the first meeting at this level since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine on February 24.

Sergei Lavrov told reporters after the meeting, which lasted about an hour and a half: “Moscow agrees with any connection that will help resolve the problems related to the Ukraine crisis and is currently working on ways to resolve the crisis.”

He added: “This meeting was held at the suggestion of Turkey.” We agreed with the proposal of our Turkish-Turkish counterparts, and in principle came forward with the fact that we agree with any connection to resolve the current crisis in Ukraine and the issues surrounding it.

Lavrov stressed: Russia-Ukraine talks have no alternative.

Russia’s foreign minister told a news conference in Turkey that Moscow was outraged by US actions in Ukraine over biological laboratories.

“During the meeting, the possibility of a meeting between the leaders of Russia and Ukraine was also discussed, and we reiterate that Moscow is never opposed to any communication,” Lavrov said.

He added: “Anyway, we raised this issue today. I reminded Kolba that we always agree to negotiate if we can achieve valuable results or solve problems.

Lavrov noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin never denied any contact; But Moscow wants the communications to take place not only for themselves but also to resolve specific disputes.

Lavrov also said that those who supply arms to Ukraine or send foreign mercenaries should take responsibility for their actions.

The Russian foreign minister continued that Moscow wants Ukraine to remain neutral and is ready to discuss security guarantees.

“We do not intend to invade another country,” Lavrov said. There was a direct threat against Russia, and we talked about it for years. “Conditions in Donetsk and Luhansk show that the attack and rape were planned months ago.”

“Ukrainian laboratories are developing biological weapons under US funding,” he said. The Americans took steps that led to the production of biological weapons in Ukraine. “We can not close our eyes to their covert operations.”

The Russian foreign minister also stressed that Ukraine and the “countries defending it” must “take responsibility for their actions.”

Asked about the attack on the children’s hospital in Mariupol, Lavrov said: “Russia showed in the Security Council with documents what moves led to the attack. We showed that the hospital had been evacuated a few days ago and turned into a military base. . »

He added that the Mariupol maternity hospital had become a base for Ukrainian nationalists.

“The accusations that Russia is kidnapping people in Ukraine are nothing but misinformation,” Lavrov said.

“You said these were the truth,” he told reporters when asked about the alleged kidnapping of a local lawmaker from the Zaporizhia region. But I think this is completely fake news. The internet and the media in general are full of fake news, and I have no information about this story and the alleged kidnapping of a local legislator; But I know this is something that the Kiev government is known for.

Lavrov also said that an agreement on a ceasefire in Ukraine was not on the agenda of the Kolba summit. I was not surprised that Mr. Kolba said that it was not possible to agree on a ceasefire. No one was supposed to reach an agreement at that meeting. These are issues that will be discussed during the talks hosted by Belarus.

He added: “During this tripartite meeting in Antalya, Moscow reiterated its initiative on humanitarian corridors in Ukraine and stressed that this option is still on the table.

“We confirm that the initiative taken by the Russian side to open human corridors on a daily basis is still on the table,” Lavrov said. The route of such corridors, when open, should be determined by those who control the area, based on an analysis of the situation and the need to choose the safest and most effective exit route for civilians.

“Undoubtedly, we want a neutral Ukraine,” he said. We do not want to impose security measures on the people of Ukraine or the country of Ukraine. We are ready to discuss security guarantees for Ukraine along with security guarantees for European countries and, without a doubt, Russian security.

Sergei Lavrov expressed hope that Putin would meet with Zelensky in Belarus.

“We have confirmed that Putin will not refuse to meet with Zelinsky, I hope that day will come, but for that it is necessary to carry out the preliminary work that is being done on the way to Belarus. Three meetings have been held. The Ukrainians are very clear, they promised to give a clear answer, we are waiting.

“Moscow will never talk about the possibility of a third nuclear hell,” Lavrov told a news conference after the meeting.

“Russia has never used oil and gas and other energy sources as a weapon, although we have always been accused of this,” he said.

“In this meeting with Lavrov, we did not talk about the foreign military aid that Kiev has received, as well as about the military preparations for Ukraine,” Kolba said. Based on my initiative, we spent most of this meeting discussing human issues.

“Unfortunately, Kiev does not see any prospect of a ceasefire after talks with Lavrov,” Kolba said. We are ready for diplomacy and we are looking for diplomatic solutions; But so far we have not found anything.

“It was very difficult to meet Lavrov,” Kolba added. The atmosphere of this meeting was constantly changing. On the other hand, it was easy because Lavrov was following traditional stories about Ukraine; But on the other hand, it was difficult because I did everything I could to find a diplomatic solution to this human tragedy that took place in Ukraine.

“Ukraine and Russia did not reach any ceasefire agreement, and we also raised the issue of a 24-hour ceasefire to resolve the most complex humanitarian issues,” he said. But we have not made any progress in this regard because there seem to be other decision makers in Russia.

Demitro Kolba stressed that he had attended the meeting for humanitarian purposes and to help create humanitarian corridors to evacuate his country’s citizens from the war zones; But his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, made no specific commitment and referred any decision to improve the humanitarian situation to the authorities in his country and on the battlefield.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister also stressed that no progress had been made in establishing an immediate ceasefire during the meeting, and Lavrov referred the decision to the competent authorities in Moscow.

“I suggested to Lavrov that he consult with the experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency about the security of the nuclear facilities in Ukraine,” Kolba said.

“Lavrov raised the issue of nuclear security,” he told a news conference after the meeting. He agreed to hold a tripartite meeting between IAEA experts, Ukrainian nuclear scientists and Russian nuclear scientists. I replied that everything was in order at our nuclear facility before the Russian troops arrived in Ukraine.  

“Kiev is ready to provide guarantees for humanitarian corridors in Ukraine,” Kolba said.

He added: “I can contact my country’s leadership now, they are ready to provide guarantees for humanitarian corridors; But the question is, is Russia ready for that?

Dmitry Kolba concluded by saying that he was ready to hold another dialogue with his Russian counterpart in an effort to end the war and suffering of his people and liberate Ukraine from Russian occupation. 

Sergei Lavrov also said in a meeting with his Turkish counterpart that a cold peace is better than a cold war.

He noted the cold weather in Turkey at the beginning of the talks.

Çavuşo .lu also replied that the weather in Antalya was unusually cold, very cold. While the temperature last week was between 18-19 degrees.

Çavuşo .lu said Turkey would continue its efforts to resolve differences between Russia and Ukraine.
“We deeply hope for peace in the region,” he tweeted after the meeting. We will continue our efforts to establish diplomacy between Russia and Ukraine.

Earlier, the Turkish Foreign Ministry expressed hope that the Lavrov-Kolba meeting in Antalya would restore peace and stability to Russia-Ukraine relations.

The ministry announced in a tweet: The negotiating table is ready. We hope that this meeting, in which Çavuşo .lu will also attend, will lead to peace and stability.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “In his talks with Lavrov, Kolba referred to issues such as the establishment of an immediate ceasefire, the improvement of humanitarian conditions in Mariupol, Kharkiv, Sumy, Volnovskha and other Ukrainian cities, as well as the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.”

“Kolba called on Turkey to continue working with Moscow to end the bloody conflict in Ukraine,” the statement said.

Officials in Kiev and Moscow have met several times; But this is the first time Russia has sent a foreign minister to discuss the Ukraine crisis. Of course, there is a kind of pessimism about achieving satisfactory solutions because both sides insist on their positions.

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