High pathogenicity in the omicron corona / tendency of the virus to infect young people

An epidemiologist explained all the information currently available about the Omicron variant, saying: “What is clear is the high pathogenicity of this new mutation.”

Regarding the new mutation of the coronavirus, he said: “The new variant is one of the 5 variants approved by the World Health Organization, which is known as one of the important variants and mutations of Covid 19, and about 30 mutations have been made on it. An increase in the number of cases in Africa, which has doubled in a week, is also increasing exponentially, indicating that its pathogenicity is relatively high.

He added: “Information about the lethality of this new mutation has been leaked and it is not possible to make much judgment at this time.”
We also need a few weeks to see if the existing vaccines can be responsive to this mutation, but what we already know about the new variant called “omicron” is that it has a high pathogenicity and it has already been determined that It targets most younger age groups. In Africa, where vaccination coverage is low, almost all age groups are susceptible to the disease, and the virus tends to infect young people.

Suri stressed that cases of outbreaks of this new strain have been seen in at least seven African countries, and in European countries such as the United Kingdom and Belgium, cases of the virus have been seen sporadically. Some countries reacted immediately.

He noted that the World Health Organization (WHO) is currently defining a new corona strain in the warning phase.

The epidemiologist continued: “Countries usually have to first tighten surveillance regulations, especially at the borders, and warn their citizens to avoid traveling to these high-risk areas.” Now the treatment for people with this mutation is similar to the treatment for other variants of Corona, and the prevention and protection method is the use of masks, social distancing and adherence to health protocols.

He added: “Regarding the effect of vaccination over time and genetic changes in the virus, it should be said that vaccines do not have the necessary initial effectiveness and it is necessary to produce vaccines with new changes and adapted to the virus; Of course, it is too early to comment on the effects of the vaccine against Omicron.

“There is still not a very clear picture of the effects and symptoms of the new coronary strain,” he said. “But acute respiratory complications are still the most important problem for patients and should be given special attention.”

He continued: “Unfortunately, in our country, there is no sequencing care system to identify variants; Now we do not know whether this leap has entered our country or not? What is certain is that no case has been observed in our country so far, but reports show that a person with this type of corona mutation has been identified in Belgium, who has traveled from Turkey to Egypt and from Egypt to Belgium; So, it is possible that the Amicron variant also exists in our neighboring countries, and it may have entered our country, or it may enter the country if we are not vigilant enough. We need to conduct molecular sequencing studies on suspicious specimens that have traveled to the country from high-risk areas to find out the type of variant.

He added: “Fortunately, the number of deaths due to this new mutation is not high compared to the number of infected people at the moment, and about 20 to 25 deaths have been reported in total, and all its power is in transmission.” The concern is the proximity of Christmas and the formation of gatherings. On the other hand, with the cooling of the air, the accumulation in closed places increases and people are more at risk.

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